Going to the theater

When you come, of course, I also did not think to get ready. My smiling guiltily look back on your reproachfully, smiling immediately dispelled in down your attempt to get angry. "We are not going to be late ..."- You have thought, wincing slightly from waking somewhere in the depths of desire, he smiled after me already without reproach - I flew off into the next room to dress - and went to make coffee. While you're wandering in their fantasies, coffee ran, filled the kitchen, and then the apartment is very sharp and slightly bitter smell. "Today will be an interesting evening, interesting" - You have thought, carrying the tray with a couple of cups and candy, and smiled. Before the door as much as possible tried to wipe the smile that has already clearly acquired a shade of lustful, and with a strange expression on his face came into the room. And then he stopped. I have not closed the door tightly bedrooms, forgotten, apparently ("However..."- I wondered ...), and now conjured before the mirror, half-turned towards me. The woman did not see anything in the mirror, and you can quietly enjoy, without fear that she will see and will cover the door,


... It was like a bad movie - I'm dressed like a real prostitute, was left alone at night in the apartment with a bully .. How did it happen? I went to her friend E., she asked me to stay at her apartment until she returns from vacation. Around midnight, I decided to go to her boyfriend in a car, so that turned the full marafet - black velvet boots knee-high heels, black fishnet stockings, burgundy leather skirt plus supershort same topic, makeup and everything. ..I Was about to unlock the door and get out into the entrance, when suddenly the phone rang. On the threshold stood Davyd, our acquaintance with EA, I tried to avoid - I terribly navilis his manners: smoking, drinking, swearing and generally through the word bully and a thug. He saw me and smiled nastily, entered the apartment, locked the door and at home went into the kitchen. I was stunned - a nightmare !!! And in that moment I was not myself. I knew that the beautiful - small, thin girl with a big elastic breast and long silky black hair, and even in this outfit !! ..Koroche, Davyd we talked, drank little, sat. It was quite dark. He looked around me at point blank range and read in his eyes, only one - "I want

The Dragon

Chapter 1 It was in 1624, in June 25. It was evening, Tatiana decided it was time. Parents are long gone to the local festival. She specifically refused to go, citing a headache. The street was warm, and this, it is easily dressed. She went outside and closed the door behind him. Then I went to the appointed place. Tatiana was a long time, since it was not dipped. The road was sandy, and feet sinking into the sand. Tatiana agreed to remove the sandals, but as they had no place to put, she decided to throw them away, you still have the old ones. It took a long time and sometimes it seemed to her that she would never get to the mountains. Suddenly she was not with no reason at all rushed. A warm wind blew in her face. Her hair fluttering in the wind. She was a beautiful blonde, her eyes were Kars, lush breasts, beautiful hips and slim figure. She bylo18 years. She heard voices ahead and decided that it is better, if it no one saw. She carefully hid in the bushes, so that it no one noticed. Tatiana listened and realized that this was clearly a cart. Suddenly, she saw a light that came from an oil lamp. After some time she drove past a cart drawn by 2 horses. When all was

Tatyana's Day

Well, what this asshole stuck there. That I must die in this tin. Fug, damn. I sit as a drain in the ass, sticking his head in kondishn. Ha-ha! How does this asshole wit: "Honey, open the window - there's your kondishn". He would have said: "Vysun language, it will refresh you". Damn. Needless to say - I went successfully married. My mother - the holy, wise woman - she was right. "This is what we have in the kitchen sitting?". "Mom, meet, is Valera". Valerie: Valerie-cholera. Well, fasten, it is good to shoot the breeze while I pussy is not melted. In the morning - 29! I hueyu! Oh, you look at it - it narcissistic as witty. How to grouse lek. Give me the gun, pal, I shot it in the ass cock. What a nice guy he is. The belly of the belt, dark patches under the armpits. And these sticking out of the nose hair! If not for Lena, a hundred times would be divorced. And the second - the same redneck. Though like a little more decently. Shoulders: Butt - nishtyak. Yes, and in general any figure like my penguin. A asshole even like it when I call him or Tux Teletubbies. He believes that it's me with tenderness. Schaz! Shit! They fuck bin. Tenderness


I always wanted to make love to a woman. I draw smooth curves of the body, pleasing roundness, tenderness of the skin. I'm always with the secret interest examined the ladies around me, I am interested in what underwear they are wearing today, the last time they had sex, they looked at the same. I especially like to pry into all sorts of locker rooms, saunas, swimming pools. It is interesting to watch how inaccessible beauty turns into a naked defenseless girl, or vice versa little gray mouse, is sweltering under a special clothing. At the same time they do not pose as would have done to a man, they remain themselves and do not think that watching them. Such diversity panties, tights, socks, T-shirts, bras, you will not see anywhere else. What a spectacle when the nymphs expose their bodies. Here they are asses, bellies, legs, breasts in all colors, sizes and ages. All sorts of twists caress the eye. The foam envelops the body and seductively opens the nipple, the Gorny shoulder, round the knee. At the right of the nice wide hips of women giving birth, from her and smells of peace and tranquility, I want to cuddle up to her large breasts with nipples purple. There's a very young

