Getting through the Internet

Andre: OK, I agree, unless of course you're not kidding ;-) Ann: That's agreed ... Andre: give the address Ann: Capture ... (***) Andre: we will not leave, I'm flying))) "Sometimes dating chat is really helpful "- Gathering, I thought. ... and here I am already in place. Standard courtyard, around the panel high-rise buildings. "Crazy act! "- Flashed through my head. But back up too late! "Or maybe it will be interesting ... to leave, I always have time, "-soprotivlyalsya the brain, causing the fingers to dial a number on the door of apartment. -Hey, right now I open! - There was a little hoarse voice dynamics. "Probably a lot of smoke in their 20s? "- The brain processes the incoming information. As always, the elevator walls were spray-painted abstractions of young artists and stamped sugar phones and the Internet ... The iron door was ajar, clearly inviting to come ... -It is automatic, just clap it - the voice came from behind another piece of iron, upholstered kozhzamom. -Long was getting, I thought I do not come at all. Come on ... I saw her face, peering from behind the door, and again the voice pleasantly schekotnul

Miracles on bends. Part 3

Thin tiger simple dark gray suit, slightly stammering, backed off slightly curved polished steel bands, cast around him blood-red glare by reflecting light of the setting sun in the ocean. - N-n-but Mr. Khan has made it clear, h-hours a ... Short wave of muscular arms into the blue uniform adorned with gold buttons interrupted. Over hurriedly crouched diplomat, whistled through the air, blade sword and a metal deck with bald spots of rust went yellow and black carpet of cut hairs from his head. Don Kornazh allowed himself a wry smile, and he was immediately enthusiastic roar of the crowd supported the pirates behind him. - Mr. Khan? - He said, almost with contempt. - Is not this Khan, by the grace which my boys have almost no sustenance in the form zhirnenky liners here and there, - he explained his idea vigorous strokes of the sword in front of the noses of the cowering on the edge of the Tiger platform - flying over the ocean, huh? Not whether Mr. Khan seemed more favorable to our previous set of mutual obligations on transports brand new rapid-guns, and teach "purses with gold" to use them? - I assure you, this is only a temporary measure, the order of the

My little brother

e-mail the author: [email protected] I was only thirteen when I first noticed that my eight year old brother masturbating. At that time I was not yet sufficiently developed girl. Thin dark pubic curls just begun to break, sex lips just started to lose its baby roundness and swelling, turning into the mature body of love and pleasure. My breasts were the size of a child's palm, and slightly pink nipples ache. But I, as I thought, a lot of knew at the time of sex, from the stories of my classmate Natasha, of the night sighs, sometimes handing out of the parents' bedroom, from secretly circulated among classmates samizdat reprints depraved tales of Tolstoy. She knew, but had not been able to verify in practice all these impressions. In 1976 he was not yet Vidic, "Emmanuel" and other sex products, however, and what was in there, was enough to arouse the curiosity of the maiden. Strict Pioneer and Komsomol education is absolutely forbidden any thoughts and fantasies about love and sex, and the more teen sex itself, but nature took his. I liked to be alone in the bathroom and masturbate with a shower. I usually took off his head, made more powerful water jet and direct it

Bachna Ae Haseeno

This story took place four years ago. Almost all as set out below - the truth, except for names and a few details. Until now, anger boils up in me when I think about what happened. So, in July, my wife, Natasha, went for an anniversary to parents of one of his closest friends. As expected, we had great fun and a few drinks. It was the fact that I drank and subsequently played an important role. Actually, I do sports seriously and almost never drink - all get-togethers ever breed friends home. But there was such a style company, that all happened as if by itself. My car was left parked outside the restaurant. And when the time came to part, I naturally called a taxi. His wife and friends / acquaintances at that time good "I had fun" cognac. About Natasha need special mention. She and "in young age" tightly chained views of men, which has managed to be close to her, but in his 27 years, she blossomed. Elegant young woman - she has often been the cause of my fights with the overly zealous stallions. Fortunately my professional training in boxing, kickboxing and wrestling gave me a decisive advantage. And the impressive dimensions beat off any desire to risk from


Lenin dad left the family when she was only two years old. She did not even remember what he looks like. And now, after almost 12 years, he came to congratulate Lena with the 14-year anniversary. He looked intimidating. Tall, about ninety meters, wide shoulders, muscular body, but her face was terrible. My mother said that my father had participated in to combat the competition. After the birth of Alexander, was the name of the father of Helen, I stayed for a few days. Mom, oddly enough, agreed. He lived in the next room with Lena. At night, she heard the snores. But one day there was no snoring at night. There was a ringing silence. That night Lena's mother was on duty, and Lena was alone with his father in the house. About twelve Helen heard a soft clatter. Her pretended door and entered the room Alexander. He was in his boxers and a tight-fitting T-shirt. In the moonlight, his face was awful! The girl sat on the bed in fright. - What do you need? - I just wanted to ask you was once a man? - No, it was not. - Hmm ... you have 14, and you + a virgin at the time I fucked girls and the younger you, + He grinned. It was only Helen guessed why he had come. - Dad, please do not

