Hello! I Ulyana, not a lot of myself in my white hair to the waist I am 16 years old chest in 2 sizes height 170 cm. Once, my mother and her friend went to Anapa to rest at Oli aunts (mother's friend) was the son of Tema I am in love with him at first sight tell you how it was ... We are seats and waited for the plane to Anapa I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Suddenly a man ran up to us 17 years and says: - Hello everyone I'm sorry I'm late. -and he just looked at me, I vsglyanu his eyes were blue but I immediately looked away and stared out the window when we arrived in Anapa, we immediately went to the living room and there are 2 rooms left but my mother and aunts Olga ordered a single room on the two I settled with Tema. He woke me up the next morning and asked: - You will go to the sea to bathe. - Yeah conductive only I get dressed quickly ... I wore a swimsuit on the up and pulled on shorts topic. On Tyoma had shorts and a T-shirt and we went and talked about what horrible. We arrived at the hotel at 11 o'clock I bly into the room and he was affectionate arm around my waist I shuddered and turned, he stood and looked me in the eye and said: - You know in love

Women in black

- Young man, could you help? - I heard a gentle, pleasing to the ear like a girl's voice. Turning around, I saw him possessor - nice-looking dark-haired girl a little older than himself. Equip stranger was clearly not the weather - black high-heeled boots to hide her thin legs up to the knee, and a sheepskin coat unbuttoned gray short dress could be seen. I tried anything to answer, but he could only mumble something unintelligible. At that moment I felt a treacherous red flows to the face. She smiled and took my arm and led him to the next door. Anna (as it was called so) led me down a long corridor in a dimly lit room. On the couch reclined shapely blond woman. She was dressed in a velvet nightgown under which, I'm sure it was nothing. At the moment, it has no special interest considered a magazine. - What need to do? - I asked, barely looking up from his chest blonde. - Nothing, - Anya, seeing my astonished gaze, she added, - You all already did. At this point, she hit me with his boot in the groin, so I bent over in pain; then it is "finished off" me with his elbow. - Insignificance - she said through clenched teeth, looking at how I roll on

It became a whore

My wife was lying on the couch and the remote control switches the TV, I was sitting drinking beer. Light today invited to a birthday party, we'll go? There is someone answered. With robots the employee. St. -. Well, let's go. Ya So get dressed, let's go. we got dressed, called a taxi. We arrived at the cafe, have all been napodpitku and we drank a penalty, festivities continued. All the attention was on my wife, everyone tried to invite her to dance, being the wife of a well-drained, agree with each. Sergey asked her to dance and hours saw him put his hand on her ass, wife, as if she did not see UTB, but then withdrew her hand. I sat talking with Ivan and his wife watched. Ivan also saw it, and with a grin told me: Sanya and you have a good wife, you see it and Serge fuck her. Ya do not fuck, will not. I. There is no that does not, they are all whores. Ya No, my not so, I'm with her 8 years and never got into the habit of RPV. I. Well-well, let's see? I am like? I. Sechas try to fuck her, I agree? Ya Come on, very interesting. The dance ended with Sergey and his wife came to us. We sat and drank in my head began to

Ranger in padike

Hi, my name is Artyom. I am 18 years old and I'm an aspiring writer. I write about my life. You may remember my story, "And again in the ass", "Anniversary". I'm still just starting and not a whale in this case, so there may be errors. But it does not matter because the most important thing in the story is its meaning, rather than something that bugs there. I decided to begin to describe his love life with his girlfriend. Quite a bit embellished, and everything is like it was in reality. One day I went out of the house and noticed a very strange citizen. He had just entered from where I left, that is. E. In the entrance. He was wearing a very odd. In high boots and a leather coat, like a spy. I immediately realized that he was not a local, because he slipped without a key in the closing door. Even I slegontsa reserve. I decided to follow him, suddenly something evil. I went up the stairs, trying to make noise less for him. Although stranger when lifting clicked his heels, which he did not use the elevator, I do not know. We climbed to the top floor. Then I saw that he had stopped and that it deploys. It turned out that he took the porn card without

Sex in the city park

The story is 100% real, not invented anything. Names fictional. Events took place a few days ago. Part one I work in the office all day sitting at the computer, so try to go in the evenings enjoy cycling in the park: get some fresh air and stretch your legs. Yes, and sleep well after a walk on the bike. It was Wednesday, about 10 o'clock in the evening. I was about to go home, but decided to ride even a small circle in the park. Near the park is crossed by a fairly busy road, but along it, separated by trees, walking path along which I was traveling. Light lanterns illuminating the way, little came through the trees, and I went with the included headlight. I received a message on the phone and I stopped to read it. In the light of the odds I saw a girl sitting on the carpet, which seems to be celebrating his need. After reading the message, I removed the phone and going, was to go further. She got up and, without dropping a dress, stood in my way. Her panties were pulled down to his knees, the light lights lit its charm. I stopped beside her. In appearance she was 30-35 years old, height about 165 cm, black shoulder-length hair, medium build. At first glance, pretty

