Unknown opponent

I can not say that I live in a really remote area or to me goes bad transport, but nevertheless, Leroy showed up an hour later than we had agreed. - Well, Katka, top class! - From the doorway she clattered tongue, looking around my current apartment after a recent renovation. Instead, to make their own conclusions about its "secular" fashion, I ran into the open arms Valerie, as always disarmed sparkling eyes and spontaneity girlfriend. We became friends for a long time. I think I was then a class in the fifth or sixth, and Ljerka, who finished eighth, in a neighbor took me patronage not only in school but also in the yard. Compared to her, I looked almost homely and almost burst with happiness to have such a beautiful girlfriend. To her credit it should be noted that, despite the significant school age difference in years and its undisputed leadership in our tandem Lera devoted me all the details of his many novels, but did it in such a way that I had never experienced jealousy, and rather as if proud of its "victories" ... And yet, late for an hour now if we meet with it on the strength of every year ?! We have already managed to retell each other a bunch

My favorite cousin

Angela was very attractive and I have had thoughts about having sex with her. But I did, I could not offer it to her, did not know how to do it. One day, Angela ran flushed and told me that she saw a member of the older brother, was frightened and ran away. She said that it stood was huge, and asked: - A too, so you have the same? I said: - I do not know, go out the door, I'll see. She went out, but I knew she would spy, pulled out a member and began to measure the ruler. He has stood as a carrot and looked up. I noticed that she was peeping through the hole and tried to lock her to see my rampant cock. Wearing trousers, I opened the door and let Angela back. She pretended not to see anything, but she could not hide it. I said that I looked and that he rather big. Then, I abruptly pulled out his trunk and grabbed her hand and put it on him! Angela was confused and did not know what to do, stood hesitantly. I said that I saw her peeping, and that I am not against it, so she was not afraid, this will remain a mystery. I only asked to see her pussy, as never seen before, and promised that it will not hurt. She stood in silence and I took that as consent,

Brother and sister

It was an ordinary day. The father went on a fishing trip, the mother was at work. Patty and I were older and we were left home alone. We played cards, and I offered to bet. If she loses, we will play a photographer, it will be my model. If I lose, then I'll have to do the cleaning in her room. In fact, Petty agreed to my proposal, and I could not lose, because she, too, liked to be a model. The game was good, and ended very quickly. As expected, I won. The parents were not at home, no one could stop us, suddenly burst. I jumped off the bed onto the floor and ran to his room behind the camera. Returning, I submit photos of Playboy, and the game began. She had to pose as I'll have her, but insisted that I did not touch her private parts. Then I led her into the room and asked the parents to stay comfortably. She sat on the couch until connect the flash and lens. She did not want to have real pictures, and when I showed that in the chamber there is a film, the shooting started. I started I pictures at the place and in the position in which she was. Then he asked to stand up and take off his shirt. She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse translucent. After removing

Deprivation of virginity with her mother

I was brought up and raised it only. What is my mother? The answer is: age 33, height 165cm, weight about 55kg, dark long hair, gray-blue eyes, perfect figure, lush, high breasts and curvy ass! About myself I can only say that I am 16 years old and until recently, I was a virgin! When I was still small, I do not understand why every Sunday, late at night, my mother led the men, each time different, and something to do with them in your room, then they (the men) went, and I have them no longer seen never. As I grew older, I realized that she took them just for the fact that to have sex! Once, when I was 15, I decided to spy. I carefully opened the door, so I did not notice, but it seems that I, and so would not notice so much, they were passionate about their work! My mother was on all fours, clothing, and moaning, shouting occasionally, and a man of about 40-fucked her! I did not see where he fucked her - in the ass and pussy, because he was blocking. Then she rolled over, lay on her back and spread her legs very wide, he began to fuck her so quickly that if it was not theft, it would beat her head against the wall. She was screaming and writhing, he touched her breasts and

Love of sibling

The events of that time, I was wearing a long, not wanting to talk about it, even a close friend, but accidentally got on this site and read the candid stories decided to confess. It is just a fictional name. I do not live in my mother's family, because she had a new family in which her sons were born, my so-called brothers. We never industries together. I once stayed in his mother's family, when I was 10 years old and after that we have not met for a long time. During this time, I successfully got married, had a child in one of the years, decided to visit his mother and brothers. Meeting with his mother was cool and I went to his brother in the neighboring village. His joy knew no bounds, we could not get enough. We hugged and kissed like mad, and his young wife was happy, looking at us.We went with him to walk, to talk about life and could not nagovoritsya.Stolko things have happened over the years! When we returned home in the evening, we were in for a lovely dinner, prepared his zhenoy.V their apartment was renovated and only one room was habitable, their bedroom, where two beds stood. On the one put me on another lay youth. We could not stop and continued with his brother

