Childhood - a super

Childhood was just super! Who still remember about it ... I want to tell you a few stories from his childhood! To begin with, I have a cousin, and we had often played as a child and we played different games, starting with a sandbox and finishing the game in the hospital! She always liked me, and I told her about it. Once we went to the village to the grandmother in Zhitomir. There our parents helped to cope with the gardens, and we at this time of carefree childhood was performed. When our parents went somewhere, I do not remember much, and we were alone Irochka, well, here it started. I first started to peek under her dress, and then she offered to play in the hospital, of course the first section, I offered her my ass for ukolchiki. Ira pulled out a blade of grass and made a shot with the words: - An injection. Then she took me for pisyunchik, began to consider him a long look and interested in, and then she said: - The patient, you are absolutely healthy and can dress up! Then we switched roles, and then I started on it bully, I stripped her naked and repeating her by prying off a blade of grass, and did I told her this ukolchik twenty times, it

Educating Sisters - 2. Jim's Friends

On Saturday morning, Fran got out of bed after a brother fuck her, and went to his room. She sat on the edge of the bed, trying to deal with what is happening. It seemed to her that she lost all power. All day long she was doing just what he would say to her. After she sucked his cock in a car parked near the shopping center, they returned home. Brother tied her naked to the hood of the car and fucked her, all of which he recorded on video camera. They were lucky that none of the neighbors did not see it. Then he picked her up and carried her into the house, where he again tied her to a bed in his mother's room. Again, I set the camera he recorded, for the first time to fuck her in the ass. He has recorded on video almost everything that made it to this day as he fucked her like she was sucking his cock, he licked her pussy, it was recorded on video, and the worst part was that she loved it. Fran had planned to leave the house after his mother leave for work. She wanted to go somewhere where she could think of. She experienced great orgasms, but still thought that what I did with her her brother wrong. It should go somewhere in a quiet place and think about how to stop her

Room for two

Head first. She sent in her mouth the last piece of cod baked in dough and washed down his remaining on the bottom of a beer. A half-eaten potato slices (as the British call them - chips, you think?) And do not mind to quit. Jimmy already had finished his portion and now his only desire - like, in general, and it - it was as soon as possible to get to bed and fell asleep. During this impromptu dinner they continually urged on each other out - who first takes the bathroom to take a shower. They arrived in the UK today afternoon. We flew all night, plus a six-hour time difference. And her offspring to sleep and had to get by, hunched in a chair, and after breakfast on board - there did not want to - at eight pm GMT They came at Gatwick airport. And here they are, in the end, the bar comfortable hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, a room in which it has ordered by phone in advance. At one point, she was flown to the UK and I knew from my own experience, it is better to immediately adjust to the new sleep mode, so as much as possible faster to adapt to the time difference, so they squeezed into a rented car minicar and all day Radivoje examined the locks, churches and picturesque

The monster inside

The hour has struck. Today or never. It is time to execute your plan. Today, after work, he will proceed to its implementation. Lately, it seemed, he could only think about his mother and his insatiable sexual hunger. Christmas was approaching and the weather was cold and damp. Shivering with piercing wind, he thought, as a mother to expel the demon mastered it. In recent years, her depression is increasingly intensified. Almost all the time when she was not working at the bank, she was asleep. He did almost all the housework, as she lay in bed curled up indifferent to everything. My mother became more and more depressed - he could see it in her sunken eyes, sunken face. It seemed that - that bothered her, what does she did not dare tell anyone. Her dream was forced means of salvation, to escape from it. Her depression is demanded of him more and more effort to maintain their families. Giving her more time, he could not find the time and strength to quench your own sexual hunger. He did not go out on dates with girls, prostitutes he had no money. He was a healthy boy of eighteen at the peak of their sexual needs, neutoleennoy of - of a helpless condition of his mother.

Inga and Valentin

Inga was awakened by a terrible thirst. She kicked off her blanket and they cast the light robe, dragged into the kitchen. The heat was incredible. At this time of the summer, there were only two of salvation from it - completely naked and cold water. Well, undress completely prevented the presence in the apartment of parents and older brother, but the water in the fridge was enough. Inga approached the kitchen, did not understand at first why there is a light, but went in, and understood everything. There sat her older brother, and leaning back on the bench and slept to the sound coming from the TV. Looks like a cable television program ended, and he fell asleep, not having gone to his room and switched off the TV and the light in the kitchen. But what riveted gaze Inga, was really interesting. Valentin - so called brother slept sitting up, and at the same time completely naked. Of course the heat that explanation, but not the same as in the presence of a seventeen year old sister. Valentin was a sports guy, in his early twenties he was interested in several sports and was a figure the envy of every girl. Inge often had to listen to her friends requests for love with his brother.


