Me and my sister Masha

- Hi Masha, I miss you so much time not seen you. - Hello! Screamed my sister and rushed to my neck and began to kiss on the cheek, I hugged her and realized that in addition to related feelings talked quite different in me. Her breasts pressed against my chest and hugging me even slightly felt her ass, which turned out to be a match for the breast. The same elastic. - Well, you Masha changed, you absolutely unrecognized, so prettier. - Yes, now the boys head was spinning, my sister said, and pulled away from me, the topic became visible through the papillae. After the meeting, the gala dinner, where we chatted incessantly. In honor us with Masha poured a glass of wine. After that we went to bed. Masha put in my room, on my bed, and me as the owner and gentleman put on the floor. As I walked into the bathroom and turned off the light Masha dressed and slipped into bed. I'm not including the light fell on a mattress on the floor and prepared to sleep. But he could not sleep and so turn back. It was uncomfortable to sleep on the floor and even the memory of our Masha embrace me excited, I really wanted to pomosturbirovat, but the sister was uncomfortable and suddenly notice,

One sister - well, while two - better!

Good all day! I have already described my relationship with her older cousin Alina. And I have a new story I'll tell you. To us came some relatives (which is difficult to make out) they had a daughter, 12-13 years. I particularly do not to it gazed at me she just was not interested, because my was Alina and thirteen girly just faded on her background. She had been poorly developed and small ass and breasts, although it was a nice little face. Guests are greeted at home Alininoy family. They live in a fairly large private house. We sat for a bit with the guests, and then my sister said, that will go up. In a few minutes the guests said goodbye to me. I knew that the feast - the rapid and Alinina room is on the top floor so that we could be a little bit naughty. I got up from it and is knocking at the door. She asked: "Who's there?". I replied that it was his. It is allowed to enter. When I entered it was almost naked. Alina was sitting on the bed and took off earrings from the ears. One earring stuck and she could not remove it. I walked over to the bed where she sat and began rastgivat earring. My elbow touched her breasts and I was quickly initiated. She noticed

Toy (Part 2: Appointment 2)

A week passed before Irene showed up. Earlier this week, her phone was switched off, I immediately took the hint. Friday. On my phone it's a message inside was her photo. Lovely, neat lady, in a black slinky dress photographed herself in the mirror. She looks very sexy, below the signature. - Do you like? Sending answer started, not much correspondence. - Yes. I am attracted to this outfit. - In the evening, going to a club, you're with me? - As her husband? - You know, he does not mind. - I got it. I am waiting for address look. In the evening, it's a message with the name and address of the club. I dialed the number back, Irene does not pick up the phone. It began its next game. The club was a big and nice. In the best European traditions. The street was beautiful weather, so many that came out here to relax and pull the cigarette. Not long queue at the entrance, and now I'm inside. Fumes, tobacco and fragrances plurality of female spirits. Chaos creates a certain atmosphere, full of surprises and peculiar desires. After going to the bar to make sure that just because I did not find her. Over the weekend, all got out of the house that would be fun and to come off.

October 15 = love!

Kate I knew since childhood, and apart from the usual feelings related to anything else I've never experienced it, by definition. She and I often used to play, and so its presence was not for me any test or, even worse punishment. I like cat and computer - here and play, the sun, and I have the program boevichok cool on TV. Once everyone left, I sat in front of TV, she went for a computer. After half an hour I looked into her room: the screen went some cartoons, she slept peacefully. "That fool" - I thought, and went to wake her, and went to sleep even on a sofa. When it came, then unwittingly he pointed the light of the monitor, that she began to take shape the breast. What I did not see before - well, a month, maybe two, but how quickly she began to grow breasts. And at this moment, at this very moment, independently of me, I suddenly felt a slight trembling of the whole body. This usually happens when the much worried or nervous. I involuntarily introduced her to a completely different situation when it is in the soul, or looks at himself in the mirror, maybe ineptly feels the yourself somewhere at the bottom, carefully listening to the sensations. "Damn it,

Resident Evil. Part 1

We have always had a surprisingly good relationship. We have a lot of swimming and diving, walking in the woods, went to a disco, jokingly fought each drugom- in general, mother's tanned body in her favorite green bathing suit that looked great on her, and, moreover, did not hide very much, constantly loomed before my eyes, and was in close contact with me. But then I would not even think of my mother as an object of sexual fantasies. Like most other kids my age, respect for parents was firmly hammered into my young head, and I probably would have died of shame at the thought of having sex with his mother. However, that day everything changed. After a day at the beach, we went to the disco. There, in a romantic atmosphere, we danced, embraced and huddled together. I suddenly felt that my mother is no bathing suit, and that of her pelvis slightly pressed to mine, I separated a few microns silk fabric. A wave of great excitement went through my body, my strained buttock muscle and left a strange, hitherto unknown feeling in my stomach. My cock stiffened slightly, and fortunately for me not to get up. However, the mind is still not aware of what is happening, and the only thing

