Olya sat on a seat in the shower cabin legs spread wide, and with force drive in your vagina big, solid, rubber vibrator, which is held with two hands. All this was accompanied by the sounds of squelching vagina and groans of the woman. Ole was thirty-seven years. But for his age, it seemed a good idea. On the belly is not one folds. Wrinkles on the face and on the body, no. Small breasts with brown nipples pert upright. Carefully manicured pubic, genital slit with large fleshy labia, slender legs. The last six months have every morning Oli began with the soul and the attached orgasms. A year Olya agony of abstinence, when the husband has left, and then began to masturbate in the morning, but it was not enough to help recently. After orgasm appeared repulsive feeling of wanting immediately after five minutes of bliss. Masturbation does not bring Ole nothing but suffering aching pussy. All day at work went with Olga soaked panties, and will not fall in the morning papillae, threatens to tear her blouse, the vagina was very unpleasant feeling of emptiness, my head was spinning. Wet panties when walking rubbed on the perineum, forcing all thoughts, again and again, to return to the

The case in the elevator

I returned once home from school with me and the guy walked into the elevator. Let's go. And he says that if you do not do what I say, then kill. I was scared, I think the money he wants. And he stopped the elevator and says: - Share pisun.Ya very confused, I think, will cut. I say, anything, but not this. In short, he says: - If you do not, kill, and if you show, you do nothing bolno.Ya afraid, unbuttoned pants. He squatted down and touched. He undid my pants at all, pulled the panties. He asks: - And you stood And I was 10, I did not know about masturbation?. In short, it opens the head and begins to suck. I think it just would not bitten off. Well, in short, he pulls a skin, licking dick and squeezes the testicles. I calmed down a bit. And he does not stop. And then I started to get up. It was a pleasure, it tickles. He almost stopped, said: - Beautiful and you have bolshoy.Potom continued to lick my pussy. Oh, and I am pleased. I've calmed down. And then like an electric shock! He thought polosonul knife. I even crouched. Then I did not know about orgasm, but it was great the first time. Look - nothing. He pulled my pants, buckled belt. He says: - It was nice I type da.- Just

Timur and his team I. Part 7. Playing

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction. Separate showers for men and women here, of course, was not. The tiled room where they had come, along the walls was located about ten open showers, five on each side, facing each other. Angela immediately took off his shirt, went to one ties them. In addition to them in the shower were two more women employed washing, a man, at this moment to lather head, and one girl, whose look was not more than fourteen years. The girl completely naked, stood in the shower, as if someone ozhidaya.- Hello, Shura! - Passing the girls greeted Angela. - Again, wait to you washed? - The girl nodded. - Vaughn Timur worth. I think he'll like it. - Angela gestured Timur. - Timur, help Shura - she turned to Timur, and went mytsya.Timur stood and watched as the girl, did not hesitate to their nakedness, heading for nemu.- Only you just do not bother, right? - I asked ona.Timur decided that, apparently, all here in the order of things, and took the girl by the hand and walked with her to the nearest

In the park

It happened last spring, closer to the summer. I was preparing for the final exams in school and introductory college. One day I had to take the story and decided that I had better at it, I took to prepare the answers to tickets, and instead went to school in the city park. Sitting there on the empty bench, I went to the head in the history of Russia XIX - XX centuries. So I spent 2 and a half hours, and would sit still long, but pulled out of oblivion me my phone. It was my classmate: - Hey, where are you - in the park?. What -? Yes, so simple. Can I come to you? and do not hunt for biology course torchat.- come. - I sbrosil.Vot hell! Again it! I knew that she was head over heels in love with me since the 10th grade, but I did not share her feelings. No, not that she did not like me, she was very pretty Korean woman with okay figure and not a pronounced east face. But it was almost over 2 years I got out of his persistence, she began to listen to the same music as me (metal), as well to dress only in black ... But this is a topic for another teeth rasskaza.Poskripev me nothing but to sit down and learn the history, can come, sit and go away? After about half an hour she went to

Who will last longer

On television, opened a new game show - "Who longer". She walked at night, but has become extremely popular among the population. One part of the population is a looker. They were bursting screens every night, so as not to miss the next issue. Another part - really wanted to become parties to, and were trying to get to Moscow to shoot. In the first edition of the game came to Vladimir, Ruslan, Sergey and Vasily, not even knowing what it is. In the studio, sat a few dozen spectators. On stage, the leading girl with a smile invited to enter in the players lounge. Our four competitors have four squares in the middle of a small room studio. -I remind you the rules of the game! - He continued to declare the girl with a microphone - the one who lasts longer wins a hundred thousand! The amount of rather big, but also a difficult test! Participants stood and waited, when at last begin the match. Imagine their surprise when the studio included four girls in short shorts, with a fully naked breasts and bare feet. We went with a smile hall and stood in front of each participant. Vladimir swallowed, Sergey tried to look away somewhere to the side. -Turns away you can not! also

