Stepping to the podium, he was some kind of Quaternary ppodolzhaet feel part of the masses of people that sat in a dark room nesimmetpichnom. But BOUNDARY already lay between them. He stood there, lit by soft light kpasnovatym ppozhektopa and they pastvopyalis in polumpake and could afford gpimasnichat, noise, govopit, to laugh and to neppilichiya otkpovenno pazglyadyvat it. At last, he felt that the act ottopzheniya, always a little painful at first always causes the feeling SOME neuvepennosti ended and he departed from them, should be on the Quaternary that ppovedet estpade on to become as big and they mnogoobpaznym. Pause dragged. Handsome man in a suit on the catwalk sepebpistom stood absolutely still. It was strangely and unexpectedly. The noise in the hall began to gradually subside. At last, established gpobovaya silence. He knew from One family of his movements will determine whether the hall to watch his actions with STRESS attention and intepesom or making sure tpivialnosti ppoiskhodyaschego, begin to live its own life, and then all that he did, will hang in the air like sigapetny smoke . He slowly raised his puku to goplo two fingers paschupal zippep and led him

The temptations of adult life. Part I.

I'm not a fan of any pornographic fantasy. So all that talk - the truth. This story I start short cycle unfabled stories. It will go into them one sophisticated way of temptation, which is often used by experienced women. I heard somewhere that the French prostitutes long ago mastered this technique to attract customers. Most street girls celebrate small need, without leaving your desk. In the best case, a woman moves away while remaining in good visibility to the customers. When you have finished writing publicly, prostitute has all chances to get on the evening well heated client. By the way, a lot of so-called voyeuristic photos made in such situations. I graduated from college in the early 90s. At this time, the restructuring has passed its final - "wilderness" stage. People who Rushed into commerce, who shuttles who bandits. I tried to do their work. Adequately to live, doing the programming, it was not easy in this situation. In short, I was plowed like a tractor. In this mode, five years have passed. By that time I already had a lot of experience, working in a prestigious office, a good position, subordinate to me by this time there were people. Being a married

Traitor (Part Two)

After a while two policeman brought into the room a red cropped Woman. Marina knew it, it was Valentine Lobanov. They learned from the Marina to the same school. Valya was an avid zealous pioneer and Komsomol. She was of medium height with a good, ugly face, covered with freckles. Now it was easy to dress and canvas sneakers. Valentine put in the middle of the room. Her hands were cuffed behind his back buttoned. Marta, sitting at a table, carefully looked at the girl. Germany's has continued to watch her, not uttering a sound, putting her long, slender legs, shod in tall, elegantly tailored, calf boots on the edge of the table. Between the boots and skirt Marina, who stared at Martha, I saw a thin black stockings, through which skin slim thigh was visible. The black garrison cap was pushed to his forehead and set off carefully combed white hair, collected a lump on his head. The pause lasted about 5 minutes, and then went into the room, Major. March jumped from his chair and stretched out in front of the chief, raising his right hand in salute. Mayor said that the March in German and sat down on a chair. German woman lowered her hand and stood beside him. Vasili and Aleksei

Polar. Story. (Second author's edition)

Sailor Vyacheslav Shakhov, Dedicated to ... So happiness is not waiting So wait - end: Soldiers salute And in the chest - lead. Letters Square: Ink and spells! For the sleep of death Nobody is old! Marina Tsvetaeva. PROLOGUE Murmansk accompanied us cold rain. So cold that it seemed as if among the caustic water droplets have caught the first, half-melted icicles. We arrived at the train station late at night. Green naval UAZ took us straight to the train on the platform. There were five. Two sailors - Sergey Troshin and I, Midshipman Torchin - our commander and sergeant of the second article, Vladimir Trofimov, the driver. Who was the fifth? Fifth ... This is the whole point ... Unlike us, it does not wrap up in the collar of a black naval greatcoat, everlasting cursing the bad weather and the cold of Murmansk. He has not adhered peakless cap by hand, so it does not fly away, caught by the wind, which blew through us as soon as we left the salon warm UAZ. He was not breathing and then on reddened, cold hands, trying to warm them a little bit. Our "fifth" lay quietly in the two-meter zinc box, trimmed top not planed pine boards. And he


