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In 16 years, Igor finally realized that has unlimited power over the girls. Tall and handsome, he was actively involved in sports, and girls falling at his feet in piles. Igor's father was in the military and often changed his place of service. Accordingly, his son often had to change schools. But unlike other children of war, for a young lady's man it was just a pleasure. Each new school repeated the same story: the girl falls in love with Igor. Guy enjoying his success with classmates and in a penny do not put their attention to his person. Gradually, he became more and more cold, arrogant and even cruel in dealing with nimi.Etim father's summer again transferred to a new part, and the fall of Igor won the girls' hearts in another school. A month study him sick to death of love and courtship views of fans, and he began to wonder how he entertained himself, but at the same time to make fun of these "silly chickens". Brilliant, in his view, the idea came instantly. In his class of 15 girls studied, and each of them he wrote a note to the invitation to the meeting. Moreover, all appointed at the same time and the same place - a dilapidated gazebo in the back of the old

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A few years ago I worked in one of the Moscow Medical Institute and the story I told a nurse named Galya a college clinics. She told me how she came to work in one of the clinic offices and met with the local manners on the part of sex. On the first day, when she was changing, she noticed that the older sister stared at her underwear. Galya was then (it was quite a long time) in an old-fashioned linen: a long white combination is not very long bodily stockings on a wide belt (not nylon) type polukorseta, bra and long pink silk pants with elastic bands at the bottom, cover her full legs of stockings. As she spoke, she wore such trousers because she has a very full legs and pantyhose quickly rubbed between your legs. So, head nurse without embarrassment, and told her that the dress and panties should be removed and a bathrobe is not wearing any panties or pants, because the so require doctors separate them. Otherwise, she said, zamuchat different chicanery at work and life will not sweet. Galya said: - And what do the women doctors of their separation? After all, male doctors for them is not a decree. - The same thing - the older sister said, this requires them to zavotdeleniem

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History - at least in Playboy sent. Under the heading "piercing intimate places and its consequences". Piercing, as you know, not at me, wearing rings school friend of his wife, let's call her Nadia, and I said to him no bearing on them did not have any direct or in a figurative sense. But all in order. We lie, we somehow with little wife in bed tired and tranquility, having left, in the words of Boccaccio, three miles down the road of love. We lie and we argue if we do not buy little wife for good behavior, something gold with a stone. Decide what to buy, and begin to discuss where it is: in the ears, on the finger or neck. I jokingly suggest to beautify that part of the body that is most deserved. My wife says it is not necessary, and it will be like with Nadya. And that was with Nadya, ask. And then the wife begins to laugh wildly. I was scared, if something happened to her. In my opinion, it is laughter fifth orgasm received. And then he told the story. I'll try it then recount all the details, I think it's worth it. Nadia was born, this brown-haired woman, but it is a pure misunderstanding. According to the mind and lifestyle - a wholly blonde. No job, no family

As I drank the semen from my wife

She called me at work and asked the seventh floor ... I want to try now? - What to try, I asked. - What I'm offering. I'm just speechless. I did not know ... she says seriously, or not. But his wife, it seems, has been set up very seriously ... - What are you silent, afraid of? - Well no. Let's try. - Good. Then wait for me at home today. And do not go to bed without me. She hung up. My wife had a lover. That is, she had a lover, and sometimes she made love even with his friends. We had a very complicated love polygon. There was me, my husband, who loved her and himself in his time which pushed her to ensure that she slept with another man. It was her current lover, Boris, the driver of her headmistress. With Boris, she met about a year. I knew about Boris. Boris knew about me. I mean he knew what I know about what he is fucking my wife. My wife first met him after work. Then he stayed the night at his house. But not recently took 2 days to at least she did not suck at Boris. As she told me, he could call her and invite to the garage. She descended from her department. I climb into the car and took him into her mouth. Boris were friends. Igor and Andrew. At

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It was very good. Long-haired blond woman with bright blue eyes. Height - for meter eighty, and this despite the fact that nozhnyaki, boobs - everything as it should be, as in the picture. The young filly. Stately! Now she stood in front of me, resting his eyes on the floor and murmured something about failing an offset, about the expulsion and about parents who are very upset. I did not care, I was waiting for the right phrase. And she followed: - Albert M., well, maybe you can do something: I ask you: It is time to act. I handed her the keys and unctuous voice asked: - Korolev, close the door, be good. predstoit.Poka serious conversation she fumbled with the lock, I did not take his eyes off the smart ass. I almost physically felt her Kripen'ka buttocks in his hands. Dick, too, felt them himself so much that hurt stalo.A then everything was very simple. When the beauty of the keys returned, I held her hand in his, looked into his eyes and growled: - On your knees, suchara quickly !! - And he stood up, and pulled to the credibility of the bright mane. "Queen" (Heard that her so called on the course) I gave way: in the eyes flashed horror legs buckled - and all the

