It was a wonderful Sunday morning. Actually, it was not quite the morning, but we are with Kate just now waking up at the same time opened the eyes. We fell asleep around five, but felt great. Nowhere did not have to rush, and this awakening, shrouded in Katya's warmth and smell of her body, instantly turn my head again. I adored her beautiful slender figure and in those rare days when we could be together, I always tried to like her more often cuddle and make it so that my arms covered it all and I could enjoy the greatest number of points of contact of our bodies. Here edelhure berlin And now I was holding Kate in such arms. How big octopus all its tentacles capture prey, curled into a ball. She smiled and bit freed from my arms, so sweet stretched, I even held my breath, admiring her beautiful curving body. I could not deny myself the pleasure to spend time pulling his hand down her neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen and below ...... My hand unceremoniously pressed Katya crotch. It was wet. It remained still after our night of madness and added already morning excitement. We always wake up already in a state of excitement from each

Deal (Part 1)

Phone ringing like crazy. Lyudmila was thinking to take or not to take up. Last thing time phone calls meant nothing but trouble. Finally, with a heavy sigh, she decided to withdraw tube. - Alla! - A sharp and unpleasant voice broke into the tube - ... Alla Alla say! ... She knew that voice. Just three years ago with the man she tied all their hope for future life. Good life. It did not work. Igor turned out to be a villain and a scoundrel. Together they organized a small company. They took a loan frenzied interest and ... burned. Only Then, a year after the crash, she learned that Igor has translated almost all the money to their accounts. A then it is like the last fool believed that he gives the last to save her. Knight ... However, Knight still asked to write a receipt for the money, which he seems to be made to the bank and she wrote it. Now this receipt for a measly five thousand dollars crossed her life. Every week, Igor called and demanded "their" money back. The fact that Igor remained a cottage, villa, car and a solid bank account and Lyudmila bedroom apartment, with little or no situation, not taken into account. I could not get a job, and now she's - Engineer

Wet story

And around the cherished slits Curly golden poo-shock that I loved to touch and stroke, lying in bed at night. Nothing more I did not care-la, but not too much, and she knew what to do and how. The process of copulation was for me, to be honest, NE-leniem mysterious, though, of course, as a rural resident, I have repeatedly seen copulating with-tank, bull with cows, horses. But, I repeat, to the people I somehow all this does not apply. Not because it was stupid, and probably a little bit infantile, that is not so surprising in thirteen years. But my sexual ignorance did not last long ... We live with Mom and Dad, as I said, in the village, to put it simply - in a big village. My parents - local intelligentsia - namely teachers. Pope to the same - the director of the school. But we have to learn almost nobody. In seventh grade, where I went in the summer, I was going to go to all three of them - I let Masha zamorysch Vit-ka, which seriously and do not want to talk. In ninth grade, two girls, in the tenth - no one in the fifth - three, in the third - the most ... four girls and three kid. That's the whole school. Guys, except small fry but Vitka in the village no. So no one

Seduction Bobby

Bobby came home from school a little earlier than expected this afternoon. I thought it was very good day for him to spend an extra hour studying frogs at biology. The door of my bedroom was open, and I used a large mirror to try on one of my new swimsuit. When he walked into my room, I looked over my shoulder at my ass in the mirror that made me arch most provocative way. Bobby had a great view. "Try on, Lynn?" He smiled. After I woke up from his stunning greeting, I looked at him and I got the idea. "Why did you try on?" He asked. "Did you ever grow up?" - I retorted. He started to leave. I realized that I made a mistake, he hated when I reminded him that I was 13 months older. "No, wait! I'm sorry. I'm going to the beach tomorrow and I want to look good. So I thought, well if you could tell me your opinion of a Man on some of my new swimsuit?" I showed him the bag with the new swimwear, I recently bought. "Well, if you want." "Takes the place of," and I moved to my swivel chair. After he sat down and turned to sit in front of me, I made a small turn and said, "This - the first

Under hypnosis

Tommy ran back home, presenting itself superspy. He had just entered the top-secret lab, and now pursued by hundreds of guards, he fled to their hiding place. Running on his own backyard, he faltered and falling rent his elbow. Ignoring the pain, he again jumped up and opened the grid from insects flew into the kitchen, where he encountered with his mother. Kimberly was only thirty-two, it was a young woman with an attractive appearance. Her husband died in an accident almost two years ago, and now she had to bring up one of his twelve sons. Her daughter, Holly, two years older than Tommy, she studied at the church school and came home only on holidays. "Hi, Mom!" I exclaimed Tommy bursting into the kitchen. Kim looked short on him, he immediately noticed the blood. "What happened?" "Oh, it's nothing, just stopped." "Where did it happen?" She quickly inspected the wound and kissed his forehead. "You've got to be careful." "Of course." "Tonight, I have to go on business, Tommy. Are you sit Lisa." "But I have more to need a nurse, mom!" Tommy tried to protest. Not that he was against Lisa, not at

