My little brother

At that time there were still prejudices, forbidding girls to see naked boys, even babies. And in fact my mother kicked me out of the room when Pete was going to change the diaper. But, as the saying goes ... the forbidden fruit is sweet, and I still feel contrived at times his crotch ... Suddenly he mokrenkaya. But my mother punished me for it. Time flew inexorably forward, and so I went to college at the Faculty of Journalism, Parsley also went to the first class. I became a woman at seventeen with a fellow student in his home, but on the continuation of our relationship had not. Just remember, from when the first time in my mind flashed a sexy fantasy about the brother. One evening, I stand at the mirror and see my-formed breast tenderness and remember a fellow student hands when we made love at his home. Suddenly I touch the nipple and mus fingers. He quickly became a solid and planted in her panties like hot embers. Feverish movements to pull off yourself tight jeans and run his hand into her panties. Lazcano wet crotch so furiously that feel sexual pleasure. And in such an important moment suddenly I see in the mirror brother curious eyes. Initially, there was a sense

Olga and Mary (part 1)

We lay side by side in bed, paralyzed and weary: Olga - on the back, and I'm here, on his side, admiring her long hair tossing on the pillow. Features of her face and body lines fascinated me - velvet skin, pit on the neck and the beautiful contours of the clavicle, the snow-white neck and a cozy hollow between the hemispheres rounded breasts. I broke down and fingers outlined the most seductive curves: on the chin line, the contour of the neck down to the pit between the clavicle and neck to the right hemisphere of the breast. I outlined about around the hemisphere, and climbed his fingertips to the nipple. A gentle touch to its range aroused nipple right before my eyes: he tensed almost immediately. I gently shook him to the side and under my finger the nipple has become more resilient. - If you only knew how nice you stroking and touching, Chamomile. - I told Ole. Chamomile because her name was Romashkina. Sometimes I call her so, sometimes Olya, sometimes - when he wanted to tease and delight - Olga Vladimirovna. Head of studies, it is for me, a student, was an amazing gift of fortune, a beautiful woman, who opened the world to me this sincere passion. - You have such

A trip to the sister

When I came, we drank, and after half an hour we were drunk in the boob, and then we went to watch TV but as always there was nothing of interest, and a friend of my sister went into another room and brought the tape to include her she sat in a chair. I changed the channel on the video and pressed Play. The tape was the porn as a man fuck with two other women, we watched it for 15 minutes and then I said, that's lucky peasant I would so he received a response from a friend's sister: And let's try and then she got up and came over to kiss me passionately she I sat on my lap. As we kissed, I took off her blouse and bra I caressed and licked her breasts. She pushed me to the wall of the sofa and went to his knees, unbuttoned his pants and took out my pants dovolno-taki not a small penis, he stood like a stake. Taking his hand she lifted the skin and kissed his head and then swallowing it to his mouth, I want to say that her lips were meant for a blow job it looked so exciting and it was so nice. I turned my head to the side where sat my sister, she was wearing a robe but now the coat was unbuttoned, and underneath it there was nothing her thong was at her feet since she and her topic

Perfect childhood

Everything was npivychno. Came my mother's friend, Aunt Tamara, I always knew potomy and did not even pay attention to it, doing his favorite thing, feeling pleasant tickling on his pisyun. - You again for your favorite pastime? - Aunt Tamara laughed, tossed her purse and sat down across from him. - ABOUT! It edinctvennoe that dostavlyaet me pleasure in this foul life - my mother said, took my breath chest and gave another. The other was even harder chem the one I took. I knew why, because there is still milk, and I'm with a new zeal began to suck, covering both hands hanging on my face sisyu excellent. - And you pisyun Teasing him specifically? - Ask Aunt Tamara. - Yes, emy like - my mother said, loudly and leaned my notselovala excited pisyun. - And you're not afraid to spoil the boy? - Ask Aunt Tamara. - He in fact soon to school. -Than? - Otvetila mama - For him, it is natural birth, the other he does not represent. And me a big favor. - What? - While he will suck me, I'm not pregnant. - Yes, it is true! - Aunt Tamara said. - And I'm a fool, his Anka weaned, and she runs after me. - That's not to leave - my mother said philosophically. - What do you want, a pity milk? And you


He noticed on arrival in the country to them a small house, she has changed. It has become more beautiful, stretched, her body has acquired femininity and sexuality, her curvy figure just drove him crazy, from the breasts of medium size, he just lost his head. Previously, he thought for a few moments to change the view of the person just is not realistic, but he was wrong, too much wrong. From not very attractive child no trace left, everything changed, as if it replaced, the other girl who was not his sister, but as he wanted to believe it. If not for these genealogical communications, he would have lived all my life with her, only with her. He would have given all that she was not a relative, but it was the one he loved. Although changes in the feelings he had noticed for a long time, he remembered all the times, as if it was yesterday ... -Kevin dressed quickly! Miranda Helena arrive any minute, and then we go out of town, and you're still in his underwear! -razdalsya Mother's voice when the boy came out of his room to drink a glass of orange juice. It was already morning tradition. Mother always get up 15 minutes earlier to prepare their son and a glass of freshly squeezed

