I'm a whore. Part 2

And so, here he stands in front of me. Well, it is high very high, above my head, and I'm still in the shoes, then the growth of somewhere 190. The light brown hair, gray eyes and through the translucent shirt muscles, big muscles) I wonder who he is? is a brand new, it is unlikely before the end of the school year 3 months. Whether I want it like I do with it now to start a conversation, because I never started to chat with the guys first, or when there was a bluestocking, never was a whore. I have always been building plans that have seen me, and now just look at me. The new plan, just go up and kiss happen? Now check. I slowly turned around and walked over to him, looked at him for a moment I flew out of my head the plan, but I knew it immediately and started kissing him. He responded to my kiss and took the initiative in their hands began to penetrate into my mouth with his tongue. I have thought that you can drag it into my "secret place". (Well, so it was not caught until I cool a couple of times), but he stopped and asked: - So you're the very spot litter? -I Hurt it, I see it for the first time as he had me, and already knows me by hearsay. Litter, seriously?

Work on the lower level

I work as a bartender in a small diner, whose name I will not mention. All that is worth mentioning here - it's the people who usually looks to us. Girls usually gather in groups of three or four, sit at the far end of the table and spend the evening noisy, with a laugh, but no one interfering. Men seldom come more than two companies. They sit close to the bar and sip whiskey all night, occasionally glancing toward the noisy swarms of women. I work together with my partner, Lizzie. This 22-year-old girl was the bartender only a year ago, but we have a good idea worked well, so try to go with the change - we were so comfortable, in addition, there was also a couple of reasons. Lizzie was a full head shorter than me, not to mention the width of shoulders, but she had a slim athletic figure - strong hips pumped, lovely breasts third dimension, flat tummy. All this is complemented by long black hair and a comely face with a small nose, big brown eyes and thin lips. That evening there were fewer visitors than usual. Pouring the next one cocktail, I looked at Lizzie, do the same. Noticing my opinion, naparnitsa slightly turned her head towards me and, still chewing the cud, winked

The trucker

This is a story from the distant childhood spent in the village where I lived from birth with her mother. My name is Sergey me. His father, I did not know and had never seen even in the picture. Village children will learn before the city about how they were born. This is facilitated by the proximity to nature - pets not cover reproductive organs and sexual acts demonstrate openly, and no one does not hide it from the kids. And the women in the village is not very shy of its natural nature, wearing loose dresses, sundresses and tank tops are not wearing a bra under them, limited cowards. A summer on the river sometimes bathe and does beggar, what it is not very much and it is difficult to admire. My mother, her name is Anna, behaved so that opened the show was not present, but not hiding. Often change clothes in front of me, only slightly turning away, showing the bare back and a bit fat ass and in her nightgown over his naked body went and did loosely. So I grew up in a sexually liberated enough not shy. Despite the fact that I pretty much worked physically in shape, I kept youthful fragility, almost feminine, to give reasons for infrequent jokes by their peers. I have

How I became a whore. Part 8

I woke up late. For a long time lying in bed, recalling yesterday's meeting. The throat is a little sore from the deep penetration of the children of members. I touched her ass and put to one finger. Hole was narrow. "That zasranka" - I thought, and smiled - "as if nothing had happened yesterday." The desire to use the toilet made me stand with little bed. Pee, I climbed into the bath. Unscrewing the funnel from the shower, I turned on the warm water. Jetting holes, I, out of habit, put the hose in the ass. Filling it, I pulled the hose and drain the water. Repeating this procedure several times, I turned off the water and the watering can has wound back. Thoroughly wiping between his legs, I washed myself and brushed his teeth. Going into the kitchen, I brewed tea and climbed back into bed, turned on the TV and picked up the phone. Since yesterday evening was a bunch of missed calls, mostly from the Pasha. I dialed his number. "Hey bitch" - I heard his voice. "Priveeeeet!" - Happily I squeaked. "Why are you not answer yesterday? I'm all izvlsya! " "Oh, Pash, this was ..." - I stopped thinking of telling

Hot Headmistress

Well, what do you see how this busty watching you buy and the price is inexpensive, urged all member does not even know I'm Flo replied suddenly burn down someone else. Look at what this girls long legs, big tits and face mmm just nuts. Ok, I'm sold. Flo went to the kiosk and bought a porn magazine on the cover of which sported this person. The bell rang for break, after which skuchkovalis with friends and then took the magazine bought at the kiosk. Guys, appreciate, and then all at once came to life and began to look at the pages of naked girls in all positions and all the dimensions of the magazine can be almost tore say. And Flo had already literally pull out the magazine from foreign hands so that he had to take a look at these beauties from the pages and covers. All this turmoil headmistress noticed passing by, boys, what's going on she asked? Seeing headmistress Miss Sanders all parted company and then it became clear that Flo is a porn magazine in her hands. Florian, asked Miss Sanders is still that of reading Miss Sanders, forced Flo, I just ... it seemed to have burned through the radiance of her blue eyes. Grabbed Flo Journal of relaxed hands headmistress said,


