It happened in the country of my parents

It happened in the country of my parents, when I was about 14 years old and I was left alone with nochevoy. I often stayed in the country for a few days, that's like this time everything was as usual, and there were no signs of trouble. It was an ordinary weekday and neighbors were not in nearby houses. I always like to bathe in the evening ritual of the shower and went to the second floor with a book in order to kill the last predsumrachnye hours. A little reading, I turned out the light, took off his clothes remnants, to twist the mirror and pleased by what he saw yawned and fell into restful sleep. I woke up from strange noises and sounds drifting somewhere nearby. After listening, I began to clearly distinguish between walking and talking some people at the bottom. I was horrified at ease, but I did not dare utter a word not to betray their presence. In a voice I realized that it was the three men, they always something overturned and dropped there. Unexpectedly, I distinctly heard footsteps. Someone climbed up the stairs. Not having time to figure out, I saw the door opened and a figure frozen in the doorway. "Hey, Nick! There is someone "-Suitable to my


Sunny summer morning. Warm and dry, as they say. What else is needed for a great and joyful mood. I woke up with a smile. What inspired me in such a good mood? .. And then ... I remembered last night. Clear. I experienced a moment in the memories of the night events, and a wave of excitement covered me again ... How good was yesterday. But something disturbed in the head. And, I forgot. Now I have something to update your wardrobe. Throwing off the veil, I again took the treasured piece of paper from his jeans. That's right, there was no error, there were 100 bucks. Not much of a sum, but still. I immediately thought about tonight. Yesterday, in moments of bliss, quite out of my head that today is my day off. What to do? After all, today I have an appointment. The solution of this question, I left for later. Now the main thing, to spend wisely the amount received from Sergei. I wanted to buy, and this and that, but how to do it? Question. Okay, I thought, finally we get up, wake up, take a shower, have breakfast, and then we will see. And then, when I was drinking coffee, the phone rang. - Hi, - I heard the voice of his childhood friend and neighbor Kolka. - You did not

She asked me to poonanirovat

To the present, I began to meet only in the fourth year. Before that I had short novels. And simultaneously with several. This allowed to gain sexual experience. For example, with Lenka, from medical school, I met almost half a year. Lenka not so beautiful and flawed figure. The face of rural girls, some freckled, with short-sighted eyes - Lenka wore glasses. She was a little plump, with small breasts. Ask, how do I get up on this? Well, first of all, she flunked me drunk at a birthday party with a friend. All the girls have already been dismantled, I stayed Lenka, because I was late for a student feast. Second, I had a big break - a month with the girls never met, have influenza, because on her daring and skillful caresses I had such an erection, if I do not fucking year. And, thirdly, Lenka in bed was just ace: it is not afraid of no positions podmahivala me when I was on top; rider galloping, when I was a bottom; booty moved when there was cancer; she could do a blowjob so that it seemed, her mouth has no teeth. Once, when we had finished and were rapidly relaxing and sipping coffee, Lena suddenly asked: - Wan, and you're doing masturbation? I was stunned by the question.


In the middle of the day when on the pre-turmoil, I had completely forgotten that tomorrow is a holiday, there was your call, I'll tell you honestly - I was not ready. Eilat ... I never thought that you could ever go with me. Well, it sounds like a joke - they say - go to Eilat - cliche local Lovelace. It reminded me how once heard in Yerevan ekskalatore standing on the subway a man turned to the leggy blonde: "The girls! Come, I'll show you MORE!" Which Eilat. What kind of holiday - here it is necessary to hand over the project. All all urgently, and, if possible, yesterday. And then there's a new list of defects and bugs ... Well, of course, on the last day. I hope I do not offend you by asking to call back, citing people tolpyaschiysya in the room. Not that I had someone bothered, just this time the reaction is let me down. So many times I dreamed of - you and me ... and the sea ... They say the sea in Eilat is not, as here, it is similar to our Black Sea, transparent, deep and calm. Eilat. How? What? We had to ask once. Oh, no - nonsense - especially because I will not let anyone from work, my God - it's stupid what kind of work - the company is closed and

My favorite doctor

I was still young then, or rather very young, I do not remember, but I was then hardly more than 18 years. This was my first visit to the urologist. Male doctor turned out to be a nice, neat man of about 40, with a photogenic face and beautiful blue eyes. After listening to my complaints, he gave instructions to the nurse and she wrote something in my card. Then he invited me to a private room for inspection. Frankly, left alone with a handsome man, but still in a very intimate setting, has been my long-cherished wish, and the situation has greatly excited me. But I did not know who he is, this man, a homosexual like me or not. So whether he likes slender male body as I love them, or a man's penis is only a part of his daily work. Closing the door behind us at the castle, he sat on the edge of the couch and told me to pull the pants and panties. I'm willing to do it. My penis waited touch on his chest level. He reached out and cupped my body. Oh, how nice it was his touch, his hand was cool and strong. He then bowed penis, then grabbing his testicles gently pulled them down. No it was not only touching the doctor, it was tender, gentle action of a male lover, who knew how to


