A gift of fate

God, in whom he had such a success. Maybe it's some kind of hormonal dysfunction, or anything else. But the rumor that I was not a member of a monster slowly raspolzsya among girls my age and older. I was for 22 years and I have been married three times. But all my wife and girlfriends like me are gone. And of course none of them did not want to meet with me more, as they are terribly afraid of my penis. From this I kept to himself, and walked all the time depressed, all dropped from the hands. So, what is my relationship with folding the female sex! It was only on a friendly basis. But hormones are playing me, and pretty decent. I always wanted a woman, but ... So, when no one was home, I often masturbated while looking at naked women from the magazine

Two weeks with Tiny

At about eight in the evening we discussed half of the roof. We sat down for dinner (my wife and wife brought the godfather). Drunk on sotochku, and not just the father of Oleg and his younger sister Alena arrived. The father did not stay long, he said he and his wife fly to Novosibirsk for two weeks, and sister left with Oleg. He was not happy to dump "happiness", to put it mildly. - Dad, I'm not going to follow her, I was all day at work! It is somewhere to dump a walk, and I'm her midnight to look ?! - Oleg! It's your sister! We have no one to leave her. It will help you here. And one in the apartment I did not leave! You know her character! - What she can help me in my 14 years ?! Then I put my 5 cents Alain: - Olezhenka, well, I promise I'm not going to get you! I'll cook and clean, and home'll come at nine o'clock! I promise! Well to me there most of the apartment to do in this heat ?! - So! On the beach one does not go, listen to me without hysteria! Clear? Because of it there is little that depended Oleg agreed. After working for an hour or more, until it got dark, we went home, promising Oleg tomorrow morning to come.

With sister best

Comfortably in a chair with remote control in hand, I relaxed and got ready for a pleasant pastime. Rewind the titles and make a sound so loud, so as not to hear located sister, I began to come off in the next room. On the screen, a young girl came to visit his friend and they have already started to flirt with each other. The guy pulled the girl's clothes, and she began to undress him. I pulled out of his pants his dick already instituted. Ananizmom - rulez, when nothing else to do. Despite his 16 years, I still do not fuck any girl. Meanwhile, the girl has stripped her boyfriend spent the tongue on the head of his penis. The boy groaned. She put her head and jaws worked with might and main. I do not waste time and satisfy himself. - And with the girls you have been? I shivered and tried to turn the TV off with one hand, and the other to fill their dignity back into his pants. My sister was standing at the door with a smile and looked at my futile attempts. Heck has been a few times when I was drunk and do not end up turning the door handle. But to see me for such a thing has never happened before. Sister with a smile, looking at me, then looked at the TV. On the


- Let's swim together, as be, place - I suggested. I'm in a circle in the water villages and sister sat between the legs. Well, swam across the river. With each push of a little sister in the water did not fall. Then I hugged her his stomach with his left hand, and took right between her legs. He put his hand right on her pussy. She's not even how not to react. So we swam ten minutes Then it occurred to me: take and rinse her pussy. I gradually slipped under her swimsuit couple of fingers and started it there podrachivat. And she obviously liked it as much as almost moaning. So we sailed on a circle. I guess I'm Drach it with half an hour. Then I began to kiss her neck and back. Sister clearly loved it. But he had to go to the country. Swam to the shore, I proposed to continue the evening. And I got her consent. Kissing little sister on the lips, I took the circle and we ran to the garden. I waited for the evening and could not wait. I decided to not only podrachit, but if I can fuck. And the evening was approaching. Seizing the moment, I dragged the little sister in the bath. There is space, there are shelves and one does not see. Once logged in, I

Insomnia (Part 1)

Again a sleepless night. Probably, if you do not sleep another night, then just go crazy. Serve coffee, now is not much easier. Not knowing what to do, he got out of bed and walked for a computer. Racing, Shooting, but nothing attractive. You can read what? There is no certainty, in addition to the explicit desire to sleep. Having looked through news feeds, boredom. I decided to have a drink. In the refrigerator only open the beer, wine and milk. This bachelor suite. Why do I long ago lost the taste of beer? Gathering black garbage bags of cans, and the beer went to the chute. Dress is not necessary, only idiots wander at this time. Pripaliv cigarette, slowly walked to the elevator. Three o'clock in the morning, the house filled with dead silence. It soothes and guards at the same time. The feeling of solitude lulls and frightening at the same time. Almost at the elevator I heard a subtle sound. As if the metal beating on the concrete. But special attention is not paid. Only at the very lift through the monotonous sound of moans I heard. What is it, and how it will be clear to a schoolboy. The sound came from the landing between floors. Just from the garbage, and there I was