Outside, the gray misty morning rusty brick crimson haze autumn park. From this contemplation of the landscape sweet moaning, tightens, burrow into the snow-white embroidered bedspread. The naked bronze body tenses from slipping on the perineal tissue, causing once again to bend me. The tips of the fingers instinctively slid down his cheek, rounded curves plump sensual mouth, slid inside, moist, played with the tongue. We went down to the neck, leaving a wet trail, the left hand gently stroking small breasts, causing the hip to bend toward an invisible partner. Crotch humidified, ached, looking for sweet delights, tenderness or perhaps rudeness. Have a good laugh with breasts lascivious hands moved to caress his belly, hips, bringing his mistress to tears unsatisfied desire. Surging excitement wet rivulets spread over the inner thighs. Tears welled up in the eyes, red face haggard passion. Grabber slipped on a wet, hot surface of the clitoris and the vaginal entrance to the cave, and moments fingers plunged into tireless bosom lust. Stone fell from his lips, forgive deeper, longer more and more. Whispering in the void, mmm hand escaped from captivity wet, stretched to his lips.

As my wife and diversified sex life

We lived together for my beauty is only 3 years, but our sex life has become already rather bore. The trouble is that my wife - she shy. It is difficult to agree with me fuck in the light, and rose only when the cancer already had a very strong desire. About anal and even say no ... The only plus - will never disdain to make a blow, and loves to swallow sperm. In general, any peasant such sex life quickly get bored. This is what happened with me. At some point I began to think out a plan for the promotion of his wife on various fantasies. Suggestions and talk directly to nothing lead. Then I did the following: One day fucking with her pretended that I had enough of it, and did not satisfy her tears. Few sworn, saying that so I can no longer, no diversity. Naturally, it is a little angered and offended her. The next day she was already pretty hungry, began to pester me. When I warmed it as it should, he said, "I figured out how we diversify our sex life!". Of course, it is very interesting. And I continued, "You'll have to dress and look like I say, and do what I say. There is? ". First, a long time she excuses, but yesterday's conversation with the

Rab for my fun. Part 3

Kate wary sighed when the door opened and in walked her tormentor. After the last times he seemed to give her a break and did nothing more than sophisticated, not including replacement of the anal plug and gentle caresses, donated her body. In bringing her to orgasm with his hands and mouth, as though Cyril showed her how weak she was put before the fact that the girl's body has long surrendered into the hands of the conqueror, but the mind remains. But Katya clutched at the remnants of the mind, constantly repeating to herself that she would survive, no matter what. The main thing to stay alive and collect himself to the heap and to learn to live again it could. - Hello, my kitten! - He said softly, stroking his fingers over her cheek. It was not difficult, as Kate lay on her side, facing him. Chained, like a dog with a black leather collar around his neck, completely naked. Now she tried not to react to it by this tactic in the hope that he pall its passivity. But the man merely grunted, as if the absurdity of this style of behavior amused him. Coming out of the room and thereby giving the girl hope, he again broke it to pieces, when I came back, dragging inward large

Massage for Mom

- Hello Jura. - Hey Serge. Well that took? - Yes. Jura came to me as usual in the evening. In his hand was a disc with the game we have been waiting a very long time. We often carried with him almost every evening at my house. I ended session, and I left on vacation, and for six months Jura could not decide after coming from the army, what he will do in this life. We have been friends almost from childhood. After school I went to college, and Yura went to vocational school. Then he was drafted into the army. We very much liked to play computer. Until the army and the institution we often went with him to the computer clubs. Well, I was presented with when you receive the computer and we could free a little longer to enjoy our favorite thing. I lived alone with his mother in a small cozy kopeck piece. Jura was a tall and handsome man, and after the army, he became even more courageous. Though we were the same age, but Yura looked a few years older than me. And as usual, he came to me and brought a new strategy, which we have been waiting for. We started the game and enjoyed another masterpiece. When it was my mom, we still come up with new combinations of enthusiasm for

The case in the country. Part 1

Hello my name is Dasha and I'll pozakutalistorii that happened to me in my twentieth year. My ancestors left the sea and I was very left in the country, gave the money for two weeks and left. I myself slim, high 75 cm to 1 m and with shapely legs on which the boys paid attention. I then went to the river, bathed and went sunbathing. Somewhere in half an hour I heard someone goes to the river, was a woman's voice, and there were several. Then I realized they were coming to me, then I got up and looked like they surrounded me around. Then I saw them all there were four years old, and they were 20 and they were pretty slim. Then one of them told me. - What are you settled in our place. Then I told her. - I just lay down to sunbathe. - Someone you do not understand our place. - Well, I'm leaving. - Well, there will be punishment for you. - In terms of. Then they all came down and wrapped me in a blanket on me. I resisted but they were a lot stronger than me. Then one of them sat on my chest and said that now would be my punishment, and I saw how she takes off her panties and lays down them in my mouth. I was confused and almost swallowed them but they pulled out. Then,