Camp (Part 1)

This story happened to me in the camp when I was 16 years.I have not been detstvenikom and went to the camp with a view to more otymet devchnok.v camp went not one with another Nikita, on the way we were playing cards talking about devchnkah.Tut train stopped at the next station, a bunch of people went down and immediately took their places to us addicted girl 15 years became acquainted pozzhe.My revealed her name was Kate, she suggested to play without hesitation soglasilis.pervye two batches of cards on the desires we lost Nikita nicks and once rolling .I put forth kata ballad to disco buduyuschey she willingly soglasilas.Vot we arrived (URAAAA!) in the camp we Katya disunite in different orders I B12, and it is 7 (far away) that's the long-awaited disco nickname is somewhere lost in 4 units, and I was dancing with Katusha ballad on it was wearing white prazrachnoe platitse, when I dance, opened view of it is not great, but davolno elastic grud.ya felt like my friend started to harden, it is noticed and invited to walk on the surroundings of the camp. Camp was huge, I've been there many times and knew every nook in nm.ya offered to go to an abandoned besetku nachili where we

First love

These events happened to me when I was 14 years old. I changed the names. It was the height of summer, and all of us, except my parents wanted to relax by the sea. I was sent with his brother and his wife, as well as with us went to their friends: 2 girlfriend Lena (wife's brother) and a friend of Sasha (his brother). Where we came to me very much. In the hotel we have 3 double bedrooms. Sasha lived with Lena, Lena's girlfriend moved in together, and I lived with Stpoy (another brother). At first I was uncomfortable to sleep with him in the same bed. Stepan was a very nice young man had light brown hair and light eyes. I was in love with him even with 11 years, I have matured mentally early. I had painted bright red hair and brown-green eyes. Before my waist down a long thick braid. Chest I had a small, but beautiful forms. With Stpoy I made friends. We always had fun together. We played beach volleyball, morozhnoe ate at the bar, splashing in the sea. Once everyone except me and Stpki went to the disco at the club until the morning. At that time I decided to go to the movies, the cinema was far away and long ago it was dark. Stepan naturally went with me, well, still

A distant relative of

I was then 15 years old. She came once to visit us, our distant relative. It was a beautiful girl of 20 years with a beautiful slender figure. Most of all I was struck by her in her huge breasts. They are issued under the dress, that all men could not look at them as they passed. My dick is the sight was like a stake. I was already being interested in the opposite sex. One day, when no one at home except for me and her, Alain (as her name) went to the bathroom to wash. I quietly crept up to the door and peered into the small crack. My eyes opened a terrific picture. Allen shot a terry robe, freed from their huge breasts bra, took off her panties. What were her big nipples! Dark big rosettes stood out distinctly on the white body. Pubic hair was jet-black and very thick. Imagine my surprise when Alain, becoming the shower began to lather himself crotch and pulled out a razor. She began to shave the hair between her legs. When she finished, my eyes appeared a completely bare lips of her vagina and clitoris is far from outstanding. My excitement reached its limit and I have decided to release his penis from captivity in the pants. He was standing at forty-five degrees.

Summer camp. Day three

Denis was awakened by a knock on the door. For a while he was lying and did not understand what was happening to him, just in a dream he was lying on the beach and embrace the Light that whispered something in his ear and laughing. Dennis looked at his watch, it was 9 am, breakfast soon. Again there was a loud knock. - Who! - Denis shouted. - Arise, zasonya breakfast oversleep - he recognized the voice of Amy. - Now - Denis shouted again. He got up quickly and has already been rushed to the door, he noticed that his melting indecent bristle front. He quickly grabbed a chair shorts and pulled them on, then opened the door. - How did you sleep? - Cheerfully asked which became Light. - Normal - Dennis muttered and looked at her. Light looked so happy ... Still, he would have been happy if yesterday did not love watching the scene, and he was in it! Today Light clothed in the same denim skirt and orange top with no bra. However, today her nipples were somehow much less than yesterday, when they were kissing Dima. Dennis sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, sat down in front of the Light. - Denis, I have good news for you! - She said, smiling beautifully, looked at

Dedicated to Julia

Julia was in a long black T-shirt - as it looked on it! It develops, chaste girl with blue eyes looking at that recalls a line group Spleen "The girl with the eyes of the blue ice," though where invisible depths of those eyes concealed, did not appear but the fire was probably light blue, fire is not so much the soul, as its purity and cleanliness, quiet eyes, a little lost on the floor sometimes, and when raised up - expressing curiosity. The bright, pristine unpainted hair woven into a braid - is too conservative, but it was for her, it emphasizes clean image, unlike those painted with the eighth grade girls and Julia besides me nezamechela boys - to me it was a pleasure. I really liked the proportions of my twelve girls body. Began to form a breast. Thin lips - facial features that most of the rest of the facial features in some moments expressed uncomplicated rigor, but the severity of calm and childishly turned around, was doomed to become a gentle ridiculous nonsense, but it is not seen in her stupidity, and I felt the quiet intelligence and a little bit crazy. She had a little baby face, but that meant it appeared on a smile! When we got to the

