One day my sister and I

My sister never let me not particularly embarrassed (well, to the clear boundaries, of course). One day, she lay down on the couch, picked up the TV remote and began to click them to change the channel in search of something interesting. I carefully adjusted to close, as well as a couch very much there was no room, I lay down beside her, and her head resting on her naked under the robe chest accidentally put his hand on the bottom of her belly, where her robe floors have already begun to disperse, revealing white panties triangle, its apex rounded ends right between the legs tightly compressed. My sister seems to have found that most interested her, and began to enthusiastically watch. To me it was clearly not up to it. I slowly, very, very slowly began to push his hand lower and lower until it finally slipped on lace panties sisters. And then the index finger as slowly and carefully began to slip on the panties between her legs. And now, in a moment extremely smooth motion, I began to feel the hairs that covered unshaven crotch sister. More minutes, and my finger clearly felt the start of the labia lips little sister. I am encouraged by it, I moved a little

Christina: as friends made me

It was like a fairy tale with the execution of desires. And like a fairy tale, to fulfill the desires can be a little. Almost all my friends have chosen strength, health, youth and wealth. A sort of a package all in one. I chose a similar option. But with its own characteristics. Complaints about the quality of workmanship is not heard even once. Everyone was happy. And me too. In time everything became inflated by bodybuilders, with a bunch of apartments, real estate and cars. In the streets, there were many kinds of brutal men with gold chains and tattoos. Many wanted to be dark-skinned. Under the clothes piled mounds of muscles. I suspect that all was too much in the pants. But check it out on their own experience, I could not. In my pants, there was nothing. My desire was to become a girl. The scanner unit, transforming the body, he thought about me all that is possible, and chose the desired settings as follows digging in the mind so deep, where I could not see myself. But the result has led me into raptures. For the first time, looking in the mirror, I saw a short girl with magnificent long hair pink. Small neat chest, the same ass and slim waist. Given such a radical

The benefits of video

Ordinary-looking, rather young and pretty woman of about thirty, looking over his camera, took off her clothes and went to the chair and lay on his stomach on his behalf, bending and putting the ass. After a few moments at her belt the first blow fell. The video was shot in an apartment, an amateur camera, the light has been put bad .... But from the first seconds, I realized that it is - not an actor Base setting, but the real record of someone's private life. After hitting the ninth woman began to wail, and I turned down the volume, and when my sister pushed open the door of my room, reduced to a small video window size, and turned to her. In fact, Tanya was not at my sister. As they say, the water on the seventh jelly, or - a distant cousin. It was said in the old days, a promising degree of kinship. Moreover, we even met almost adults. I was only fifteen, and she was - seventeen years. However, fate was such that we almost instantly became close friends. The parents took her as a daughter. All the time we spent together, excellent and talked a lot, we have already mentally matchmaker friends and even parents. But with all this - no hint of physical intimacy. Soul - yes, we


Basically, from idleness, I sometimes read nonsense on the Internet, such as porn stories for masturbators, wondering inflamed imagination of certain authors of these stories, which are not only illiterate write, but can not even how to express his thoughts on the monitor. Perhaps that is what prompted me to try to write my story, not having this nor any talent and the more education, for which I apologize in advance, but all of the events I have described the purest truth. It happened when I was twenty-four years, and my wife and I came on vacation to her parents in the village. I knew from my wife, that has recently been to her parents moved to an aunt of my father in law, I have seen only once, at his wedding three years ago. Her move to the relatives for permanent residence, was due to the fact that recently she was the "bad head" began to progress sclerosis. Children she did not have the last husband, whom she had countless, died several years ago, and my father in law was the most closely related to, took it on himself, or rather on the mother-baby its sclerotic aunt. Aunt Kate, so it was called everything was already seventy, nothing more than special, it did not

Family idyll

I decided to make a new hairstyle and after work went to the barber shop, located not far from my house. He went, not looking around and thinking about her, and sat down in the chair and closed his eyes and relaxed, waited for the master to come. A few minutes later, I felt that I was someone patted her hair. Opening my eyes, I saw a barber. In appearance she was about 30-35 years old, blonde hair pulled into two braids. She was wearing a beige robe working, under which clearly shines through lingerie. And I immediately noticed that she had no bra, because her breasts nipples playfully sticking out from under the thin fabric. She introduced Tatiana and asked me how I want a haircut. I thought it was also the name of my wife, and explained how I should be cut, and she set to work, casually chatting with me about any nonsense, flashing a wonderful smile. I'm talking, carefully examined her gorgeous figure. It was quite high, a little plump, but that she really went on, with an appetizing ass and big breasts. It was evident that she takes care of herself. I have been pleasing her touch, in fact, I felt that I wanted it. I am excited that it is about ten years older, and I have

