Five lovers in one day. Number 1: Igor

The beauty of this book - not so much in literary style or completeness and usefulness of the information to conclude it, but in the artless truthfulness. Jerome K. Jerome Dear men! Have you ever woken up the fact that you shoved in the pussy his cock and tried to fuck? The question, incidentally, is rhetorical. Not to say that it was the worst way to start the working day, but ... until you realize what it is and what leshego someone something they do, it will take some time. I do not remember what I dreamed before, but I woke up in the middle of a dream, in which a group of sadists metalworkers caught me in an abandoned machine-building plant and a good raped now (perverts down and out) shoved me in one place a piece of metal pipe. Reality was much more bearable. Opening my eyes, I saw a few shabby wallpaper indeterminate color. Behind me I was attached Igor put his eighteen inch dick (he insisted with a ruler to measure) in pussy and slowly, really fucked. Igor. How do you imagine a typical programmer? Zachuhannoy goner glasses? Well, well ... Muscular brunette beauties with such expressive brown eyes, that from a glance at them will melt panties wet. Throw Senior

Star Wars - Jedi last mission

On the horizon seemed rocky planet, according to the Jedi Council, it is on this planet was hiding a very dangerous Sith, which may have been a disciple of Darth Sidious. The young Jedi was sent to destroy the Sith. Laura was though very young, she's only 19, but I have already achieved mastery in handling a lightsaber and use force, rather it was self-confidence. In human terms it can be called beautiful: brown hair, blue-green eyes, slender legs, elastic tightened ass, narrow waist, and of course the impressive size of the breast. She was dressed quite simply: boots, tight and emphasizing its legs and ass pants, belt and Jedi robes that barely concealed her firmer breasts. On his belt hung Jedi lightsaber, which she made herself as part of the testing for the right to wear the title of Jedi. The planet is rapidly approaching, Laura ship enters the atmosphere, if it can be called carbon dioxide, which it is replacing. The ship is part of the gateway automatic gas production platform in the corridors which, according to the council, and hiding the Sith, is quiet, too quiet. The ship sits in automatic hangar, nobody around just a couple of droids took over the ship Laura. She

Sketches. Preparing for the session

- Boys, I need a break! - Masha said pointedly, leaning back on the couch and covering her eyes with sunglasses with a thin rim slightly quivering feathery eyelashes. Masha, not yet as a student, was the pride of the school. A student walking on a medal, won at various competitions of young talents, she also was the object of desire of all boys school. Tall blonde, with a well-decorated bulges in the most appropriate places, long-legged, always neatly dressed ... and impregnable: severe hairstyle, stylish glasses and puffy lips, rarely smiling. And even more rarely smile concerned blue eyes that hold serious and in some cases even harsher. Nothing has changed, and for admission to the University. The flow (in any case, the male half) freshman dreaming, oblivious to the views of interested slightest attention. Very soon the teachers, as well as school teachers previously estimated the girl uchaschuyusya for one 5-ki, also very actively involved in public life, university, immediately took the lead in all kinds of societies and committees. In general, the student Masha, beauty and excellent student, and soon became the pride of the University. There were in her group and two

How I fell in love with a sadistic

It happened when I worked as an escort in a small cafe in one of the federal highways. These women often combine cafes waitresses work providing sexual services for money. So I did and. In this paper, I lasted 3 months. my most ordinary customers were truckers and drivers of cars occasionally. Interesting man, I almost never met, to take pleasure in sex was almost impossible, these men do not excite me any drops externally. Besides, foreplay did not exist for them, every new sex was similar to the previous - first I'm doing them a blowjob, then they put their machine to me in the vagina and finish. This breaks our fellowship, and they leave. The next flight, and again the familiar faces: they get used to me coming back and begged to bed. Gradually, we even made friends with some of them, and rested the companies at the same table. And once again the familiar truck occupied all the space around the cafe near the road. Drivers went out, they began to greet each other, laugh and enthusiastically discussing something. I served tables outside and could hear their conversation: of course, they again discussed the girls. Until I heard the questions addressed to some guy who was standing

Passion in the conductor the

Dim light illuminated the wall Subway tunnel, a male voice announced the arrival of the first train on the way. Several cars in dark blue faces flashed before the inhabitants, have not had enough sleep, going to work. The last car stopped at the end of the platform, the door opened and in the doorway appeared a young girl who looked no older than twenty years. Leopard jacket tightly stretched across her breasts third dimension, and blue jeans tightly clasped wide hips. Her brown hair was in a bun, revealing velvety skin of her long neck. It was Anastasia, a student A student of Novosibirsk State Academy of Water Transport. She walked to the door, rapping his heels every step, swaying to the rhythm of bouncing breasts and buttocks. Men passing by, turned around and looked at carefully Nastya form. No, they're dirty paw her eyes, which were read ancient animal instincts and lust. Nastya came out of the subway, and just on her shoulders dropped a few heavy drops of rain in May. She hurried to get out of his pocket umbrella and open it because she had to get wet much later. She walked down the alley Pervomaisky Square, to the main building. - Nastia! - A familiar voice okriknul

My favorite mother-in-law mother Kate.

