Appeased sperm. Descent two

Hello, dear reader! This second descent. If you have not read my first story, I quickly remind you that in seventeen years, thanks to a clever one mentor, and maybe coincidence, to the music of your friend Deep Purple band, orgasm began to come to me during oral sex with men. And you know, at the same time I just fucked in the mouth, that is, when I humbly sucking dick, I attended the full orgasmic satisfaction. Well, you know, obviously, what it is. This may be compared with the feeling when you are reunited with perfect bliss, when no cell in your body does not remain indifferent to what the soul feels. Forgive me, dear reader, the doorbell rang and I had to open it. I'm sorry, darling readers, but today maybe I do not tell you about the second descent. Well, judge for yourself. Everything that I write is happening in real time, so now I am very perevozbudilas, because literally before your eyes was ottrahanoy. Imagine: I'm sitting at the computer, and you poured out his soul, when suddenly the door bell rings. You know what happened? Came plumber named Basil (no it's really real name). - Bob, what are you come, I is not broke? - I'm talking about. (Vasily already fifty


Anna stood in front of me, our breathing merged into a single whole, everything went as it should. I made the first step and gently touched his lips to hers. Elastic mound of her lower lip twitched at my touch and her mouth, which opened, showering my face with hot moist air. Do not hold back, I too abruptly gasped and clung to her lips. My tongue plunged into her small slit slightly open mouth. Inside her mouth it was warm and humid, even too much. I ran through the tips of her teeth and met back to back with her tongue. I'm as fast as possible around her her tongue, she repeated it. I buried his tongue in her. I ran on the trellis sky, stroked her teeth on the rear side, it is not far behind, and followed me everywhere. Then I decided to stop and pulled back a little, fleeting kissed her on the lips, she leaned forward over my lips, exhaling softly moan. I went below and gently enveloping his lips to her chin, neck fall below, but immediately stood up and kissed her cheek. He moved on to the ear. Anya moaned softly, interspersed with rapid breathing. My hands, which were at this time on her waist, came down, like silk enveloping every fold of her dress. Once on the buttocks, I

A game. Part 4: Home Again

Four months after their first arrival in the "resort" they're back there. The yard is the beginning of August 1993, and in front of them at least three months, or even six months. Naturally much time total freedom demanded not comic training. It was therefore decided not to postpone the much otezdom.Andrey repeatedly hit the road to Moscow and bought clothes for Yulka right things, underwear, belts, vibrators, handcuffs, chains, whips, etc. etc. In his absence, for Yulkinym behavior Slavka looked after, and behind it, in turn, Dimka. Sasha also looked after all. Dimka reported to Andrei and Sasha by virtue of its status is not reported to not to kem.Vse that buying Andrew, was hidden in their dens. Julia's lair would not let four months, and if someone of the boys wanted to use it, it was withdrawn away from the house and banged on the street. It was the most terrible test for Yulka for every stay of their home, her frightened any crunching branches, it seemed to her that they have seen more than once, and someday it will end badly. Julia asked me not to do it so openly, though standing naked in some dubious position she was very excited, but she did not listen, and she

Appeased sperm. Descent three

We lay in bed with my girlfriend - lesbian when she told me the story ... Kabul. 1984. The sky is blue, not a cloud. Summer. Heat. Her husband, an adviser went on a business trip in the Host (administrative province in southern Afghanistan). She says... "Here I lie on the bed and talk, what do I need to buy more? And it wanted to buy the normal coats. one shit sold in Dukan, but if you order, you sew properly, even attach a Canadian label. Her husband, a lieutenant colonel, although getting enough bucks, but that is not enough ... She remembered when you come into a shop, right here in the neighborhood of Kabul, one Afghan hinted that, they say, may make such. True, he rudely hinted in broken Russian that for this it is necessary to sleep with him. Somewhere he had studied in the Soviet Union, on some technology on Russian speaking learned freak. I lie to myself and think, and what I should sleep with this Afghan? A guy like civilized, and so do not freak out. What I lose in thirty-two years? I decided to go for exploration, because his shop was just in front of our unit (this is the type of our hruschvok). Afghan - Hamid, greeted me as usual saccharine smile ... that's

I forgot the keys

I am an ordinary schoolgirl, of medium height, quite pretty with green eyes and long brown hair. However, I am obsessed with sex, but, until recently, remained theoretically a virgin. Theoretically, it is because I have not slept with anyone, but I broke back in the 10 years since its virginal pleura, when only began to masturbate - I thrust her various subjects, in general, fully disengage. I have a strange disposition, for example, I was very excited when boys kiss and certainly when having sex. Homosexual porn did not find, even on the Internet it is small, but if in a normal film has at least one kiss between boys I'm terribly excited. The porn consistently show lesbians and homosexuals will never, it's not fair !!! But I digress, it's time to start my story, this is what happened to me at the end of September. In our class there is a guy, Yegor, we had not really get along, since he has a terrible character, he is a hypocrite, etc. But I always suspected he was a fag, I have to do a bunch of evidence, now I will not give anything. For example, he deals more with the guys can not stand girls, calls them all whores (on this basis we have quarreled with him), and in general


