End of the day ..

It was a normal working day. And like any business day during the week, it ended at 18:00 .. On the one hand, the work was still, on the other hand, do not want it. But there is a third party - to go home did not want to. Igor did not hurry. He slowly cleaned the table, examining papers, throwing trash .. Gradually, the office was empty. Igor opened the browser on your computer. "I wonder" - he thought - "they've blocked my favorite website or not?". The company carried out a company exit bans on websites that distract from the work. The list of blocked sites discovered some well-known porn sites, social networks and then go online shopping, with online sites and other toys .. Igor downloaded program that hid his address in the office network. You can now log into the site, which he liked a large collection of various videos. The very first video that caught his eye in the list, he felt itching in the penis. His handsome woke up and began to show signs of life. Igor unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his penis. His further excited the fact that it was in the office. He even liked to present himself the boss, which elegant and diligent young secretary

Summer camp. Second day

In the morning Dennis woke buddy who hastily packed bag. Dennis stood up and helped gather Vadik, then followed him to the bus and wished success, Vadim smiled maliciously, and climbed into the bus, waved Denis. Denis did not know what to do until the evening, I walked around the whole camp, played with the kids in volleyball, swim in the "general" beach, where the children splashing in the water, much younger than him. Well people his age was a much less than desirable. Basically his peers came to the bus and Olin lived in another house. Dennis was upset when he learned of the beauty - a counselor that no discos temporarily due to equipment malfunctions. Before leaving Vadik, Dennis found out that girls come to your beach during children's disco, and then collected and go to an adult, which starts at 10 pm. Dennis really wanted to go to the disco, where he hoped to meet Olga and enjoy it there. Although it does not come without a bra, yet Denis really wanted to look at it, for sure it will be safe wearing. It may even be able to dance with her, if you have the courage to ask her out. Today he had seen Olga Nastya at breakfast, and she even smiled at him, or his

The school toilets

The subject we knew perfectly well, so a huge thank you to her. But nobody has ever seen Magma smiling or in a good mood. Such a strict aunt was. Under 40 years, powerfully built figure, chest buffer back - feed. Do not go swimming. Caravel! Word of the bomb in all respects. One day I stayed after school a little longer, because have not yet decided whether to go to the toilet before you go (sorry for the intimate details). For more insight to inform you that there was a door leading to the pantry, where the cleaning lady kept their inventory doors between male and female toilets. So, coming out of this institution, I heard around the corner of the corridor steps Grenadier, undoubtedly belonging to Magma. Without knowing why, I automatically jumped, it seemed to me, back into the room the men's room, but it was cleaner closet, somehow unlocked. Steps approached, and had nowhere to go. I calmed down in a dark room, trying not to breathe. Trying to find their way in the pitch darkness, I saw a beam of light emanating from a hole in the wall. I clung to his eye and saw the hall ... the ladies' room. Again perverts - I thought. But it was not possible to get bored. A

As I fucked my classmate

I was sitting behind her ... And now remains 5 minutes before the bell, and then she sends me a note, I almost fell off the chair when it read! It read: "Wait for me after the lesson, we go to my house, I have no one at home!" I wrote to her: "OK!" I was looking forward to the end of the lesson! And now ... the bell rang! I left the room and waited for the others will come, after all left, went and IT. She winked at me, smiled, and said: - Well, let's go? I nodded, and we went to her home! On the way we chatted with her about something. Soon I was in her apartment. She offered me tea, but I refused, then she invited me to her room. We went into her room, sat down on the sofa, and began to talk about that, about this. Then she invited me to play cards. We started to play, and then, when it was her turn, she paused and looked me in the eye. After 10 seconds, then she asked me what I could only dream of: - I want you, why do not you fuck me? I was shocked and at the same time incredibly happy! I nodded my head. Then she put the card, came to me and took off her top and then she took off with my hoodie, and then she took off


I do not remember why but I wandered alone in the yard and of course she was there, I asked her, not if she wanted to play with me on that she immediately agreed, I immediately said that we play the adult game, I really wanted to see that remain in her panties ... and she agreed to play with me in all that I just want .. This course suited me at 100. Not far from our yard has been building and we have moved back, and when logged in at some angle to us no one saw her, I said that are going to play with mom and dad are going to do detey.Ona asked, and what we're going to do them? I said that this is the case for naroshke say and that she must first show me your pussy just before giving the floor that no one ever tell you about how we will deal with .. She nodded again, and immediately raised his platiytse showed what her rosy panties. .Because it prispustila them and I saw the plump folds of her child pisyushki ... it was nice to my kid, I certainly got up and quietly put it in a vertical position so that it was more convenient. I asked that she even took off her panties and sat down as if she wants to write, Natasha obediently done everything I asked and squatted herself looking at


I did not want to ride with him. I did not like the conditions to live in a tent, cook on a fire, bathe in the Volga and the toilet for the third tree walk. But this year I decided to go. Went with Dima and I was determined that I will achieve, finally, his kiss. On the more I'm not dreaming, because they understand that this is unrealistic. In I found a vulgar brashness and I made all the same to sleep with him in the same tent. But besides the two of us there was another father's friend. And since I do not for that did not apply, it does not bother me ... The first few days everything was peaceful. I just sighed softly, glancing at Dima hungry look. Every night he fell asleep in the chair by the fire, then came into the tent and went to sleep. But one night, he lay down beside her, sighed and hugged me ....! I lost the ability to move. I just lay there, trying to remember his touch, the warmth of his embrace it ... I fell asleep ... I woke up on what someone caresses my breasts. My God! That can not be! I enjoyed his caresses, touches ... He dropped his hand below my belly, even lower .... and began to fondle the girl through her panties ... Lord! As if I was in a fairy

Playing to the hospital

Played kids, when he grew up, and "to the doctor", retired in someone's garden, so as not to have seen adults. And, of course, we have repeatedly shot each other panties. And somehow July morning parents Cyril and girls by appointment went together to the station for food. In the yard was in 1989 the first year, there were queues, children and parents often did so, it was convenient to purchase. The station was far away, the parents were leaving at least half a day. And also, by prior arrangement, Kirill led the house to the girls and children together locked in the first place, the children so would not be very boring, and secondly, fewer experiences to parents that their children are safe and, spree, will by no means leave . The children were very happy to be one term in the house without their parents, when, as we know and begin the most interesting games. As soon as the parents left, the children were to decide in what they play. We thought long and at the suggestion of 11-year-old Zulfiya, decided to play in the hospital. The children cast lots - who was to be a nurse, a doctor who, who the patient. Zulfiya carved from a piece of notebook paper sheet 3

Raised sisters

Boys. The sisters were older than me, one for 2 years, on the other 3. They remained a whole wardrobe of clothes that they have to be small, and put her there was no one. We are not rich enough to throw away old clothes, so all their clothes are given to me. Somewhere in the 6 years I constantly wore a girl's pink tights, panties with a rose, a girl's T-shirt. In the garden she was dressed partly as a boy, in part as a girl - for example, is clearly not the boy's tights, or girlish blouse, but dress in the garden of course, I did not wear, and therefore not all noticed that I was not dressed as the need boys. And here at home - it is another matter. There due to lack of opportunity to wear boyish clothes, which we have had very little, I wore not only a girl's tights, shirts, and often went to the girls' dresses, which used to at my age were sisters. I never thought to resist it, because he thought my mom authority and if she asks me to wear it, it means I have to do it. But the sisters were well aware that I'm getting quite a girl, because of the constant dressing the girl's clothes. But they were not opposed to it, on the contrary fully supported, as their is very