Enema of the future

- Mike! Do not! I am better now! I do not want! Let's wait until my mother comes. Maya dragged his brother's hand to a white door with a green cross. She knew that if my mother comes, she will not participate in the treatment of the sick, and so was in a hurry to do everything herself. Brother fought weakly, realizing that now sister received a coveted power over him, and it will be impossible to stop. He waited a shame. White door opened and Alex was in the room hated. How many times he experienced here is a humiliation, but before watching this, his mother, sister and now .... She was in fact only 12, she was his older only 6 years old! She is a girl, wants to see him naked ... but nothing helped. Maya has stripped his brother. Here she took his gum cowards ... they slowly slid to his knees and fell to the floor. Gently slapping his hand over his bare ass, Maya pushed his brother to a large object resembling a letter "H". Alex, resigned from his position, went back to the letter and stood, legs apart and hands up. From translucent plastic put forward the clamps and firmly fixed the limbs and body of the child. In contrast of shimmering crystal screens popped

Nicaraguan quartet-2

Night was approaching its inevitable end and Oleg Larisa, and Andrey and Oksana sated suddenly coasting rough sex with a new partner, lying on the floor with blankets laid by in an embrace. Already breathed predawn coolness when Oksana, reaching, whispered "I want more" and sliding down, and took a sponge drooping member Oleg. Oleg, feeling the man's strength returned, he turned to his wife and kissed her breasts, Larissa started, nipple nalilsya juice of ripe cherries, her hand went through his chest, and Andrew came down, playing with the neighbor's manhood. And the partners began to lavish each other frantic caresses, lips, hands, and tongues "other" body began to give more and more pleasure tides. When the first rays of the early sun lit up the room, the girls were on their knees and elbows, and Andrew and Oleg pumped them with all the passion completely taking out his blades and driving them to the end. Andrew occasionally glancing at the neighboring couple, wide hips of his wife gripped his hands Oleg and methodically swung, the pressing, the building on the backside of Oksana. Andrew, accelerating the pace of its inflated to such a speed that Larisa has

A string of beads-3

The guesthouse we came last. All the rooms in the new buildings were occupied, we got old, even a wooden house. He was deep inside, closed on all the bushes, a single-storey house, with a washstand on the floors, but with toilet and shower on the street. Combat crew of our machine be the first tenants in the remaining vacant rooms promised hooked other latecomers. Move stuff out of the car, get in the warehouse blankets, mattresses and clothes - that's all the tasks that faced vacationers. As I dragged bales with bedding in the room, the girls explored that will only feed us dinner in the evening. Then they dragged out of the rest room table and quickly covered his household supplies, good bags laden with food and drink stocks. The sun had not yet touched the horizon, and we have fun was in full swing. In the bedroom of the mansion I was walking the youngest part of our construction company. Women's cries and screams flew through the empty floors, the corridors of catching them, flew slaps on the bare parts of the body. That we played in "the fool" strip. After the players on the clothing remains lower than assumed in polite society, we have moved on "penalty

The benefits of massage

Natasha and I met quite by accident many years ago. In our relationship there was no romance, just sex, and even then not very often. I just potrahival it from time to time, usually in cases of emergency, when there were no new candidates. She is older than me by 10 years, but in adolescence I liked to shoot women older than themselves. She looked very nice, slender, not a gram of excess weight, with a round and small popochkoy sisechki neat, very well appointed, and in all places. Banging it just fantastic, and there was only one drawback - Natalia was insatiable. For this reason, it is not very fond of sucking, but did it great, deep and tight, afraid that her pussy will get less. That evening, as the time was an emergency when other heifers dock did not work and I had to call the long-standing davalki Natasha. Quickly asked for a visit, I bought a bottle of semi-sweet and have a snack and pinned to her home. Natasha was very happy my visit because we have not seen for several months. After a brief exchange of news, which lasted until we were drinking wine, talking about what was not. To dispel prolonged pause Natasha began to wash the dishes, slightly bent over the sink.

Proklizmovannaya Dashunya

Dasha, let's you watch cartoons on dzhetiks, and I'll make you klizmochku in three stages: the first relaxing, cleans second and third soothing. Yes? No, it is not necessary - the girl began to cry. Dashunya, well, do not worry. If you might be unpleasantly hard, and I will not tell. You lie down on my knees to the midsection, and you will watch your favorite channel. Let's try? La dno.Vot and-done! I'll get it. When the first enema was recruited and placed on the table, and the girl was lying on my lap, he seemed relaxed, she suddenly squeezed ass and jerked. I beat on her back, and said in a calm voice: Dasha, relax the ass, is not it will not work! -I changed my mind - she said tearfully. -Late - and smeared Vaseline tip Grushki, hardly introduced in the ass sister. She screamed, jerked, but I struggled vodichku introduced into the intestine girls, representing how difficult, I will do it 2 more enemas. Pulling the nose of popochki enema, I squeezed it and said: If you are not compressed, you would have liked, so during the second klizmochki you to relax and have a pleasant feeling. I do not damsya - she rolled up her legs - but I pressed her belly to the pillow and