First sex with a sibling

My name is Masha. I never thought about having sex with his brother, but he became my first man ... I fed tender feelings for his brother, we were very friendly. However, I could not think that in that day there is one strange event between us ... Our parents most of the time spent in the country. Mother surrounded by her flowers, and my father for spiritual conversation with a neighbor. Sometimes they come back only to the end of the weekend evening. It happened at this time. Well, my brother, because left alone at home, belonged to themselves. Brother (his name is Sasha) most of the time reading fantasy, sometimes sitting on the internet, well, I'm often walking or listening to music. And that's what happened ... Evening came. I sat in my room and watched kinchik, I wanted to drink, and went into the kitchen. Passing the bathroom, I saw that the door is not properly closed (it turned out that the latch is broken), and through the crack could see everything. I could not resist and decided to satisfy his adolescent curiosity. Outside it was dark, I was not afraid to be noticed by chance and the eyes joined to the slit. The spectacle, which I opened it, changed me in a few minutes.

Sister in the bathroom, continued

During the day, when Olga came back from school, she went to roditelskuyu room and began to lay the bed - it was big and soft, with wooden balls on the corners and a high back. Once finished cooking Olga, Lisa came into the room: - 2 Wait a minute, I'll go alone in the bath and come to you. - Good, but not for a long time, - said Olga her and closed the door Lisa. Olga took off T-shirt and shorts, stayed in shorts - hardly what was she wears panties could be called, rather, strings, covering the samie sweet place 12-year-old girls are tender and juicy. Olga lay on the bed, lifted her legs and pulled her panties top, opening its bosom. Then Olga rolled onto his stomach, spread her as best she could, wide-leg, stretching the fingers and then slid his hand between the belly and the bed. Slightly fingering her clit, Olga began to be excited. Excitation was to grow with each second - Olya became stronger move your ass, when he felt something warm. Olga turned her head and saw Lisa, quietly entered the room, leaning his face to the ass younger sister. Lisa breathed into the hole anus Oli her. Noticing the look Oli, Lisa licked hole and then lay down on the bed so that her face was

I really want it

Youthful curiosity punishable. The lack of supervision by parents of children growing up leads to sad consequences. That's how he became a father, playing with a classmate in adults 16 years of age. Two years later, they got married and the beginning of the events lived together for 16 years: Part One (seduction) His daughter was 16 years old and, like all children today, it was not by years of physical development, while remaining between the teenage girl. She had a tight curvy ass, slender legs with rounded hips, slender waist and well-developed firm breasts second size. He first began to caress his daughter as a woman, when she was 11 years old. At that time, he helped her to take a bath, but the need for it has long disappeared, but it was moved from childhood. When he first noticed the breast begins to swell daughter, the first pubic hairs on goal, something turned over in his mind. From that day he began to see a woman in her daughter's future. That's when the first started petting. Helping the daughter bathe, he casually held the rough sponge on her pink nipples, long and carefully soaped her body, his fingers penetrated into the


Then, when I was 11, he worked in the store as a loader. Home he came rarely, mostly backfilled, and sticking with buddies in this stinking store, drinking in the alley or hanging around in some women. In general, the women he was unlucky. He was rude to them. Even amateurs could not withstand his sharp little steep temper. Although he was not ugly, despite the fact that his way of life began to affect his appearance. He was tall, broad-shouldered and strong as an ox. Dark red hair as thick as it was 20 years ago. Later I learned that they had thick and hard throughout the body, but more on that later. My mother he knew from school. In 8th grade, she became pregnant, and the father, showing the nobility of miracles, married her, although he himself barely knocked 18. Thus was born my older brother Artem. He is older than me by 7 years. I remember him badly - he ran away from home when I was 5. After 4 years, the mother gave birth to Anton, and a year later - Pasha. Three children and a porter for the hairdresser - it's hard. But you have to give them credit - they did their best. At least, judging by the stories of neighbors and acquaintances. My father sometimes drank, but no

Games for adults ... ??

It was an ordinary day. The father went on a fishing trip, the mother was at work. Patty and I were older and we were left home alone. We played cards, and I offered to bet. If she loses, we will play a photographer, it will be my model. If I lose, then I'll have to do the cleaning in her room. In fact, Petty agreed to my proposal, and I could not lose, because she, too, liked to be a model. The game was good, and ended very quickly. As expected, I won. The parents were not at home, no one could stop us, suddenly burst. I jumped off the bed onto the floor and ran to his room behind the camera. Returning, I submit photos of Playboy, and the game began. She had to pose as I'll have her, but insisted that I did not touch her private parts. Then I led her into the room and asked the parents to stay comfortably. She sat on the couch until connect the flash and lens. She did not want to have real pictures, and when I showed that in the chamber there is a film, the shooting started. I started I pictures at the place and in the position in which she was. Then he asked to stand up and take off his shirt. She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse translucent. After removing