Lisa gently freed from the embrace of brothers and rose from the bed, leaving him asleep. She stopped a closer look at her naked body before you pull on your pants waist. There was no need to worry that a sudden return of their parents and see him lying naked on the bed, putting on a show of his big cock. Lisa remembered the first time they made love. Yasha was then only 13 years old, she was 15. One evening he came home from training. no one was home. He immediately, as usual, went to the shower. Ten minutes later he finished. Knowing that no one in the house, he came out of the bathroom and went to his room. Along the way, he came across Lisa, who had just returned. Lisa looked down on a big dick hanging between the legs Yasha. He quickly turned red, frantically closing it. A few seconds later, he quickly ran down the hall to his room. Lisa was not a virgin and had seen many members before, but had never seen so much, and at such a young man. She did not think that such a member Yasha, but it was so. Lisa came to his door and decided to open it. Yasha has put his usual shorts. - I could and knock. - He said. - Why? - She asked, approaching him. - Why are you

Mamin method

In sixth grade, I can hardly be called the soul of the company. Not that I'm on their classmates, hiding during breaks in the school library, or running away from the school immediately after the call, and just tried to not stick out too much. Sit in his class, fooling around with all the breaks, sometimes chasing soccer after school, but despite all of this, over the years I did with anybody seriously and became friends. I rarely punished for bad behavior, and academic performance as a whole was not bad subjects, the only exception is exercise. "Goose" marches, jumping goat climbing on the ropes and all the others like them, methods of compulsory physical development of schoolchildren I saw pure Nazism, and as he could wriggle out of employment. But no, I liked to climb on the ropes. Athletes have been low, with inspiring muscled forty peasant - Alexander Kuznetsov (I think it is not necessary to explain why his nickname was - Pushkin). At the end of the second quarter we had a mandatory test on the subject matter, but I foolishly skipped. He agreed to put me an estimate for the quarter, but only on the condition that during winter break, I'll go on the four

Cheerful autumn

Early October, an old abandoned park built more under Communism, now very few people attended, and it was chosen for this rollers, one of which is Dmitri. Dime was ten years old, it does not differ by more growth or broad shoulders, so ordinary boy with blond hair and regular features. Despite his age, he very cleverly jumped on the railing on its roll and already knew a couple of tricks to perform one of which did not happen foreseen. Jumping and making a sudden turn, it is not clear where the monitor: the bird flew a few feet from his face, he lost coordination and all his weight landed on his left knee. The terrible pain pierced his whole body from head to toe, because it is on this knee he had exostosis (this is a build-up in the bones, it is possible to live life the only condition not to injure) Dima fell and lost consciousness. He woke up at home on the couch, brought his friends, one of whom, together with his mother and sister "mountain ekstrimala" stood nearby. - Well, he came to himself, and we too were going to call an ambulance. - Strained voice, said his mother, a condemning shaking his head. - When you stop this idiot, we do all the time worried about you,

A trip to the sea

Hello my name is Viola. I want to tell you about how my father and I went to the sea. Father and mother had to go to the sea and take a trip, but it turned out that my mother could not, it was not allowed to work and at sea instead of mom I went. I was 17 years old and I finished 10th grade. Everything happened so suddenly that I did not even really had time to get together. But the father said to reassure me that it will buy. I have a class folder besides that he is a very good-looking but he had always supported himself in good shape. We rarely recently spoke with him. He is constantly at work, or I'm on the street. And here we have two weeks to be together. On the one hand I was happy and on the other it seemed to me that the freedom I do not see, knowing how he cares about me. After arriving in Anapa and sitting in a sanatorium, but the way we arranged the woman who designed the thought that I was my father's wife. It is not strange to persuade her father did not. , It is necessary I am so pleased to notice I was a girl sufficiently advanced and looked older than his years. I already wear a bra size and growth of the second I was 173 cm., And I'm not a bad. So it is

In the bath with her sister

I climb on the Internet, when I was out of the bathroom she called my sister. - You called me? - I asked, going to the door. - Yes. Come back to me and losses, - she said. I was a little taken aback by such a request, opened the door and gone. My seventeen year old sister was sitting in the bathroom, tucked under her right leg and the left bent at the knee with it by pushing it so that I introduced her to review the gentle hillock covered with red (slightly darker than her head) hairs. According to her full, beautiful breasts dripping. - Well, you're going to watch or help? - She asked, looking insolently at me with green eyes. - Oh yes, I'm sorry - I'm confused. - What would you not embarrassed, I probably will do so - she said, covering her breasts with one hand and put his left hand on his genitals, covering them, so from my sight, - And now embarking. I took a washcloth, and touched her back. I slowly began to rub her, watching as slowly flow down streams of soap. - Come on, faster - cheered me sister. - Do not rush me, but something else scratched. - Well, that's enough, now let me lather and in other places too, -