The best present for my

Returning home after a hard day's work, I found a message on the answering machine from my mother, she asked urgently call her. I got the idea that the great sin is not, if I zvyaknu it tomorrow (well, like, forget the evening to check an answering machine). Oh, and I'm tired of the same: constant overtime, and even Christmas on the nose. All friends and relatives to buy gifts, and in the shops full of people. No holidays, of course a good thing, but it is a pity that they never fall on my vacation. Still, I called my mother. Son, I need your help, - she said. - We have today we arrange a feast for the children of our parish, and we had to happen that Vince Peterson - he plays Santa Claus - slipped on his porch and broke his ankle! Two hours later, come the children and Santa we have. YOU his suit would fit perfectly. I even slightly offended. Yes, I scored ten pounds since college: beer, fast food; though, I so and so eminent a man: I rise six feet three inches, and weight - about two hundred and thirty-five pounds. And indeed we have this woodpecker, Peterson, a similar figure. He lived next door to her parents. Man, you know, one of those who consider themselves the soul of any

Olga and Mary (part 2)

Sometimes Olga suddenly began to tell me about their former relationship with a student Masha. Whether to tease me, or simply because the situation reminded her of something from the past. And I have every story aroused to frenzy. - Once we have treated themselves to a cultural program Sunday - Olya said. - Dress up in evening gowns, came the romantic comedy in the theater, and then went to a restaurant. We had a private table by the window, and we discussed the different scenes from the theater, when suddenly I felt that she was stroking my leg with his foot. - It is time to take off her shoe under the table and caressed me, her fingers stroking the legs on my feet. I was worried, actually. In our side no one was looking, but he could see at any time! Men love to stare at the women, and if someone will turn his head, then surely her tanned leg is now clearly visible down there between my legs. - To be honest, I almost immediately flowed with excitement. These unexpected touch under her dress, right in a public place. I remember instinctively I took Masha's hand and began to listen to her movements under the table. - This first modestly touched me legs fingers, not rising

My favorite aunt Irisha

This story is absolutely real course with some changes, because if it was to describe all the details and names of dangerous. Friends or relatives can immediately be found and not very nice. Most likely it does not fit fully into the category incest because it happened to me and my aunt but non-blood relatives, in principle, the degree of binding. I probably with the age of fifteen years dreamed about his aunt Irisha, but it is not to have sex but as something for youth, it excited me very much and just wanted to touch her body every time he saw her. She certainly had no idea about this. In appearance it is quite an attractive woman with a good figure given birth to two children, very cheerful, educated in all respects. The first time I allowed myself to express and show your interest in her twenties when she was about forty. She always drove and drives a car with a removable shoes carries out the machine if it is necessary to walk on his heels. And then one fine August evening there was a wedding. I at that time did not drink, because the wedding took place in the countryside and I faced a lot of guests were transported by the driver on his father's car. Whoopee was in full swing

Sea stories

That's why ... I'm not a Jew? And so - was a bast, there bast bast and die? What I'm talking about the Jews? Yes, women have THIS SECTION godsend for any Russian, but my uncle, my father's brother, it did not understand. Aunt Alla, his (now ex-wife) generated by the appearance of bright - expressed a Jew, but I have not dug into her family tree, but ... is now living happily in Israel. Remember the joke in KVN- ers ... you are a Jew, and I could-not ... so it's about menya.Vot I'm sitting here, damn it, and nostalgic, to say the least, with his left hand, lamented the passing of their nationality, and about life which has developed to some other way .. if I turned 12, and I ended up become - to be 5th grade. Summer .... I was sent to the first shift to the camp. Mom first time leaves me without his tutelage, Nishtyak !!! True to the load imposed on me cousin sister Sonia, aunt Allin daughter, nine short years, but such is the price of my freedom. We flew by plane to Moscow, then we loaded into a bus and driven through some Podlipki, and then - in a camp somewhere nearby. We scattered in different groups, of course - all ages us. Sonya quite small, crying every day, I comforted her

Fear of their desires

Prologue. "Again, I go late - I reproached myself -. Probably Sanka tired of waiting, and worried about me." The thought of little boy warmed me and I did not notice the cold rain with wind, hurried home. Sanka was asleep, curled up in Kalachik on his side of the bed. The bedroom was warm and dry, burning a small night light, lit only by my pillow. Sanka Blanket as always ssuchil feet down and semi-open ass naked showed white in the gloom. Feeling under the covers, I fished a pair of shorts - and my Sankiny. "Poor thing, did not wait for me," - I made a conclusion. Just got out of stiralki. Well, that one time to dress. Sankiny panties were covered with wet spots. The familiar smell. Of course I am sniffing panties, jerk off my scent, and wiped his. Presenting him with half-closed eyes, with my panties on the nose Fingering hard dick, I stirred the clitoris. Standing under a hot shower, I warmed his body. The crotch ached sweetly. Soap slippery fingers brushed elastic klitorok who spoke sharp sweet pulses. Dry and hot I'm careful not to wake him, she slid under the covers. I wanted to hug and snuggle up to a warm young body,