The new way of the family. Part 2

I came into the kitchen, put electric shocks on the table, pulled out of the refrigerator the juice pack and sat down on a chair. I did not know what to do next, as we now have, you need something to solve. He finished his juice, rose, and came to a decision, I decided to make it a reality. Mother sitting on the couch and cried, I felt sorry for her, but I snapped a pity, it could greatly hinder me in carrying out the plan. - Get up. She looked up at me, her eyes full of tears. - What for? Why do this to me? I ... She started to speak but I cut her off sharply. - I said - get up. Do not make me say it twice. She sobbed and stood up, her figure, full of despair and resignation, pleasing to the eye, I finally realized that I was now her boss, now it is mine, entirely. I slowly looked at her from head to toe, she sobbed and stared at the floor. - Listen to me carefully and remember, twice I will not repeat. From now on you fully obey me, do what I say, everything you ask me, if you want to use the toilet, you ask me, if not allowed, you will suffer. In short, from now on you are my slave. You understood? She stood silent, merely lifted from the shoulders of

Extreme adventure on the work before

How is returning from work, together with any, she asked me barely holding back his smile and choosing his words so as not to offend that Mademoiselle. - Serge, it's my fault that broke in your unusual as it entertainment? - And you got to do with anything - I said, and thought added. - I just do not want it to someone he knew. - And you have set before the camera was doing this before? - Asked Lyuba. I hesitated a bit and did not know what to say. We already came to the house of Lubin and it slowed the question repeated again. - Well, the desire was not just simply could not decide. Repair and chaos in the corridors pushed me, and then there was a lot of empty and open offices, where would I hide - I explained. - Well, then you can rejoice in the next year more will do the repair in a few offices and if the money will give this year's winter and it can be renovated - she said, and smiled. - Under the supervision of the cameras, something beckons - I replied. - If there is, then I can disable them. Just tell me - smiled slyly Luba and turned away to his house. I walked and wondered what it seeks from me and why it is needed. But to find an explanation could not. At


So after this very interesting meeting for me (see. Story "Now I know") I was in a shock both from their sensations and by the fact that it happened so simply. How then I got to the house, I remember bad - his thoughts were somewhere else. With interest I looked well, and men and women. The main attention was paid to their private parts and buttocks. Oh yeah! There just popochek I have not seen (and which used to be my eyes?)! The men are well-covered jeans, they were clearly visible both halves, and is usually performed in front of a good bump. Women - skirt from ear to ear and plump ass. But the feeling was very good in myself. Warm cum in me ... I felt it was so nice little poelozit on hard seats! At home, I went into the shower and fell asleep instantly. For the next week I was looking forward to Saturday - I was sure that there must be continued. On Friday night, I thoroughly washed and tightly eaten, that on the next day there were more forces. In the morning I dressed more freely and so that it is not long to undress. At work, as always, there was no one. I sat and watched - and when will my first. His way was called Sergey. Suddenly the phone rang - it was

Other side. Part 1

Lantern outside the room sank in the thick gloom. Photos are almost indistinguishable, but memory tells parts: a hug and a tender kiss, passionate touch of man's hands, scratching his neck bristle. The photographer was not clearly seen this pair, but the details are clearly visible. Even the most candid photos are made in good quality: visible even a thread of saliva connecting the tip of the tongue and head, moisture and shine leave no doubt in the women's desire, erection hardness confirms its readiness to intercourse. - Lustful slut - whispers the man, tired of waiting. - Even now, somewhere fucks creature! Turn key makes him jump without thinking, he quickly moves toward the girl. Click and lit corridor - Kirill?! - Fear instantly passes, and she smiled feebly, continues. - You know, the doctors say ... Slap interrupted phrase, the head leans back. - Olga, shut up! Do not talk about doctors! At least now, the creature! Sudden movements, crack - and clothing is no longer hides the underwear. - Damn! You're dressed like a whore! For some, these stockings kruzhavchiki, transparent panties, huh? Answer !!! Another slap in the face upsets the body on the


- You know? who best knows how to make a blowjob? - Who? - Motherfuckers! - Fu, shit! Well it's disgusting! Schaub mnu guy sucked. Beeee ((( - And you look at it in a different plane. Purely hypothetically. He, too, has the same authority, and he knows how he will be pleased and feels the death of the parish. - Now what? - I had a long conversation on the subject with one of Pindos and more for himself clarified. - But people are also different? - Of course! Do you know how many members have visited in his mouth? - No... - A little more than toys on your zadripanoy Christmas tree ... - Well, then kanesh ... The conclusion to properly understand how to make high quality Cooney, you need to talk continuously lesbian? - What for?!! Talk to me... - One-sided conversation happens. Well you alone, and there are different. - Do not be scared! I licked kunok as much as you morozhenok had never eaten)))) - When the theoretical lessons start? - A chat right now! Why pull? *** - Why did you tell me you do not want otlizat, even once? - You're on your own and in contact graders everywhere just write that zadolbali Lizunov, slaves, and those like them ... I do not