It was a long time ago. In those days when we were pioneers and Komsomol members and loved homeland called the Soviet Union, and when the word sex is not acquired its present value, and we talked about love, but in a circle the same as I love teenagers called eb..ey. Well, my rough childhood in the Krasnodar region in one of the villages. Cossack village was by today's standards quite large with a population of more than 3 thousand. Man, so the passion we boiled the capital, and we thought our village center of the universe. Well, we have grown and we have become very interested in sex, but since we have not yet reached adolescence, something about sex could only dream, our girls the same age gazed at the older guys and girls older than us telling us that we are still small. But their needs had to somehow meet and we struggled with the problem as best they could, who were engaged in masturbation, while others fucked her sisters, who were so persuaded, even their mothers, and some fortunate enough to have a girlfriend, we considered such steep. However, we were not averse to peek behind the senior or gossip on this topic or to learn something new. Then one day our own age, Oleg

Young beautiful Kazakhs - captive

skinheads nasilnitsy Episode 1 Young beautiful Kazakhs - captive skinhedok The author of this story - I Sholpan, a young Kazakh woman - and I do not pursue the purpose inciting ethnic hatred. All that is described in the story - this is my fantasy, and any matches are random. Part 1. Sholpan and her friends - Finally, the sabbath. This week was a hectic, bustling, and I'm so done, all managed to make time. But very tired. So a couple days off will do me good. And today I meet with their favorite friends. And on the street as good warm as did the middle of July. So thought Sholpan - young beautiful slender lady, Kazakh, brunette - when she stood naked before a mirror in his bedroom. Sholpan admired her beautiful body - soft white skin, well-developed breasts with nipples stood firm, slim waist, long, waist up, brown hair, - all this was immaculate, pristine. Because, despite his 27 years, Sholpan never married. But most of all men, and women, amazed eyes Sholpan - beautiful, dark brown, almond-shaped eyes. The young lady began to dress. Sholpan wearing a snow-white lace bra. Wearing a bra, Sholpan thought, eyeing his underwear on a bed. - What's wear - pants or thin

Pussy-10 or Medea

That was long ago ... that time we lived in a one-story house into two apartments, and I was 11 years old. A next door neighbor boy lived, Robert (I called him Robic), who was a year younger. Robkin father was the boss, and he was able to build in his apartment something like a bath - wood stove, loft, shower (the pressure in the pipes was excellent). Rarely one home was such - all went to wash in the bath city, including my father. And once shyly tells me a secret: - Do you know what IVORKODUBEYA? - What? - Ha-ha-ha! Fool! Write on the paper and read it the other way around. I have read and gasped. In his first stories I wrote about my fun with my sister. By this time they have lasted as much as 4 years old, but about any blood it certainly was not. And indeed this was our secret with my sister, and no one knew except for us about this. - Who told you that? - Agapov Marat. He says that when he for the first time with Medco did you-you-you, it was a little bit of blood, and then - no. Here they are encrypted and is an event that no one guessed. - A Medco - who is this? - His sister. - So it is your sister ... what? . . - I asked, blushing. - And you his - no? - What do

Random letters

I was going to open a porn site and masturbate right on the job. Suddenly, it is not clear why, instead of the familiar interface, I opened the window two strange correspondence of some Russian TV director with the American of Russian origin in the mail ru. I do not read other people's letters, but such revelations acquainted for the first time in my life. Here is what they wrote to each other, or rather, he wrote mainly to her: "And sperm gushing and I'm yelling and shaking ... and sperm so the first impetus came ... and then drops ... and you swallow it all ... I lyublyuyuyu sure to swallow ... and take out a member ... and he clean and not a drop of sperm ... I get down and kiss you on the lips, and they smell ... how would you pass the smell ... so ... male tart spirits and how to then at the same time ... this bouquet ... Stop , darling my kitten .... for me it is the greatest happiness ... I'm in bed ... cum donor, will talk about love or about us ... I'll turn over on his back ... I go to the top, you're pulling their leg, and I pull, and my feet hug your knees and member of ... as if shrunk your feet ... and Snatch, stretched upward by a member ... and I make hand


- Jimmy, and rendered me a-gallon of grape juice from the hold! Old wreck Scepter willing to shed their wounds miraculous potion Tokaj vines! - Look, Skippy to the old pizdotryasa not seasick, like a child, to meet the Tokaj vines with nortlandskim rum! - Jung Ji deftly winked podshkiperu, dodging his lethal Bonk, and disappeared in an open hatch. Afternoon equip-brig unnamed flotilla miracle equatorial waters, a high-speed "Don Gun " swung broadside standing among the second day of a cloudless sky wave heading for the port of Mund de-energized load copra and nourished synergy sun. Brig went on one ballast and carried on itself only a valuable cargo in the face of a charming lady Lidili. Starboard Kurt Hahn, a North American gentleman, the official owner of the fleet "Jet " and informal - half of the Pacific Ocean. Hair Kurt Ghana haired lady Lidili as leather charming a passenger, was the same color of undisturbed snow, unknown, however, this latitude. white skin of flight captain of the brig was no different from coffee skin mestizo-cabin boy Gee. But jet cabin boy hair, depending on the mood of the waves scatter from the waist up or pulls together young