Holidays Christmas

Agnes entered the spacious hall. Vacation -Think it - as it should be great. Parents went skiing, the servants were released, and his brother in college. If from her boarding school no one was leaving, she probably would have stayed there all these cheesy Christmas holidays. Agnes went to his room, the suitcases were lying beside the bed. The servants go in the evening, and she would have to have its gala dinner alone. There was a knock at the door. The housekeeper said that Alex, her brother would come in the evening. Agnes jumped up on the bed and began to jump for joy. Her little yubchonka takes wing, exposing the legs and revealing pristine white panties. Brother, then all is not lost. Alex was 10 years older than Agnes, he was 23. They tied friendship, brother always played with her in spite of the age difference. Agnes was very tired and fell asleep on the bed in his clothes. She woke up several hours later on that her someone slowly undressed. Opening her eyes, she saw Alex, he took off her shirt and skirt had already been removed, and she was in shorts. Despite his thirteen years and has recently started monthly, Agnes was not wearing a bra, her small slender figure

Summer of rain

Part I. Naturistka.Priezd. "Pshsh-Shh, Shh," - said train your doors behind me and rolled on, beating out a rhythm on the joints of the rails. The rails were stretched from one side to the other, disappearing around the corner. They will stretch for many kilometers in both directions from the place where I stood. They are sandwiched between two dead ends. On the platform was deserted. Loud barking dog, tied it to the master of the black iron fence. Past ran two tots - they called my mother. "Evo ..." - reads the label, attach a long time ago to the fence. Beneath it sat an old lady and sell seeds. I wanted to buy, but suddenly changed his mind. Instead, I undid the bag and pulled out a bottle of beer. "Warm", - reluctantly, I thought. But the other I did not have, and I opened the bottle and took a sip. "Not so bad, when you want to drink" - I thought. Past passed Roma, then I have two girls watched. Another train arrived, and it occurred to me that I stagnated on this platform. So I turned and walked toward the woods. Going down on concrete, with protruding out of it with steel rods stairs rather, descending from her, I saw another

I have a brother

I have a brother. He is younger than me for 4 years. In general, we grew up together, and when I was already wondering what's in boys between the legs, I tried to help him clean up. But quite another interest .. I casually touched his pisyunchik for testicles, opened the head, such as to wash or to see how he was washed well or not. I was so anymore! And then he is a little older, and became shy and closed to wash himself. Oh well .. Cool was still watching him in the morning runs to the bathroom and pisyunchik sticks. And so it grew. Sometimes, when they saw a TV set, and lay under a blanket, he sometimes clung to me, hugged, and I felt like it pisyunchik stands up and rests against my leg, or ass, or sideways. I tried to touch his hand, but then he moved away, or even care .. sometimes gets casually rubbing on him a little bit .. But Sasha immediately got up and left. Then I went to the girls, guys, it was not up to it .. She returned to this theme later. And here's how .. Climbed into the cabinet to take their favorite panties and did not find them, I remembered that threw them in the dirty laundry. I went to get them. Prostirnut and dry, just in time for the evening had

My secret girlfriend

On one of his favorite pictures of age the girl was just an example of his sister lying in a lewd pose on the bed, with two boys standing around her and masturbates. In the next picture she was lying and smiling. The semen was on her face, her hair, dripped from his chin. Whenever he reached this page, he really wanted to do onanizmom.Obychno he waited until that time go to bed. But this evening there was nothing to do but one sister was not at home. He stood up, closed the door to his bedroom and took off shorts. Carefully placing the lamp under the magazine, Jeremy lay on the bed, put my head on the pillow, the better to see their favorite photo. He pulled the pants on her hips and slowly began to masturbate his erect penis. His hand moved up and down, while all the attention was focused on the girl in the photo, it covered the young pubic fuzz, wide open in front of the two boys has a children's vagina. Jennifer, meanwhile, also went to his room. She had changed into his pajamas and went into the bathroom, separating the room and her brother, comb your hair. He stood in front of a mirror with a raised top of his pajamas, and admiring look like tennis balls breasts. He

My favorite doctor. Part 1

We must say at once that his mother and his father relationship did not work, and he left us when I was 2 years old. She raised me alone, women in the house did not cause, and if she had someone, and then it was, it is carefully concealed, even though I think the fans she still had a lot of. Our relationship with my mother was very warm, we can say friendly. I could share it with virtually any problem or ask any advice. But the theme of intimate relations between men and women in our family are not affected. That year I was very sick with influenza, drank cold water after gym class, the temperature did not drop below 38 degrees, probably more than a week. The disease is strongly exhausted me, I was very weak. The school did not show up for 2 weeks, and my friends for all the time I have visited only once - was high time offsets and control, approaching summer. My mother went to the school and agreed with our homeroom teacher about making me put a gun offsets. I must say that I was not a bad student, so I went to the meeting. It was pretty hot weather and for me these days has been particularly disappointing, because I could not go outside. Gradually the temperature began