Sleeping Beauty

In late summer, after the closing of the season, my friend suggested me to have a party in my apartment. Well, as it should in such cases, my apartment - his girlfriend, treat common. He invited his girlfriend. Her name Luda. It was a pretty girl, 23 years old, tall, about 170 centimeters tall, with a decent-sized breasts and nice hips. It has long knowing me, she called her friend Lena. With long hair and a feline appearance, thin Lena was something similar to Luda. My friend Lech, had a clear appearance of alcoholic and did not know how to drink. Lena was already pretty drunk, and therefore, immediately sat down at the table and began to pour drinks. Lech drank vodka, girls drank Martini, and I hissed Coca-Cola, because long ago I do not drink. When we had a couple glasses, Lena suddenly said that she was wrong and went to take a nap. We continued to walk. When vodka is dried up, I asked Lech alcohol, which he knew to be there I have in large quantities. Persuaded me to get a bottle, he immediately opened it and diluting alcohol with water straight from the tap, continued "fun". In one of such methods "inside", The conversation, he forgot to dilute the


Automatic how magically shot up to shoulder: - Do not move, and then head off shooting the fuck! - I scream and she did not believe his words. At least one would have to unsold patronchik horn, right there. My opponent pauses and lifts his hands up. Good. I have a little time to think about the situation. And the picture emerges very badly - all my guys are sewn by enemy bullets, walkie-talkie, we lost another battle at first, then call for reinforcements, I can not. I injured leg, and, wounded, it is a strong word - so scratched by a stray bullet - but it bleeds and hurts. On top of that there is not a single bullet, and only more or less decent shelter, where I was going to do with his foot, I stumble on this hog. Frankly, from a glance at him I have compressed everything that can be compressed - it is at least two heads taller than me, even though I'm not a little, and twice as wide. But I have a tactical advantage. More precisely, the visibility of the benefits - my machine. He had no weapons at all. And while he thinks that I have bullets, I can buy some time and come up with a way to get out of here for good for health. I press my cheek against the trunk.

"Correctly" classmate. Hike.

So, come the summer, June. We went to the class hike pretty far with Overnight. Here we come to the place, and began to settle, the boys lit a fire, the girls began to lay out on a folding table food, I went to collect Tents. While I mayalas with designs tents, I was approached by Vanya (and so I decided to put up a tent away from all of us could not see..) And asked: - Can I help you? I was very surprised that he even spoke with me after the case, and I agree, we have put together a tent, it is all the time with a smile then looked at me. I just languishing on the willingness, in the lower abdomen cramp only one of his eyes, and I think he knew it well, and it's awful like that. Then we went to eat. After dinner, all dispersed to Tents, play cards, read, and just vplyatsya enjoying nature, I also went to their Tents, and decided to change clothes, got the t-shirt, shorts, pulled off her jeans, and she heard the lock in my tent unzips, I quickly crawled under the covers and into the slot unbuttoned tents stuck his head ... guess who! Vanya! I glared at him, and asked what he needed, in response to this, he completely got into me, and fastened behind a tent. I was sitting

Beer in the company

For the first time in my memory all postponed to the last detail. I, a hefty (for growth), an eighth-grader, already sprouting a mustache, and a friend of mine, walk a couple of lessons, drinking beer. It happened in the glorious seventies, so the table was a standard capacity - three-liter jar. So here we sit for a conversation about that, about this, about different things, beautiful, and suddenly the doorbell. It was somewhere in 12 hours, so parents home from work, I did not expect, but the banks we are still hidden, and I went to open it. Lena stood there, a neighbor from the flat below, a student-diplomnitsa. -Hi, can call on you? - Smiling cheerfully, she said. -Yes, for God's sake - I said, numb from one of its kind. Lena was in the home dressing-gown, pretty old and small for her, which, judging by the unbuttoned to the navel buttons, categorically did not want dosluzhivat his term. In the lumen of the robe was white Lenkin nice tummy. As she squatted to shake down with someone exam date, and the opportunity to use abstracts, I looked at her from behind. Lenka was a pretty, slightly plump blonde who was very fond of all sorts of drinking-spree, dancing and other

The series Univer. Part 1

I think many people have long dreamed of seeing a porn story about the popular TV series Univer, I myself have been to many sites of erotic stories and always wanted to find a story about the show Univer, but I have never found such a no, and I decided to write your own story! This is my first story, be sure to write you liked it or not, are also forward your suggestions about the plot of the stories! The first story will be dedicated lanes and Sylvester. Alla woke up 12 hours a day, all night she dreamed of an erotic dream, oddly enough, about A. Sylvester. Allais dreamed of how she came to his posh house on the ruble went into his room, where Sylvester was already in all ready to get a good fuck Beautiful sexy tall girl !. Immediately Alla eyes fixed on standing member of Sylvester, Alla slowly walked up to him and Sylvester immediately embraced Alia and, saying nothing, kissed her on the lips. Alla began to kiss passionately in response Sylvester and Alla began to slowly lower the arm to an excited member of Sylvester and slowly began to masturbate him with his very gentle hand. The kiss lasted about 5 minutes, but Sylvester could not be torn away from the sweet,