The day when she invited everyone to a birthday. Eight girls and six boys. We are not children from poor families, and our school is no ordinary high school, but something close to the schools, which in England are considered elite. Our parents could afford to teach their children the way it should, without sending abroad. Olga was the name "newborn" , Celebrated the fifteenth anniversary. In the old - the age of majority, when she became a woman of marriageable age. And I must say that it is Olga formed for this purpose. As is often the case, the name is quite consistent and figure, and character. Funny, is not thin, with brown, curly hair, growth of just above me, she stood out from all the girls class of their emancipation and freedom, but about all of us it was impossible to say that we skromnyagi. And here, a minibus enters into the possession of her family. Small passage among the pines on a narrow asphalt road, slightly meandering among them, and we are on the lawn in front of luxury mansions as if copied from here handout construction company. End of May was warm, the day was incredibly enjoyable, and the table is set under a canopy near the pool. It was fun,

Hot battle

Two girls, completely naked before the audience come to grips. Each of the two girls is trying by all means to bring the opponent to orgasm. The girl, who was the first to score in the throes of lust, is considered lost, and the one that has managed to bring it in such a state - the winner ... Right here, in the middle of the hall, in front of all the spectators gathered, we had to undress with Cynthia. Following the example of a new girlfriend, I took off her dress, panties and bra. Naked, we went to the middle of the room and stood beside the mat. Hit the gong, the audience applauded, looking at us, our slender naked body on all sides exposed on display. We knelt down and appeared opposite each other on the mat. I must say that I had never engaged in lesbian love. Moreover, I do not love exercise worked on humans. But Cynthia's thin arms embraced my neck, pulled over. I stood up. Lips Cynthia opened my mouth and dug his tongue. Our first kiss was one-sided, I was very embarrassed, but then wet mouth girlfriend and fell toward me, I become like. I began to gently vibrate. Cynthia scurried tongue in my mouth, surveying the most secret places. He spun it with reckless energy,

First steps. Part 2

The trip to the city, I decided not to pigeonhole, and the next day, Aunt Vera said that I would go home to the other's birthday, I went to stop. The city had to go thirty minutes, and I thought all the way how to buy condoms. Well, what the saleswoman sell me thirteen kid, these remedies are not the same air balloons pokupayu.- And what are you doing it here? - This was the first question my older sister Amy when she opened the door to our room it was kvartiry.Iz hear the music, and somebody very loudly telling some funny story, from which the walls "shaking" by hohota.- Yes, I forgot to bring your laptop and still something in detail. And you, what kind of partying going on here in my absence? - I said jokingly of his father, when he scolded us for something nibud.- the institute I went, and that's decided to gather friends while their parents are in the country. Hand wash and tested us - sing with dorogi.Za table sat an old friend Sveta, I was familiar with them for a long time, and my appearance did not violate their fun. I was put to the marina, a little plump, but cheerful girl. With it, I tied a very friendly relationship, and if not for the difference in our

Experiments without penetration

I met her at one of the Tyumen chats. On her stupid nickname "virgin" I just could not help but react. I went into "privat" word for word (up to the mat, by the way) and found out the following "all the guys - goats" - Want only one thing and this one is connected exclusively with them, the guys happy. Well, I is not the guy, but adult man, of course I touched it megalomania in his youth, and she since hinted that she wants that all - an orgasm, but it seems more and at the same time preserve their virginity. What started here, but I understand, but it is for her man, whatever you want, can do only this man is weak to make the knees that want to her and all the guys are selfish and that perverts are not those who do, and those who does just for fun, and so on. Etc. Well, I mean, very angry and asked her to bet that if it is the principal, then the dispute, since I desire to do it in bed, it is my time, and the new, with a gentleman of her virginity does not deprive. And who would refuse the first means and the Loch. We met with her. Shybko smart girl was talking specifically flagged. - Well, I did not come to talk - and just threw everything but

Strict Alice

I am 15 years old. And my name is Alice. I have brown hair and breasts second razmera. We live with his parents in a country cottage, and since our house is large, it once in three days, she comes clean 20 years. It earns us, as you know, the country is no work. Usually, it is removed in the absence of parents, while my father at work, and my mother goes somewhere with her friends in the cabins. One day, as usual, I did my homework, until she heard a loud clang. I went out into the corridor and saw that Kate, as she was called, defeated the huge doroguschy vase, which my father brought back from Greece. She was confused and was in complete shock. Her slender fingers trying to pick up the pieces. Her lips begged not to tell their parents about it, because it never will pay for such a thing. - Hmm, do you think they will not notice? - Please do not tell. Then my mind flashed a bold idea, which has slipped exciting lump in the abdomen. - Well, I tell my parents that it was my mother's favorite vase broke Terrier playing, but in this case I myself will punish you: do you agree? - How do you want to do this, she asked haltingly. - Voporyu you baby. And from now on you must call