You know

... You know, it will come. This will happen today, tomorrow, or take a long time - who knows. This can happen day or night, any day, any time. They start very quickly. Perhaps it starts at home - when everything calms down. Or on the road. Or even when you are about anything and do not suspect ... At this time, your thoughts are far away - you can read a book, watch a movie, to be in great company at a party, or to think about something at work. And everything is going as usual until ... until quite some discomfort will not distract you from your thoughts ... Riddle - why? It's always so easy that you do not think about it, did not even notice that you are completely natural needs. Everything is going their usual - and often you can not even remember when the last time you ... for a moment ... just disappears from life and spend a minute there ... And now ... now your legs slightly, compressed and yet ... nothing happens ... but maybe the thing is that you can not go right now? All of this takes a moment, and did not notice anything, you quickly come back to your thoughts; but takes a few minutes and you feel that you are very necessary - now - and as strange - contracting,


I know that in all things, of course, to blame himself. Probably. Although I did not think that it may well be over. And for me and for you. Firstly, I loved you. Devotedly and selflessly! And more - nobody. My mother died a long time. And another mother to me you did not want. Secondly, you yourself in me doted. Just what is it with me were things? After all, do you know how lonely I was and how I need your caress. The usual weasel parent to son. And next to me has always been an idol. Hard and harsh, did not admit to himself and not giving relax. And if we do not live on an abandoned farm and in the village, with lots of peers and neighbors, and to dissolve my morbid desire for you to communicate with others. We always slept separately, though painfully, to gnash his teeth in, I wanted to sleep in the warm embrace of your strong hands, soothing and peaceful. To know what is being protected and loved, and that is - forever. But you would not let me in, and only then I realized why. I guess it all started from the time when I began to wake up in the morning with bulging underpants. I myself did not pay attention to it - well, just something happening in me, so be it!


Can a woman after forty years of experience unusual sexual adventure, is what she never had to experience? I think it was with me, but maybe not? It all started when we went up to the fifth floor in an elegant lift. His hands pressed against my chest, gently stroked ass. He smiled and I felt his smile a promise of something unusual. The room we were talking like old friends, smiling at each other, I could feel the impatience in his eyes. He approached me and powerfully held her, stroked her back, hands down below, climbed under the sweater, dove into the cups of the bra. I did not even notice that was without clothes. I also wanted to see him naked, I sat on the bed, he stood in front of me. Naughty hands I began to unbutton his pants, take off his shirt. He stroked his warm body, his hairy chest. His cock looked at me proudly. I touched him, she took in her mouth head, it was so tender, and began gently suck. I felt, as he gets more and more, it fills my mouth, pulled up to the neck, I was breathless with its power. Suddenly a man fast sharp movement threw me on my back and pushed his swollen cock in my bosom. I sighed with obvious relief, and patted his back, threw his back


They met not so accidentally. Smoking Sergei ran up the stairs, and the two little girls, going up or going down, shot his cigarette. They began to shake. Unnoticed met. Chernenkaya, Ira soon arrived somewhere, and Helen ran alone now. And not just for a cigarette, but also to chat. Sergei in his thirty-five with Lena was even more interesting: the more lives than breath now, so to speak, the youth? And the conversations were, in general, so - empty, "perekurnye". But somehow suddenly (Sergei did not remember who then began - he or Helen) conversation turned to sex. And then he could not resist, and from the height of his experience, he blurted out: "What are you, young people, you understand this ?! How to listen to youngsters: "Five times, they say, for the night! ..". And here - time, but all night to ..!" "Like this?" "And this is - carried Sergei - that is laid, so all night never left each other!" "And so can you? .." "I can". "And with me?" "Not with you". "Why?" "At another time, okay? - Sergei hurried. Firstly, I was spent to smoke break, and secondly - he knew that,


Bus. The people, as always, the crowd. In general, no squeeze or overcrowded. All tired, foaming, each in their thoughts. Auntie-conductor, immense size woman (especially whether these are selected), inexorably approaching, cutting the space of its carcass. I'm trying to hide somewhere, not to fall under the tank, because podomnet for themselves and do not even notice. Fuuu! It seems had passed! I was standing, looking out the window, suddenly something catches my attention ... Scent of a Woman! The exciting mixture of sweat, grease and even something inexpressible. And this disturbing imagination smell is heard from the girl standing in front of me, his back to me. Animal instinct immediately ahead of the thinking and the member begins to stir in his underpants. Heck! I too strongly pressed against her, she will certainly feel! But the body and the crowd is useless to argue - it is already a member of a stake sticking out and pressed against the buttocks of the girl. Now it will unfold and the whole interior will declare me a pervert, an aunt with purse and pensioners alive will trample me in the mud, kakoy-nibud blunt bydlan decides to stand up for the honor of women, in