The first caress. Real story

I want to tell about what happened to me yesterday. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I decided to put everything on paper, it can help me a little rest. I'll start with the fact that my name is Alena, I am 22 years old. I have a boyfriend, but for several years, not a day passed that I did not think about having sex with a woman. When I masturbate, then I imagine only sexy female body, as I caress their breasts, clitoris. Several times I have left the ad on the Internet that I am looking for a girlfriend, but no one called, and I just keep dreaming. Yesterday I started to work just fine left early boss instructed to go to a company and then said I could go home. Home I did not want my guy at work, at home alone bored, so I decided to go shopping. He bought himself newcomers belongings (the benefit was yesterday the salary) I'm tired sat in the yard of a house on the bench and lit a cigarette. Not far from the shops, where I was sitting I could see Dushku, who apparently could not get into a locked entrance. She looked at the clock, then at the windows of the house, then at me. I noticed her breasts big, perhaps a third the size of the nipples stood out from


I was very excited, as they say, extreme sex. You do not say whether you're married, I think so. So I imagine like me, for example, with his friend come to visit you. We sit at the table. You're next to me. Your leg occasionally touches my legs. When you take anything off the table, your hand accidentally touch my chest. Guests are noisy. I get up and say that I need to correct makeup and go to the bathroom. When I get up, I was invisible to others, spend on your knee with his hand. For a moment, I stop on your penis. I go into the bathroom and leave the door open. After a couple of minutes you broke into me and then locked the door behind him. For me tight short skirt and semi-open topic. Without saying a word, you have to bow my waist and held me tightly to him. I do not even breath. Your hands glide over my ass. Goes down and lift up her skirt. She belt hanging on my hips. You see how thin stockings they cover my thighs. In my very small shorts that barely cover the entrance to my clean shaved pussy. You sneak into my panties and touched my lips. I suspend your hand and ask you to kneel. You get up on your knees. I turn back to you and bend over, resting in the sink. I want

Love in Muslim (a variation on the

I fucking Arabs. Ibrahim opened the front door and let another second. Here - it all started. I was injected with something toi I felt good, but apparently something easy and challenging, I would just .... Ibrahim immediately took me by the hair and thrust his huge circumcised penis in my mouth, it was salty, and with the other hand She tore her blouse and so on which have nothing left, as Ali already being stroked my back and buttocks. His dick quickly went in my mouth and poked in the throat. I sucked and sucked. I just wanted sex and rough sex, and I got it. I'm all flowed and moaned, and Ali spreading my buttocks all the way, has already introduced his penis into my point (and Arab members of a very large and they love anal sex with a child) I was in pain but not for long, then I start to like it. - Suck, suck, bitch. Bury deepthroat, fuck your throat, bitch. Ebis, ebis, damn. Suck ... Suck bitch, bitch, suck, suck, suck, suck ... - He yelled Ibrahim skewer me on his penis in front in the throat, and Ali put off, while he strongly slapped on my buttocks and pulled his hair to to see how I was sucked off his friend. He smiled and fucked faster and stronger. They were

First, I do not want to go

All this began with the fact that I have once again arrived on affairs of the company on a business trip. I learned at the station that the train with me come ... young professionals to practice. I immediately realized that I can not work now. ...I walked down the hall administration building and saw him ... I looked him straight in the eye and could not take his eyes, to my surprise, he was staring into my eyes. I caught up with him and realized that I want it so much that my cock begins to swell. What is it with me? I thought I went into the office, aroused as a child, like a schoolboy at puberty .... No, these thoughts away from me. I need to work, but the work did not go. After sitting a little bit, thinking about it ... I realized that the work will not go today, I began to look for different ways to get out and look at him. To my luck, staffing something broke on the computer, I was called to fix it. Entering the room, I was dumbfounded, he was sitting there .... Having decided not to file any attention, I corrected and withdrew, not to miss the chance again to cast his gaze otsenyayuschim. When he came to my office .... The work I did not think. I started to have


My loyal readers and Ole SAFO dedicated ... *** Her name was Vic. Was it fun pretty girl weirdo. sheared "a boy", Not wearing a skirt, motorcycle loved ... However, someone in our time that will surprise ... The girls stopped speaking to her since seventh grade. Vick openly hated them, despising in the shower, even a few close friends. She contrasted themselves black community, which had to live. Carried away piercings - made 12 punctures in all conceivable places. Then the black scorpion tattooed on his shoulder. In ninth grade, the first blow occurred. After a short time - the loss of virginity. However, the guys just use Vick, embarrassed to show this in humans. Vick took all of a teenage boy, and very few people want to pass "blue" or jerk. this "disregard" attitude toward themselves Vick suffered a long time. It seemed to her that sex is enough for life. But one day, when the next evening Vic returned home after midnight from some other, unknown to her had to wade yards. It was a little scary. Hearing voices ahead, the girl stopped. On a bench in a dark alley that something happened. - Wait, not so fast ... - clearly I heard