The long-awaited happiness

Well, I waited and. At last! You are strong and courageous! You have a beautiful and slim body, facial features. Lustful glances passing women are directed at you, but to me they are all jealous. "Like this bitch tore this stallion" - They think, drilling me angry and envious eyes. But I was only gets. They are not able to assess what it means to be a woman. Now, everything will be right now. I've been to this was. I have long been waiting for. Gray summer night descended on the sleepy town. A small cozy apartment took us to the hot breath of the day locked up concrete walls. Light - no, why? You come to me. Light floods the rustling dress embrace darkness of the night, filled with intense breathing and heartbeat, escaping from the bodies, hearts. Intense body and muscles play in the dance of passion. I am pleased and I slowly get drunk. I can afford it now. I can. I'll leave you alone - I go to the bathroom. No, I do not need. Do not rush. Today, my night and it will be long. Water surrounds cool the body, causing intense chest wrinkled nipples. My body is perfect. It has not changed in the last six years, but now it is in harmony with nature made me. Harmony. In

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Lord! I can offer its own story about how I was not, in principle, long tormented by remorse, he began to write on a hidden camera in his absence, everything that happens in our room (she's my sister and one for two). I am 25 years old, and my little sister 17. Reason prompted me to this is simple - the little sister wanted to see naked and masturbate relish on her maiden body. The venture was a success, and in a few weeks I already had a small collection of records, where it rotates in front of a mirror or walking around the room golyshom.Vse these two weeks I was sick member of intense masturbation. I'm just waiting for his next night shift (working in shifts), to give her the opportunity to be alone, and amused themselves hope for the next replenishment of the collection. At the end of the second week of his videobdeniya, returning in the morning, I rewound the tape and prepared for the next view, hoping for an interesting story for me. Ancestors at work, Tatiana (sister) in the classroom - time car !!! So what we have here was last night !? Tanyuha this time did not go against usage at night partying, and sooner take a bath, shouting ancestors that honors and going to sleep,

My beloved woman

1. My name is Elena teacher, I first drew attention to it in the ninth grade when he moved to a new school. This is a very beautiful woman to her 39 years, she has short dark hair, a beautiful and very sexy ass and long legs. The pants she almost did not go, perhaps she herself knew what to hide such senseless legs. But in order to even further enhance the beauty of her legs she always wore hairpins, whether sexual attraction winter boots or shoes bosonozhki.Nu summer and now directly to the story. It was the end of the year. When I came to school in the morning and saw her my cock almost exploded .On it was beige pin with a long, sharp nose and backless so I could see her pink heels through the nylon, red silk skirt, side slit that reached almost to the gum her black stockings, her skirt was visible through the outline of her lace panties, and her beautiful breasts squeezed thin almost transparent blouse, which clearly could see it sosochki.Ves day she flitted around the school like a queen, all the individuals of the male did not take off her look. During the break I was sitting in her office because there was no one and copied something in mathematics when my eyes caught the

Svetlana Igorevna. Part 1

I Boss, Director, the most important and terrible, in general, God Gopod small firm. I am 34 years old, things are not bad, making it the hope and confidence to look to the future. And in this, I have to admit, half the credit for my small group to whom I am more like a team, rather than subordinates. So, one fine spring day, my secretary Olechka suddenly "pleased" good news - she is expecting a baby. Frankly, it would be better waiting for the tax office, the consequences would have been less destructive, as being naturally lazy enough, the lion's share of the business objectives I laid on my clever-pomoshnitsa. It was a blow to the gut. Not below the belt, how could someone think. In our company there are unwritten law. No flirting at work. Either work and business - a fuck-tibidoh.- Can rassasetsya? - Asked Olechki.V response was entirely consistent with the conventional view gesture - Curling finger near viska.- How much time do I have to search for a new secretary .- A month and a half is?. I would have stayed with pleasure, but my husband wants to send me to my mother for the summer in the village, some air of odors big city - Olechka for some reason did not want

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Hands firmly as in the Amazon about the films, were tied to the headboard. Amazon was right there, beautiful, not very young woman, black-haired, cigarette in long fingers, mocking glance, the black robe resembling kimono. Extinguish the cigarette and sat down on the edge of the bed. - I woke up, pretty boy? - What's happening? - Well, you went for a massage. Now you get it. Yes, some. The attempt was futile escape. - Listen you, masseuse! Now I untie and then ... - What then? - Insinuating woman asked, stroking my legs. - Fuck? Come on, I'll do it myself. You will like it, I assure you. Her hands reached the member who treacherously rose. - Let go of me, whore! - And you will not behave yourself, you will be engaged in the session after a few ladies. Great dreamer, I must say. - Hey, come on, - I tried to speak calmly. - There is somewhere near my wife. She probably already looking for me in their offices. - Oh yeah, my wife - Amazon broke into a charming smile, - I have just had the honor to get to know your spouse. Wonderful shape and temperament of what .... I do not think that it will be looking for you. Busy now thy wife, and available any time soon. Many who