Naughty Lolita

Two were lying in bed. Father about forty years and daughter of sixteen. Outside the window the night, boring rain pounded on the roof. Weak crescent moon barely illuminates. The wind whistles through the open window. Cool. Father slept soundly, accumulated during the day. The daughters did not want to wake up. The mother was left with an overnight stay with a friend. The girl turned on her side and leaned against a parent all over. Ostensibly froze. She pressed her too tightly. Loboc pressed firmly to the foot sleeping father and daughter felt the breath catches. Something inside pulled on rash acts. He flashed a stray thought: "Why not?" She gently turned back and touched her finger in panties tubercle area. Tomio sighed. Immediately playful hands pulled down the elastic ass and felt free sheet. Lolita middle finger touched the pussy. It was wet. Thumb almost fell down, rolled down a hill on the water. The girl almost cried, hurriedly biting his lip. Almost trembling, he raised a leg and gently lowered her to his father's leg. Then do not resist, limber leaned forward. Rare hairs covered with black hair touched his father's feet. It slowly and

Pioneer job

Oh, that he allowed! When senior pioneer leader climbed the stairs to school, a rare pioneer did not try to look into the divergent slit. It was visible not only exciting moving booze white thighs over the edges brown nylon stockings, but sometimes flashed and shorts, barely covering the actual gap between the fleshy buttocks ... All these thirteen pioneer Lyoshka Smirnov, the son of the headmaster Nina Alexandrovna Smirnova, involuntarily recalled today about Albina. And about how much sperm they had erupted during fierce drochek on pionervozhatskih charms. I wonder what is? Lyoshka knocked and entered the office of Albina. She sat at her simple, open the table, without any partitions: four legs and worktop. And so Lyoshka involuntarily metanul look under the table. And no wonder! Smiling Albino could not keep too closely serried their plump beautiful legs. Besides her skirt slightly gathered closer to the belt, and Lyoshka considered not only a dazzling strip of skin above the stockings, but tregolnichek beige panties between thighs slightly apart. All this took a fraction of a second. - Welcome Albina Ivanovna! Caused? Albina, as usual, smiled sweetly, took ochok why her

Pleasant memories of childhood

1. Tatiana (start) ... It was the summer of 1998. Then, after graduating from the ninth grade is good, I'm going on vacation to the village with my friend Pasha. He and I were inseparable and were friends since childhood. I knew his parents, and they are my mother, because my father died when I was in fifth grade. Mom Pasha called Tatiana, she was 38 at the time. I look at it more in the fifth grade. It was plump, but not fat woman, with a fifth the size of the breast, of medium height and pronounced waist. She always went home in a T-shirt and skirt, only occasionally coming out of the bath in a bathrobe, at which, I noticed, there was nothing. But ... let's all in order. When all of our sixth grade went to the demonstration, I ran into the path of Pasha. I met Aunt Tanya in a bathrobe and inviting home, closed the door and went into the bathroom. Pasha still dressed and I was waiting in the hallway. Suddenly, out of the bathroom was heard: "Pasha do not go to the bathroom, and the mother naked!". At these words, my cock in a moment washed stomach. A few minutes later, Paul was ready, and we went with him. After that day, I literally "sick" Aunt Tanya.

Family Secrets my friend

It was Saturday morning and I drove up to the house of his friend. Billy has not only got a new car at the end of the school but also credit card Trans American with a decent amount. We had plans for the stereo in his car to pump it to the fullest. We became friends when I went to his school and studied in middle school. Billy's parents were rich, he always flung money, my friends and I were not so rich, but we had everything we need. I was a little unsure of himself, and modest, and Billy bold and a bit cheeky. These different but we became best friends. I climbed the stairs a little before eight, and cried, knowing that Billy is now descend. For Billy built his own apartment above the garage of his ancestors. Actually garage - is an understatement, more hangar for four cars. Billy's father, too, was cool, he is interested in cars, and we were confident that he will help us with our car. - "What do you think? Is a pair of huge subwoofer in the trunk?" I asked as we sat in the dining room. - "I do not know, Chad. It will be difficult to establish their own right and connect, I think even if it is done in some sort of workshop." - "It will be


I'm Sarah, and today I tell you a story ... He came to me Liza.Ee girlfriend's parents for a month left and sings she asked to live with enya.Ya soglasilas.My began to play cards on zhelanie.ya won and ordered her to wash the floors. The next time lost ya.Ona said that 2 weeks I'll be her sex slave and I will perform all -For it, I began to say, it will work out your telo.I each boob wrapped tightly with ropes on each nipple using clothespins attached the load. After phalluses. The pussy dildo she put about 35 cm and the ass and the thickness of the previous five centimeters long. All of this is wrapped and fixed the ropes. Then the weights on pizde.Mne hitched to the labia at the weights with the help of ropes and pegs. At this stage, pain in the chest pain was added to the same holes gubah.K I still hurt. Lisa ordered vstat.Ona invited friends to enjoy mnoy.Kogda they came (only women) and she explained to me and to them that I should obey and im.Oni taken out of the ass dildo and began to poke me all ruki.U gorelo.Mne brought 3 liter Bank and poltorushki vina.Snachala they were ordered to sit on it but I was afraid, and they took me to the bank plechi.Potom was ... That