Mom cook breakfast and catty put chyay with a sandwich on a tray, I carried him to her bed. - Mom. I brought you zavtrachek. I said going into the bedroom. Set the tray on her lap and telling her -Priyatnogo appetite, I was about to leave as the mother-in-law told me. - Roma sit side by side. I sat down beside her on the floor. Mother-in-law took a sip of tea and asked. - Roma here tell me. You still think that Lyudochka will marry you? Question Tiffany was a surprise and I said in confusion I do not know. - You just became our cloth. You suck, eat shit and drink piss, fuck you in the ass! Taking another sip, mother Kate continued. - In general, changing listen carefully! Today, Luda will come to the man might'll stay the night. You're going to sit in our room and not leave. I got it? - Yes mom. - If you will obey I'll let you play with my ass. I could not believe my ears. Mother-in-law invited me to the thing I never dreamed. I happily embraced her feet and kissing them began to thank her. My mother gave me a tray and throwing a blanket said. - Let's start to lick my ass. You can even masturbate himself. Before that I was not allowed even to touch myself a

Thinking out loud. Toys gods. Part 1

This story has a wild plagiarism from a great author venima, and is to some extent a continuation of the history of started, but for some reason, not a continuation of the above-mentioned author. I really liked the series and I occasionally think out for themselves the different events in the author's universe, one of these pans, I decided to share. Readers do not read the original series "Thoughts Aloud" will be too heavy to understand what's what. Initially the idea was to continue the story of the Lady of the Seas, but then I decided that this is very much a brazen plagiarism. Alliance. Temple krovavorukogo god Deimos. Senior investigator Iktus enjoyed the spectacle of the young demon is placed on burning a CD, resembles the shape of an enormous penis. Mad cries of pleasure and pain were reflected by the gloomy walls of the casemates. More recently, she pretended to be mistress of the seas, shared a bed with the Count of Luxembourg and command the whole nation, but now it is just a piece of meat in the hands of skilled investigators. It was funny to see how at first she tried to wriggle, threaten, bribe, then build yourself an impregnable character ... But in

Konsperativny fuck my zheny- 2

Recently, I called Sanya. He said that his wife and son are going on vacation for a month to her eldest son (from his first marriage) in Novosibirsk. He immediately asked when it would be convenient to come that like to have sex with my wife, with my participation. I told him that he may come when it will be convenient and even when I was not home. And then I suddenly got the idea from which my penis began to take the form of combat. - Sasha! Natasha tomorrow three days off, but I will not, t. To. Send accompany technique. And you know, I have an idea was born! You would not want to bring kakogo- a peasant, with whom you could have sex Natasha? - Are you serious? And how it will perceive Natasha - Sasha asked. - Everything will depend on you and your actions. In short, if you can convince her, go ahead! And remember that Natasha has agreed to become pregnant from you! But I do not know about that! - What about my friend? - .... What's the difference from whom it flies? - Good! I'll try! I have one friend who is married. By the way, he is not a member of a small, 22-23 cm and 6 cm in diameter .... So do not be surprised if Natasha pisya will be "bigger mother's

How I lost my life.

I wrote this story to tell you about the terrible things that happened to me, maybe it will seem to you interesting in terms of sexual arousal, or read the story itself, the story is really, all character names and places changed. I ask the reader to stock up on patience and ponder over the meaning of the girls. So, by the time of the history I was 16 years old, lived in the village, we call it N. He was handsome, than a similar American "towns": Small, uyutnenky houses, square streets, clean streets, good people, the air is fresh as the smell of ice spirits. In short, N-village charm, not like Russian city, they are a dump: the same house, such ugly white entrance smell like rusty metal; a city similar to the dump, dirt in the American gold ingratiatingly mud, and people are the same: the sullen and angry. Our "town"-ray to compatriots, not Stalin, and American. Around the village meanders woods, smelling of fresh race summer sweet snow in winter. There is a secondary school, even the university, but we'll talk about things related to me. My study proceeded casually, I studied for four, well communicated with all, and had few friends. Guys I did not

Here's a couple

Whether because of the many diseases that I suffered as a child, whether it is the effects of a strong supercooling, when I fell through the ice in the winter, a long time could not get to shore and then long suffered, but the age of thirty I became impotent. Member I have sometimes strained, but not to the extent that it was possible to perform sexual intercourse. For this reason we divorced his wife, who wanted to have children and a normal family. Our one-bedroom apartment near the center, we managed to exchange two-bedroom in the suburbs. I lived alone for several years, and on the fortieth anniversary of which we are a small group of employees mentioned in my apartment, one of our employees has offered me live as a family. Tanya was thirty-five years, she had never been married, because she could not have children. She became pregnant while still in school, she had an abortion with a delay, after which the doctors told her parents that her children will not. She launched into the rampant, as she was a man, she does not know, but with age, wanted to create a semblance of family some comfort of home, to live with reliance on man's shoulder. The woman is a prominent, tall