Game silence

The door was not locked. Twilight hallway seemed a continuation of the dim light of a quiet autumn evening. But the smell was different. Instead of a light damp and there was a smell of sadness comfort. And now for him mingled with the elusive perfume and expectations, I smell the smell of a woman, sex, sex, flirting smell, lust, debauchery. The scent of pleasure. You smiled - and again did not come up with what you're going to do. Typically, in this game you invent everything in advance, up to the step, word, gesture - and ... after the third step, a word or a gesture all went wrong. With me is it possible that some predict? But you still come up in advance, it was an element of the game, your game. Probably, and mine too. You went into the bathroom and washed. The person has already started to burn. It's funny how a seventeen year old boy on a first date. But rinse with cold water is nice. And here you are in the room. I stand in the middle, smiling at you. Easy to dress, drag belt, and this time completely blind front. You even surprised - if your partial to my chest, my love for the deep cut was quite understandable. But almost immediately you understand conspiracy. The

On the sea

We met by chance with you, as often happens in the south. I was walking after work and you spend the next day of its release, so similar to the previous - Sea, cafes, sea and again without end, and without serious adventure. Exchanged a pair of conventional phrases, means that each of us have absolutely nothing to do, we decided that an innocent stroll through the city, we will not hurt, especially since it is still light and the day was warm and the sea breeze and the rustling of palm trees and the sound of the surf and are asked not to think about anything serious, and walk slowly and talk about nonsense about how good the mountains are generally cool to live in the south. You took me by the arm, as the onset of twilight, when the air is cool and gentle, inspired you what is distant and vague memories of something good and warm, from a distant youth, when the romantic idea seems about to come true. I felt the warmth of your palm on your hand, and your romantic mood communicated itself to me. We are not talking, but just went with the blue sea and a rare mood ,, when the feeling of tranquility turns into admiration all around, and the desire to share his warmth. Quickly came

Devoted son

In the evening went to sleep max contents of the sachet in juice pack standing in the refrigerator, he knew that his mother would be sure to drink juice. Sitting in the kitchen, he impatiently waited for the mother decides to drink juice. And Irina came into the kitchen and reached into the refrigerator. The boy's heart pounded. Here are his mother got the juice, taking a glass poured to the brim. There is still time to stop it, not to drink, but Max continued to sit, staring in fascination as his mother prepared for drinking a potion. After drinking staakan Irina sat down beside her son - Maxim, what are you so gloomy - she asked, patting him on the head. Yes, no, I'm normal - he said, taking the package he refilled the glass - Mom, here's another juice. Thank you son, you're so caring - Irina kissed him on the cheek. The second glass of Irina has not finished her, the powder has already begun to act, Maxim saw clouded her eyes. Maxim, I'll go lie down - handed Irina - something I tend to sleep. Good Mom - Max stood up and raised the glass to her unfinished - dopey juice and go. Irina obediently drained the glass and leaning on the wall went to her room. When he reached the door,

Hello Dedushka Moroz!

Kohl, along with other programmers came on a business trip in one of the suburban towns shortly before the New Year. It was necessary before the holidays pass to the customer system, and, as usual, began rush work. Places in the dormitory of the enterprise was not seconded placed in the private sector, in a cottage, at the woman Dunya. The staff was young and cheerful. Men's half lived in one room, women - in another. From facilities in close corridor was water dispenser over the sink, water dripping from the sink in a bucket, the bucket had to be periodically emptied outdoors. There, on the street, it was a toilet-type toilet not designated by any letter, because the cabin had one at all. Work progressed well, basically had time to time, but, as usual, were minor issues for which the customer would close his eyes. That's what the customer to sometimes turn a blind eye to the deficiencies. Kohl had in the last week before the New Year to go to Moscow. On the way back he took with him a champagne, fruit, sweets, to celebrate the New Year early with the team, I came on the train to the city of N, walk to their house. Kolya saw that everyone is going urgently to Moscow. Drink

Lawlessness 2: savage rape

- Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, neeeet, shit no, no, no. - Dimka shouted, whose entrance hooligans caught, tied up, took off his pants, and spat on his anus, and plugged his mouth with dirty huyami. But just ten minutes ago, it was just fine. Dmitry late returning from a training session, and decided to go to a friend Sergei, I went inside, and four thugs attacked him, dragged him to the basement and tied. Then took off his pants, and began to spit on his ass. Dima continued to resist until the blow to the head pipe scrap of not cooled his ardor. Dima lost consciousness and came to him from the fact that in his ass that was moving at a breakneck pace. Unbearable pain filled his body, Dima wanted to scream, but his mouth was occupied by a dick, which was moving in it with no less furious pace than the other in the anus. Then dick in my mouth began to move even faster, from it emerged a lot of seed, and Dima had to swallow everything without reserve. - Yes, this sucks Theodor Piderit just great. He said he only finished it. A little later he had finished and that had a poor boy in the ass. He asked: - Who is next? Another bully took the place of it, and it all started again. He spat