Juicy youth

- Dasha, may be enough to have you call me? You and I do not like 10 years difference? - I tell her studying her children's knees, protruding from under the shorts. Dasha is very modest and educated girl, I'm going to change in the near future. - Call me simple, Oleg. Agreed? - I ask, looking up from her knees, looking at her in her brown eyes. In my mind I have long matured a plan for seducing her, and I hope that today I will fulfill it at night. Her grandmother went on duty and there will not be overnight, that will give me enough time to try his luck. - Well Oleg, Dasha downcast eyes jammed in place - the so-wa ... you need a bath? - A quick fix and smiling timidly she asked again. - Yes, you can borrow, I answer it. I do not really need a bath. I knew that Dasha today is one with me, and go to the gym, I thoroughly washed and relax in the sauna. Dasha turned and shuffled into the bathroom for a small child wagging popochkoy. I watched her, I went back to my room. Everything was prepared. The bed is clean, the veil is gently, but so that one movement, it could be removed with a silk duvet covers. In order not to suffer the next hour, while she is taking

Yulia's tales

My brother was very dear to his bike, and of course he tried in every way to wriggle out of a gambling debt, but his friends were clearly determined to get what they should. I felt that soon there will be a fight and decided to intervene in their dispute! - Guys, do not quarrel, we'll think of something! - And there is nothing to think about! Once lost, then pay by! - And how much is the bike? - Well, the mower 3 is probably worth it! What's the difference! I do not need money! I played on the bike and get it! - And I want to offer a different form of retribution? - What? - Curiously I asked Victor, a friend of my brother. - I can take in my mouth ... You. - I said blushing with shame. There was a silent pause. Victor smiled slyly and said: - But for that kind of money, which is the bike, you can even become my slave !!! - Do you want it? - Of course I want! - I agree to be your slave for 2 weeks. - That's agreed! I love business. My brother, began to be indignant and try to dissuade me, but the decision was made! Sweet mouth. Victor interrupted dialogue with my brother: - Well.

Summer camp. The first day

The bus stopped on the large square in front of the children's camp, where Denis was to spend the next two weeks. Behind I left school, home, and his best friends, but Denis did not miss. He has already passed school exams, passed well, for parents and bought him a ticket to the summer camp. Denis has never been in such a place, though many of his friends told how fun is here. He had finished the ninth grade and felt quite adult, though the anticipation of relaxing on the beach, disco and games on the playground brought him true joy of children! But most of all Denis is not interested in swimming in the warm clear water and not "childish" games and relay races. He, in his 14 years, gave the greatest pleasure to watch the bathers girls thought which never left him. "With this show there will not be any problems - Denis thought when he saw stopped next to a bus that had just brought new travelers". bus doors opened and out rushed a crowd of children. First on the site chosen children much younger than Dennis, who shouted loudly discussing something between themselves. Denis they are not interested, he stood and waited for the appearance of the

It was a long time ago

I've never been very sociable child and was not included in the company's suburban children nearby streets, and somehow more often alone or with one or two friends. It was at in my friends and girls, and even though I was a "victim of acceleration", relations with they were just friendly. Ha no longer have the courage. So since we were raised when "there was no sex" in the country. And this "more" in my fantasies It did not extend further than to feel that devchenok in shorts. Had limited peeping at every opportunity, and at that time even strongly perceived almost a bikini pornography and fantasizing. I then indulged in masturbation (if it's called that way, but the word masturbation knew perhaps only dictionary authors). Even the word "**** It". Now I know I did almost all my peers, but then it considered terribly busy, "smart" book called it in a long series of sex perversions, which is also referred to sexual intercourse with animals and corpses. Well who then recognized in such a sin. But, despite all the "horror" of the class, give it no strength, especially if you could peek behind woman changes clothes on the

Modest Marina

And quiet. But one day everything changed. Marina always had trouble with math. I always had on this subject a solid top five. We recently had the test in mathematics and Marina got a bad mark, and because of this, quarreled with his parents. They told her that if she does not overwrite a control and did not correct the assessment, then it will shut off the Internet. But would she subject herself never mastered. And guess to whom she turned to for help? Of course, to me! And not just turned and called to his home in the evening! Such luck I did not expect! I was just thrilled. In my mind, one after another born of imagination about how we spend with her that evening. For parents on this day went to her grandmother to help around the house. Throughout the evening we had to be absolutely alone. She was in a short skirt and a T-shirt, through which shone pink bra. When I came to I was in very high spirits. But gradually it fell. We are engaged exclusively in mathematics! I'm already tired, when she said: - I'm tired! I need a break! I'll make coffee. You can sit at the computer yet. I sat on a comfortable chair, and began to study its contents. Very soon I came across a