I started masturbating in 5-6 years, and perhaps earlier. And I already at this tender age to bring the case to an orgasm, although it cost me a lot of effort and I could not catch my breath and recover from masturbation. I often indulged in this occupation, in spite of the strict prohibition of parents, because the pleasure that I received as a result of 10-15 minute sessions of masturbation, is more than compensated discomfort from the beating. I quickly gained experience to hide their antics, and the parents calmed down soon, thinking that repulsed me craving for masturbation and I secretly continued his studies - in the toilet before going to bed at night under a blanket, and just when I was alone at home. This continued up until my younger sister Sasha did not go to school. I was only 9 years, 7 sister (she was younger than me for 2.5 years). We then for quite a long time played a couple of teachers, and we (perhaps it still when I insisted on vsnesenii this element in our game) According to married life well, could not do without sex. I climbed on top right clothes on, too, dressed and made her sister pelvis movement, simulating sex. Sister, I remember, it's a little like,

The teacher

My wife Lena - the teacher. No, to be the teacher is not enough to work in a school. You need to be the teacher in my heart. Its honey do not feed - just give someone povospityvat. And now she brings her brother. I just opened the door, immediately realized the noise from the audience, who now came under the distribution. At such times it is better not to get in her way, get on the first number. Just remember that in the morning the garbage not taken out, it did not pay for the phone and another a hundred sins, who managed to make the last month. So quietly I go to the kitchen hoping to get a piece of meat from the pan and enjoy it in gracious secluded tranquility. Anton, her brother - a student. He lives for the third year with us. The hassle, in principle, does not deliver, but Lena does not think so. After all, he's eight years younger than her, and she feels responsible for his upbringing. It has managed well his last home drunk at three in the morning to come, even with illuminated eyes. It can be seen Prodromou all day, and now gets kundyuley by our educators. - And when you take up the mind ?! Like already an adult, and the brain has not acquired! -


He lay on the bed without sleep. My wife went to his mother and will not be soon. The daughter came to the birthday party with a girlfriend and a pancake-Freud in the morning. Shebushnaya style company, and woke him up, with difficulty sleeping under the weight of a mixture of financial and production problems. Stand up and send all fuck prevented devilish Appatov. Lying, spitting on the carpet and diligently trying to sleep. "Hee-hee" to "ho ho", rushing out of the kitchen, added adrenaline through his teeth and dirty swearing, Igor changed the posture and hopelessly blind eye. -Daddy, look what a blouse I bought today - prosemaforila ear Nelka, bryaknuvshis all over his legs. Reluctantly he turned, opened his eyes and stared at her. A thin, wiry with torchashchimi nipples, she demonstrated a penny cloth barely covered her chest and breathed pungent smell of alcohol. -Feel what a cool cloth - she coaxed and pulled his hand to his jacket. His fingers touched the air of a Taiwanese synthetic and clung to the protruding nipple. -The good - sadly he praised the cloth, without taking fingers from the nipple. -Patsan Passed out, I suppose, and you and Katya, as


Barely waking up and a quick breakfast, Andrew rushed to the computer. Including the system unit and monitor, bent over the keyboard. Going into "Ai-si-kyu," just the same I saw her. Simple and straightforward nickname "World" hung in the list of other contacts. Do not restrain a joyful smile, Andrei banged on the keys ... - ... And yesterday I went with friends on a picnic tomorrow to ride one go ... That would be great, if you would come with me - a moment later, his fingers flew over the keyboard with superhuman speed, and his eyes grasped received answers. An hour later, the conversation once again moved smoothly on the topic of sex. Young people communicate on the internet for almost a month, feeling an irresistible attraction to each other. After another half hour, and Andrew Light already being fantasized, imagining how they will this, if they still meet. Andrew knew that on the other end of the monitor really is a girl, and not evil prankster male. Light sent a young man to your photo, and young people even talked on the phone. But he alone knew that nothing they will not and they will never meet. Putting a bunch of smiles and said goodbye, Andrew

My birthday

You probably will not believe that this story is true, to be honest, it seems to me very improbable, but it actually happened to me, and I need to someone to share. My name is Sergey, I live in Voronezh, I'm 18 years old. I live with my parents and my brother, he was 12. Father, 45, mother 43. Recently it was my birthday and I want to tell you about my present. I woke up at 7 o'clock my mother, father and brother, they decided to congratulate me until all the house, because it was a weekday, and all had to be at work or school. In the morning I was presented with every little thing, clothes, etc. And I did not expect that I will give anything else. I went back to sleep in his sleep I heard my father left, then brother, soon had to leave my mother. But then I heard the words of my mother -Sergey Come at me one more present for you. I was delighted and jumped out of bed ran into the hall. Entering, I saw my mother standing in a business suit, it is around the waist and shoulder were bandaged large pink ribbon. I began to rummage look around the room looking for a gift but did not see anything. Mom stood and smiled. -Well like? She asked -What