Unfinished history

One day he met a look, Silently we understand one We want to be together, just next Even if we were not meant to be. Ah, to be deceived, I was so happy, So that even for a moment to relax and get away Shut up. Do not say a word. No, it does not. We both know - we are not on the way ... But intoxicated with narcotic passion All spend the evening together. For the first time entirely in men's power I - I felt in his subconscious. And looking around at us with envy When You picked me up, I took away from the office, without taking his eyes. And the next sound of applause swept. Where are we going? - However, vseravno, And on the speedometer 170 - nonsense, What city and hid behind dark outside, Who He is - I do not know - it does not matter ... He is so sure! That is beautiful, And I obey Him all I have without reserve, A look ..? At the same time proud and playful, And in anticipation of paradise body aches sweetly. A decent house, opened the door and no one. With you I do not touch the ground. All the while the music and words - no, What for? After all, everything the eye could tell. Not dropping hands, he brought in a huge hall And put on

It is not the case

- Oh, dear, what's your huge cock! He's even better than I imagined. - What means "better than I imagined"? - Oh, well, you do understand me. - You just kind of like saying that you never ... - Do what? I never gave in the ass? Or you never gave in the ass? - Yeah, so, you had a sex earlier. Then you should understand what I mean. - It is very presumptuous of you to think that I was so nice to feel your stone dick in my little ass! - So it still was your first time? - Yes, and it exceeded all my expectations! - In truth, it was my first time ... - Are not you ashamed to lie? You're so soft and gentle entered, and I was preparing to make my little anus torn! Fred something told me about you. - So, what Fred may know about it! - He knows this is more than enough if it has any meaning! - Oh, your ass is so narrow and so .. so smooth. I arises from only one of its kind. Unless, of course, do not remember how I clung to it tightly. - I like it when you're so hard! The truth however, is so much better? - You know better, it's in your ass it will go! - I think I like it ... How do you do ... I mean, my ass ... She likes you, right? - Why do you ask? The best


We met at a tram stop. She was thoughtful and, as if something upset. I asked if she's okay. She looked at me, missing eyes and nodded. - What's your name, girl? - I do not know, is not called, - she smiled sadly. She captivated me. Green, like the emerald lake, eyes that wants to drown ... Wave blond hair, smelling so amazing ... Once again, he gave me a sad look came up and went to the bus. - Girl, please, come to me! Suppose that after this meeting we both would hurt, but I really want to! - Well, let's go - suddenly and quietly she said. I took her by the hand and led him. The skin on her palm was warm and smooth as gladiolus petals. She could leave. I would not go for it, did not insist. Although her spirit of freedom and at the same time of submission fascinated me. We went into the apartment, I made coffee. Including his favorite song - "Patriot". "Blood flows over the rocks, forget about everything, go ahead. Listen to the voice of the fire ..." - I like. I do really love "Aria" for the great texts, - she said, gently touching her lips with a cup of coffee. - Do you want to experience their songs on yourself? You


Once, in one particularly hot summer days, when it seems hot air undulates thick waves and even the wind does not bring relief. I sat at a party at her friend Anastasia. We took refuge from the heat in her old private home, talking, drinking cold red wine and were planning to climb on the roof to sunbathe. Suddenly it came to her neighbor Stas, tall, dark-haired young man, he joined us for half an hour, however, soon left, citing urgent business on the farm. We drank a bottle of wine, and I said that it was time to go sunbathing. Nastya said she did not go, because she can become ill from the heat of wine. She handed me a blanket, and I went to the roof. It should be noted that this house was above everyone else on the street, so I did not bother putting on a bathing suit, and simply took off his semi-transparent blouse, bra and shorts and put her slender body scorching rays of the July sun. I am the owner of a truly excellent figure: juicy thighs combined with a small waist and large breasts high, my golden tan is advantageous set off blonde long hair and tiny white panties made from delicate silk. After about half an hour I was very worn out in the sun, apparently affected

Net - the best!

By the time we had been married for ten years, our sex life has become boring to become. But we are still excited by other men and women. In short, Jesse began to read your publications. He tried to interest me in these stories, but I do not like to read a lot. One day I was sitting at home without work for several weeks, and to kill time, I picked up a copy of one of the stories that were in his bedroom. A few years ago, I never would not believe any of these stories since I was shielded from all of this has not yet become an adult. But the more I read, the more excited. And I must admit, when I finished reading, I was on fire and was very, very excited! I decided to go to the office and see if I can not get to work in the near future. Manager told me that I did not need me a few more weeks. I went out, drove to a small shop and took the beer. There I was faced with a familiar guy that worked together, and that was, like me, have been laid off. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere and drink a beer with him. I was to do absolutely nothing, and I agreed. We went, chatted and drank beer. Unwilling to run into the penalty for drunkenness at the wheel, we have studiously