"When Little Johnny was born, his dad for a few days broke all the storks in the neighborhood" (Joke) "When Vova was small, with curly hair ..." (A paraphrase of the famous poems for young October) Childhood, adolescence, youth ... How beautiful it is, how many other plans and accomplishments to come. But I'm not going to describe the scene of debauchery involving tender age. The erotic situation gets the boy's father, boy, boys, just some git, libertine, finding adventure in the community kindergarten teacher, school teacher, head teacher of the educational plant. All these worthy women had fallen low when the fate pushed them into the arms of anxious magnus ## sufferer. Son Leschi Sedov, Little Johnny went to kindergarten at 3 years, as befits a real kid, as Faith, Hope, Love, older daughters Sedov went to junior school classes, and their mother, Sophia, who got tired of sitting at home with children, I went to work. Alex usually in the evening in time to pick up from the kindergarten Vovochku but stayed this time. All children have taken home alone Vovochka fumbled on the floor with the machine. Natasha, a kindergarten teacher, was not thrilled that

Mothers and Daughters

In this story we will talk about what a simple family, which established quite an interesting relationship between its members, if the word "member" applicable to the mother and her two daughters. So, get acquainted ... Julia - charming brunette 35 years, the head of the family. Her husband was killed in a car accident. Kate - her daughter, from the first, very early marriage, 15 years old, very slim and precocious girl with a stunning figure, with long blond hair and big blue eyes. Masha- daughter from his second marriage, 12 years, low fragile girl with dark eyes and dark hair. This story began immediately after the death of her second husband of Julia. Shortly after his death, inconsolable widow indulged in all sorts of experiments in the field of sex, having tested a few months almost all of its forms, except, perhaps, bestiality and necrophilia. She suddenly realized that the bisexual and the greatest pleasure it afforded group sex with a man and a woman at the same time. As she was very fond of anal sex in which she succeeded and became a goddess anus. Early one morning, Julia and Kate sat in the kitchen and breakfast. Mary went to the summer camp and had to come


Sometimes, masturbating after night's dream of an erotic dream, I am again and again reminded of how a rest in the summer on vacation my grandmother. I remember at that time was still a virgin and I could not wait to try this sex-not matter to a person or an animal, but ... I was brought up too, to give to the first comer and the fear of the unknown was higher violent desires. The grandmother in the house did not even have a bath, not to mention -mytsya of plumbing and heat the bathroom had only a sink and you know that I like a child of 10 years is not very often like to carry out this procedure, not to mention washing his underwear . This circumstance also made me a little perverse. Waking up early in the morning again -this's dream of an erotic dream, I'm from the unbearable excitement beginning to pull at the clitoris itself, my hand movements became faster and faster, stronger and stronger. My eyes suddenly stopped at the mirror image of a mirror, which stood at the grandmother in the kitchen -with the help of it you can observe what is happening in the room. I saw the cat gray eyes, he is a human understanding of looking in the mirror and seemed too excited to the limit

His method

Was in our kindergarten order to lay us (children) sleep during the day, no panties and T-shirts. Moreover, girls and boys together, standing next to the bed. We went, and under blankets shot panties hung them on the headboard. Sleeping during the day, I did not like, and I toiled. From this flour was no class, I began to touch his pisun clamp and twist it between his legs, having fun (as it turned out, it was a pleasure to orgasm, and occupation, is masturbation). So I discovered for myself that with my pussy, you can not only write, but also to have fun. I often saw a naked neighbor in bed, when, forgetting himself, or because of the inconvenience, she wore panties are not under the covers, introducing me to review their charms. Once, we got sick teacher, and our naps, combined the two groups, I put one in the middle of the room. Out of boredom, I took hold of her favorite masturbation, so much so carried away that I was caught and punished with a tutor I lifted the blanket, I lay naked before the end of sleep, burning with shame. This is a mockery not passed unnoticed in my sogrupnikov and sogrupnits. The boys learned from me, what I was doing, asked to share the process


Once, coming back from work very early in the morning, when the dawn was just giving hints on their approach, Andrei saw lying on the lawn of a young girl with no signs of life. "It happened that?"- Andrei thought and approached the girl. But after looking closely, he obradovalsya- girl was dead drunk and it is very pretty: long slender legs, a fairly large breasts and appetizing-elastic ass, covered with a mini-skirt. "Just a godsend to some"- I decided to Andrew, who has been almost a month did not sleep with women. He took her into his arms and raised in one of the nearby yards. Finding there a gazebo, he put a drunk lady on the bench, put her cancer, lifted her skirt and took off her panties. He had noticed that the girl's crotch decorated neat "Brazilian band". Unbuttoned his pants, Andrei was attached to the back of the girl and started fucking, stroking her elastic-ditsy Iago. "Should drink less!"- Mentally reproached male female, continuing to make slow, to prolong the pleasure, movement in the slightly dryish vlagalische.Devushka was apparently mortally drunk because they do not even move, and only a measured breathing and the