Morning widower

Vacation. Yes ... And I, it turns out, does not have to work! Hooray. But, then, let me, I set the alarm so early for what lyadom ?! Well, he always was. How to buy this mobile phone and standing at seven-thirty. Pancake. And they say it would be good to sleep till ten, nothing themselves without bothering ... said. I dont know. I have not practiced. From the baths I went, trying to determine the desires. On the one hand, indeed, it would be nice podryhat. On the other ... Well, I do not want the same! And what I want? Have breakfast? Eliminates. I used to just have dinner. On an empty stomach in the morning is better chump brews noticed. And at work we actually work better in the morning. Then the tea is drunk. For the most part. View telly? And it is interesting. There probably is some morning programs. Which I have never seen. I just watch the telly in the evening. News. And if a decent movie - the same look. In general, the Internet fun. But with this, I swore off. Mediazavismost should be treated. Sort of. And I want ... I just now realized that my pants a powerful way bursting with powerful morning erection, sorry for the prose of life. Hehe ... This case would have to

At Tiffany's behind

Fedor Vladimirovich Katchalov, the chief plumbing portion of one of the shops of major aircraft factory, did not like to travel to the country. Strange, is not it? People his age and circle of loved to dig in the earth, watering and okuchivaya beds all summer, just issued a free day, and Fedor Vladimirovich always had to "tillage " conscious aversion. Fuck? All the same half then we can not eat, distribute apples bags neighbors throw the trash in pomerzshuyu potatoes in spring and barely kept pace until the next harvest podest cucumber and tomato pickles ... And accumulated Fedor Vladimirovich on the ground - for a lifetime. This city klutz feel some awe "selhozromantikoy " - and he Fedor Vladimirovich, nakovyryat in the mud enough, while still a teenager. The farm, which was destined to be born, all my life to plow the land - and to die in his old age, all abandoned and drunken. Yes, but not is that Fedor Vladimirovich - escaped from the hateful "Shining Path", first in the Army and later in the city. In the city of fun! The girls a lot, the work is interesting, is not something that manure fork hitch - every day something new. Fedor

Beloved father

Woman pulls sometimes frank ... if relaxed after just five crazy sex with a man when drunk two bottles of martini and you cuddle and kiss someone who was able to and could do so fabulous that night, and when he kissed her gently gently for ear, suddenly asked: tell me about his first man ... Smoot ... suddenly became a serious person ... I'm sorry, you're not nice? so why? if you do not want - do not have to, of course ... when it smooth and quiet voice began to speak, I became serious ... maybe because they did not expect, perhaps because her story fascinated and could not remain indifferent to my place, probably no one ... "Yes, no, everything is fine, but my story is connected with incest ... Sometimes, looking back, I realize that the days spent with his father, distinguished not only sophistication and regularity of our sexual encounters with him, but my attitude towards him ... so every day spent with him, I love him more and more and still love ... which is strange even for me the most love, which moved everything and feeling loved and loving daughter and the desire to mature horny woman - knots, MDM so want to test and try things that others rarely given

School friend and sister

Once the school was surprised Nick - Anna did not come and he had not called. This happened for the first time, it is usually always call him if she could not come. Arriving home, Kohl threw a bag with books, turned on the computer and climbed in. Porn sites had been his weak point. He's been looking for something new and unusual, today it is interested zoophilia. After sitting for half an hour at the end he found a site with a bunch of Freestuff zoo. He stared blankly at the screen (it struck him), where flickered photo in which a woman, standing with cancer, back prepend pussy huge cable, and sucked the guy nemerenno member. Kohl quickly unbuttoned his pants, pulled out a member and began to masturbate. Anna was in fact in the morning Kolya's house, she waited for the moment when it is better to appear. Secretly watching because polupriotkrytoy door behind what makes Nick, she was initially shocked by the size of his penis, it seemed to her enormous, and then the process itself - how Kohl Fingering. She felt a surge of excitement, pussy getting wet, she realized - he could not stand it any longer. Her hand slowly skalznula on her breasts, almost pinched the nipples, then hand

Brother and sister in the same bed

Then he threw the girl, which met 4 years (!), And began to provide favors to me. No one of his friends, not of the parents did not notice the attention to the younger sister. So it was before, and no one cared, that there is a difference: to plant on her lap five year little girl and bite her on the ear or to do so with a fourteen year old girl. All disco we went along, his friends repeatedly tried to dance with me, but he said that he was responsible for me, and for me that they are old. I was not pleased to hear it, but then he pressed me to him and stroked his hips. My summer inevitably going to end. In my town I was waiting for my boyfriend, who had hoped that I learned the vehicle function, because he has long wanted to get me into the adult world. Brother darkened, because now most of the day he spent with me! As early as two weeks in our house doing repairs, and my brother was sent away from the paint smell, sleep in the attic. Originally, there was supposed to sleep sister brother, but she would be a terrible, and the two of us trust. There were two beds in the attic, we moved them, referring to a larger space. That night came. We both undressed (brother fascinated