Femininity is still not lost, and my tall, slender woman, with her legs on the brow seems a bit jealous of the simple, natural, some primitive grace with which his mother moved. We stayed for about a week, went to the river, gathered currants, dined on the veranda: Mother happy our arrival, and only once I saw thrown sneak up on me a strange look, look stirred up in me youth memories: The way a mother blushed, I understand about the that she remembers. On that day we gathered at the beach, and the wife has persuaded her mother to come with us. -What are you still at home, home, rest is not much, come with us Larisa Mitrofanovna. -Yes you Nastya, and I do not have a bathing suit is: Where I am. -I'll lend you my want? Mother laughed. -You won some skinny, your not nalezet me, a cow: -I have it on the size more, besides stretches, come? Once at the lake mother, turning pink, followed by his wife pulled the dress over her head, exposing his sculpture, poured a thirst for life body, barely covered triangles swimsuit, I ducked, that his wife had neither seen how I stood. What they

Amateur video

A few seconds only noise was the screen. "Pirate copy, everything is fine" - a glimpse of Marina thought, but then, finally, there was the image. It was quite unexpected. Instead of the film on the screen saver has been the usual hallway apartment, the door which shut medium height, slender pretty woman of about thirty or thirty-five, dressed in bright summer dress on a palm above the knee. In a rather low-cut dress was visible incision between two small, but very appetizing breasts. The woman looked straight into the lens of the camcorder and smiling. "Lord, it's Lida!" - Marina immediately learned friend. - "Do not give me that tape, get and what to give without looking.?" - She hesitated and glanced at her son. He looked at the screen with obvious curiosity, and she herself was wondering what this friend can shoot her house. - "No" - she thought, - "look Curiosity, of course, is not a vice, but a big disgusting, but:." - And she put aside has been taken in hand control. And Lida on the screen, meanwhile, still smiling, spoke. - Andryukhin! Learn a new camera, huh?

Amateur video (continued №2)

Smiling, he looked at his son: - Well? - Not worse than Tanya - son laughed and stood a few feet from the marina at the knees, giving the lens at her crotch. Suddenly, a hand reached out and started the two fingers in the vagina Marinino, just scratching the inside top wall at that point that my mother had shown him yesterday, a third of the entrance. Marina sweetly shuddered and giggled. - Mom, you have me already all wet again: and whatever you have inside is interesting all the same - he reached out his fingers to the cervix, and she said sweet


Then I went into her room and saw scattered throughout the room underwear. I broke out the idea that would touch the panties. she lay down on her trahodrom (more on that later), because it wanted to sleep after yesterday's party, and fell asleep. Meanwhile, I gently took her panties and went to the toilet. Crouching to face them, I began to greedily suck this exciting, exciting smell. And he began to masturbate by wrapping them his penis. then I did it again ... following my fantasy was to lick the clitoris of my sister. I continued to drag her dirty panties from laundry baskets, but now I began to lick the bright spots that remained after her pussy, imagining that lick the sacred place, licks her lips sex, then lower it to the acute smelling cave, and I bring my sister to ecstasy . ... Now a little about trahodrome. My sister often leads to my guys and having fun with them, well, I, as one would expect peeping through the keyhole. What I just did not see, in what positions they just do not fuck. Of course I liked the pose 'rakom'i'69'. As they themselves wore down it's just something, but I was exhausting my tiger cub or slightly less. ... Once I had a

Sex education

Yes, and do nothing was the same, to go into the woods alone on the shore of the lake, and iskupatsya Golesh, that's all the fun of this little town. And about iskupatsya also was fun, people almost never nebylo, once only two women saw a bare me when I came out of the water, and then from behind a bush. I was even a little excited-that is, not that I nudists some, I might just lead to impotence even when I was little anyone could see naked. I think it is because in my 14 years I have started to strongly interested in the opposite sex, sex, candid photos of the network ... And then there and you can tell the new systems were added, uncle and aunt once a week left in the city to help relatives on hozyastvu, there they bought a new home and they had a lot to get done before the winter, and so when they left, I watched porn movies at night on cable. They got me very excited, and I happened itself represented on the site of the girls. We have in the yard between the garage and the barn, which was behind the garage, there was a space about two meters wide and about seven in length, on the one hand a garage and a shed adjoined to the fence, and on the other was built wooden shower