My older sister (excerpt)

See, Lena knew approached me to talk about the issues of concern to me. Even when I was worried about something, she hugged me and patted on the head, always elicits my innermost thoughts. From it we can not have anything to hide, besides it has always been so sincere was not shy with me and for me. I am sure that she would have told me all that excited her. Once we were in her room and talked about some school work, when suddenly she began to change. Of course, I knew that she was only my sister, but most of my friends from school would willingly have given all the world to see her undress. Continuing to talk at ease with me, she undressed, remaining in the same semi-transparent panties and bra. I'd seen her like this, so that now it has not made much of an impression on me. But she continued to undress, taking off her bra and threw it on the bed.

On the river with his sister

Almost all the time at the cottage, I was left to myself and my sister all the time we spent together, my question: Dating Is it with someone, she said that all her peers awfully silly: We went swimming in the river which was five kilometers from our house, and therefore carried out there all day, people on the coast were few, but one day I suggested Natco look completely deserted beach, to be able to swim naked, she slyly looked at me and said do not mind: The next day we were told aunt that will be on the river all day and went to look for a new beach, we had not gone more than a kilometer along the beach and found a small beach with sand and trees near the water around there was not a living soul: I immediately undressed and dived into the water for fear of that if the sister undress first I see her body and my penis I will give, it is not quickly stripped down to shorts and covering her breasts hand entered the water, I asked why she had left her panties, to which she replied that shy: I swam to her and He said that for a long time thinking about it and I want to touch her breasts, she was not surprised and said she noticed I was watching her on her birthday, but said it was

Lesson for Jason

I kissed them. The sweet taste of her breasts and nipples in my mouth made my cock throb sharply in the pants. Julie moans became louder when I zavraschal tongue around her nipple. At the same time my left hand, moving under her skirt on her thighs reached the perineum. In response, Julie wider spread her legs so that my hand could move freely. My index finger caressed her crotch, and his hand slid over the white cotton panties. This combination has forced Julie to breathe heavily. The index finger of his left hand pushed the cotton fabric in the vagina Julie and hand press down firmly on the perineum. The lips of her vagina ceded my finger, and I felt rolls and beneath the clitoris. Julie once again jumped and screamed. Her right hand gripped the handle of the sofa, and the left - in my knee. I continued to rub her clitoris with your finger, and my fingers felt her panties become wet. "Jeff, what are you doing with me?" - She asked in a trembling voice. "Do you like masturbation mom calls it?" - I said, when tore his lips from her right breast. "Inside me is terribly nice," - she said, cutting the words so that they fall in the pause

Holidays in the countryside

In the village I was twelve days. My grandmother gave me a private room. As I expected there to do absolutely nothing. For five days the rain. I became acquainted with the neighborhood boys - fourteen Yurka and Dimka twelve years. Several times they came to visit me and we played cards, I taught them tricks. Tosca, can only watch TV and read books. And at home - the sea, the sun !! Today's grandmother received from my aunt a telegram in which it was reported that two days will arrive my cousin Lena for two weeks.

Ilya and Wick

He was awakened by a strange and new feeling for him. Ilya was a rare fool for his age, but even his chicken brains enough to understand - HE WANTED Vick. In the dim light of the street lamps he admired her small breasts, hidden only a nightgown. Elijah was a member of a bayonet. Bulls gently pulled back the covers. Young Vicki's body could be seen in its entirety. Ilya raised nightgown cousin and began to admire her thin waist. Vick was beautiful! Not thinking about the consequences, he turned her on her back and pulled her panties. Vick did not even wake up. Bulls-eye presented itself a stunner! Loboc Vicki was covered with a light fuzz. Ilya put in your segment in it. As it swept an amazing wave of new sensations. Vick also felt it and began to wake up. Ilya, mind not knowing what to do, but obeying the ancient instinct, began to move smoothly. Sister nap through cupped not included in her part of his penis. Bulls pulled even stronger nightie Vicki balls and fondled her breasts. Ilya gradually accelerated movement. Vick also already curled. Ilia felt a wave of pleasure engulfing him all the more. He spontaneously began to lick her breasts. Ilya felt the salty taste of her