Miracles on bends. Part 2

Severe paw sucked, carefully manicured nails, confident movement laid down on a large bulge inside of the lid mahogany table. A moment later revived hidden speakers, filling the huge office roar tearing air aircraft propellers and barking sound bursts of machine guns, which rises on the eardrums. - Don Kornazh? - The question was in part the claim for the controls of the aircraft could not be anyone else. The tone of gentle, light shade boudoir. - Mr Khan! - Live burst husky baritone leader of a group of pirates, storms in the local area. - Glad to hear you! Only we're a little busy. Bartholomew, if you let him climb, sobyu you myself! Some time Han listened not without pleasure. His experience allowed him to navigate what is happening, even without seeing the participants aerial fights. Link fighters tried to take in the "bag" four-engine plane. Judging by the incessant swearing on the air, that they do not really work. Kornazh was furious. - With all due respect, mon cher (fr. Each), the last fighter is not so good ... The above two thousand feet they maneuver worse than falling lead weights. Conceit this fool sometimes even amused. - All complaints are not on

Vacations in California. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Entering the door, she saw him at the bar. He smoked a cigarette and stood up when she entered. - Just do not try to tell me that you went to school to learn, - he joked, smiling. - Perhaps I was a little too old for school - in the tone she said to him - - What do you think about it? - Surrender - Larry said, raising his hands, - I hope you will forgive me this joke - he smiled - Where, however, my girl? Lily made a face - She could not come tonight. She called me this morning and said that she would prepare a picnic today, it's all for the holiday graduation. And I had to decorate the school hall for it. - Damn this holiday! She spends so much time in the school to deal with even this? - Think Larry - said Lily - Do not be so angry. Jane is very sorry and promises that will not happen again. Larry shook his head sarcastically - The next time might not be such a possibility as it is now. - Frustrated, he, nevertheless, kept perfectly and looked beautiful. Maybe it's just her appearance, thought Lily. Anyway, she liked Larry. He was of medium height, broad-shouldered, with a thick head of hair. Somewhere in his hair shone silver, but it gave him the look

Erotic etude 17

Moscow, July 9, 1998, a summer cafe on Arbat Street. Unceasing rustling steps, a cocktail of odors, noise hundred votes. 16 hours, 17 minutes, the first glass of brandy (singed, disgusting taste and shamelessly expensive). - Yes, sir. Well, what are you staring? Do not you see - we are re ... Ok, passed, and dick with it. Girls! And here's a place we should not have been ... Too ... Well ... Catch it in-the citizeness, she hurries to an interesting place ... (View necessarily rests on standing in front of a kiosk with T-shirts, dolls and other, sorry, garbage. Maybe you have to do there is another definition. I do not have.) - That type of undying! Hello, fartsa evergreen as tunes by Cole Porter. What? It is a long way from the license at the Abba polidorovskoy "Soviet Composer" before the tray on which you spread someone's grandfather's medals? .. is long, I know ... As the alarm clock in the morning ... How to yawn in the middle of that beloved affection that you love so much, and that is executed with the help of the lips .. . And here is the clientele! .. Oh, Fat-show! Hey, fat woman! From firewood? Bundes? It seems like ... These assholes are not

Three in the hay

17 years ... ... Summer Village ... a great time! Walking up in the morning, songs with a guitar, swimming in the river and other pleasures of youth. Of course, things are not so harmless: no booze, marijuana, sex and fights not done. But, until August 3rd in anything that did not participate ... in order. My name is, well, let's say, Olya. Of medium height, black hair, pretty face, a strong standing breast size 2, a flat tummy, thighs sloping, curvy ass and slender tanned legs. Guys, I liked the years 14-15 .. But probably 16 I had a favorite, with whom I was a girl. More than anyone I have not had the experience, although I offered more than once. In the summer, after joining the Institute, I was sent to the 70-year-old grandmother in a village near Kaluga. No problems with it was not, t. To. It is very poorly heard. During the day I help her with the housework, bathing, watching telly and in the evening we were going to a big company, and went for a walk almost until dawn. Once I drank a lot (to me this had not happened), and the time is nearing morning ... No one even tried to hold me. So I went alone. I staggered, but not much, before the eyes of all swam and flickered from

Fatal Dnyuha

The day seemed frantic in the morning. So many things had to be done, and as an assistant to me there was only one friend. We have the whole day getting ready for the celebration because I ispolnilos17 .... In the evening we were very tired. but at the table to behave with vigor and fun ... After "banquet" We walked in a disco in the bar, and then Anne offered me his help, such as clean up and wash the dishes ... Well mom I have just been in the country. In general, I thought about it and agreed, and that's great chat, and tomorrow everything will wash and tidy. In general, we came home. First we ate, and then decided to open a bottle of champagne .. For the birthday girl. We were sitting at the TV. They drank and chatted shampusik .. Basically that is hard to find a kid, and so on. D. Anne is very pretty girl, we always carry with her time. And then we got to talking about sex and decided to watch porn. Yes, and kassetki I found nothing))) In general, first we laughed .. uncomfortable like somehow. And then silence. I sat quietly and thought that just explode. From champagne to the body went warm. And at the bottom was burning .... - It would not hurt the boy is now,