Full vacation

I chose her black thong with rhinestones and work together inside. He pulled her gently translucent pink panties over her face and began to insert the penis into the vagina. Thong dug into my anus, she reached out his right hand to the scrotum, and pressed on the perineum. Member vyper tightly covered synthetics. Without removing the silk panties I went inside. Feeling worse than with a condom, but very original. Cutting short jerks I bore into the vagina, the right hand dug into her buttocks. I podpihnul hand under her ass and felt the anus. Grease allowed to freely penetrate. Her face was hidden half mask panties, distorted grimaces. He took his left hand and grease poured opened its mouth panting. The warm dough immediately filled her mouth. Sagging tissue with the gel waltzed into the female's mouth and then splashed out. Heavy and difficult to exhale breath. I grabbed her by the neck and bit his lips in a cloth over her face. The specific sweet taste, warm, vibrating rhythm of breathing, moaning! Silk perfectly passed all the nuances of anatomy. A little tough, but hides an intimate gel inconvenience. Pants a little shifted on the cheek, my tongue was able to get into


Summer is a great time to, you have a rest from school - all that. But is not the point. One cloudy day, my parents went to the cottage. At home, I was left alone. She called to her friend with an overnight stay, the more that parents had gone for a day. Came sweet 00, we decided to undress. I'm in shorts and without a bra to bed well, Arina looked at me did the same. - Arin you ever kissed on the lips with tongues? - Um, no. - How? Is Sasha did not climb to you? - The fact that I do not know .. - So do I. It would be great to learn .. - Yes.. I looked at his girlfriend, it dawned upon my mind. We timidly crept to each other. (By the way, we were 16, we learn already at 10. However, not slept with anyone.) We stretched sponge strurku, started settling. Then she pulled away from me and moved closer, put her arms around me with his hands, then I pulled back her lips to attention, and she opened her mouth and I, after a bad kiss, I realized that it would be necessary to slightly open mouth. Here we have merged in a kiss. My tongue penetrated into her mouth and began to prowl there. We are a little accustomed and began kissing passionately, then, for some reason I

My first woman

The story that I'll tell you what happened to me three days ago, when I first "I learned" woman. It all began, when we arrived in the summer, my aunt, a beautiful brunette with a thirty-year breast size 3 and taut ass. In the evening, we celebrated its arrival, as is customary with a bottle of vodka, and put her to bed in the next room. We lived in a private house. My room was opposite the room Oli (the name of my aunt). I could not sleep because all the time thinking about it, and that's in my mind the idea - "The aunt is drunk, I will go check on her." And here I go I'm in her room, and see his aunt lying on a bed wearing a black mini skirt and white blouse. Quietly approached her and gently pushed her on the shoulder, then 2 more times, I realized that she was sleeping quite soundly and bolder. I sat on the edge of the bed and began to unbutton her blouse (when I did think that now my heart out of my chest breaks out). So I finished my business started, and fear touched her boobs, aunt went to sleep, then I grew bolder and began to touch her breasts freely. But this I was little and my vulgar pen as the machine began to descend lower and lower to its


It seemed a fairly large company everyone knows that the love of life dropped for Cyril rich Papic. It even knew Pops - the owner of the office. Pops was well supplied. It was rumored that he had besides a network of gas stations there are a couple of oil wells, but he was "the guy" took an active part in development projects could call colleagues to drink a beer or go to the football, while recognizing that the design firm for he - just a toy, indulging with which it rests the soul. Pops came to office two days after Marina Cyrus announced the break. He met a guy in the hallway. A small, tightly knit peasant, nalyso shaving his head to disguise baldness extensive guy put paws on his shoulder and said with feeling: - Kirya, you are the most promising designer in Russia, has already won orders from Moscow went to the jamb, and I will not let you raskisnut. That's what ... It's Friday, so let's take the whores, kantanemsya my villa and how to relax ... Cyrus even flinched. Together with Byatyaney at his villa? Despite his "svoyskost" such invitations did not receive one. At any other time it would have flattered even spurred the zeal ... But now! Yes,

Sex repair

Go to the call I did not want. The day came to an end, but at home waiting for a computer with a new igruhoy. But money is also needed, so we had to reluctantly stomp teeth. All as always - a woman well beyond 40, even more likely, 50, does not understand the technology, explain clearly what happened to teledrugom clearly not able to, "went out the screen light is off, right." Although television is not bad, "Sonya" is not very old and obviously the Japanese assembly - treatable pretty quickly. So I'm pleased, receiving royalties, I was about to return home. And then the landlady, were quite good-looking for his age, offered tea. And though there was a lack of time, did not give up, the heat had exhausted completely. - Tea is already on the table - I heard the voice of the hostess. Well, zapem success. Passing the woman remarked - "a good, devil!" Was a pretty good shape for his age. At least, chest and stuck out from under his short robe frivolous, and Polly would cause envy of many young girls, tall, tight ... Damn, and I have sex with recently strained: his wife knife, went to his mother missus. Two weeks without a woman - is too much. And