Hi, Jan! I'm Ilya. I decided to write you after reading your profile at one of the sites: "Hey. My name is Yana. I 18. In this life I love most about sex. It seems to me that there is nothing more pleasant and brings together in this life. If you agree with me and you love passionate girls who are excited with a twist, then write. And tell me, how and what you want to do with me. It turns me on." My imagination immediately earned "on all cylinders"Because I also believe sex - the best that there is in this life, the most interesting and powerful of all possible feelings for the person. And of course, I just love passionate girls! Most of all I like the girls who love sex, winding with a twist, like you, Ian. In my opinion, that's fine, when she knows that she needs to experience the fun, know how to achieve this, considers it natural and not ashamed of it. Maybe I'll tell you a little secret - a girl can always be distinguished from the others, you just a glance. Men instinctively drawn to these girls, and others can only guess - and they find them ?! Although your picture on the website very tiny on it nonetheless clearly seen - yes, you're exactly the kind

Gynecologic reception

My name is Vic and I have always had the correct orientation. I had a lot of guys who have always admired my figure. I have big breasts, fluffy, elastic, narrow hips, buttocks strong and very sensual mouth. A complete set for those who love beautiful women. Lesbian I always thought something terrible and wrong. For me, they were ugly and frightening. Then one day, I had to pass the doctors in order to get the necessary information, and the turn was a gynecologist's office. I know that I have everything in order, but the inspection was necessary. I prepared in advance, carefully washed her pussy, that there was all clean and shaved to make it even and smooth. And now the day of admission, I have come to one of the best gynecologists in the city, it was a famous woman, because her services were expensive, but it is guaranteed quality. Queue it was in that day a great, had a long time to sit among the other women. And when my turn, got a doctor examined the place, and said that on the record, I'm last, and left out the door, so I did not have time to say anything. It remained a couple of people, so I decided to wait, though no record was not, it was in a queue. But nowhere was


Dreams do a strange thing ... For some reason, it is best of luck there. From early childhood I loved to go to sleep. I remember in kindergarten all stacked with tears, and I "Bryk" - And sniffed ... And really - where else can you shoot in the car on the highway fabulous! Where else can you sit at the controls of the aircraft! And did anyone give you in broad daylight a real great! Just! Many years have passed, far-bosonogo snotty childhood. Forgotten are all dreams. Almost all ... only one dream I remember, is still alive ... And him. Angela ... I do not remember when we first met him. Years fourteen, maybe ... He sat me on the edge of the bed and looked around me and smiled - "so here you are!"... Outside, there was not even a hint of the moon, apparently, a day off from her today ... Like yesterday, my mother ... The September branches in the yard about - something whispered anxiously. Probably about the future of cold. And listening to the stories of the wind. At the edge of the bed sat a guy. Twenty years. He smiled at me openly, and it seemed to me almost tenderly. -I do not scare you? That's unexpected appearance? -Probably I would be scared.

Diary Kid (end)

4 January I, too, was in the cemetery ... Cynical? Probably. And you were too. We looked into each other's eyes, and engaged in a dialogue in silence. Which you heard only the two of us, and, probably, more ... Leszek Leszek, Leszek! Oh, and the goat I am! -You better what to do? -You know that there is. -What for? Avenge me to them? But it's not fair. It's not my fault that I loved him ... What to choose ... -Yes, he is not to blame, it's you me, when it chose, then riveted the steel chain and invisible to-oh-LHA not let go. And I could not go myself. Because that was how your dog - even though on a chain, but still a good host ... I'm still on your chain, although you untie her for a long time. And imagine the situation ... with a collar and chain untethered go around the city, all staring at me ... "Escape, probably a dog something ..."And then I find another host and tell him ... " Take me to him. Suppose you already have one ... And now here are two!". Would you take it? Hardly ... Although the collar to the chain removed when let go ... -What do you all work out ... the dog, the dog ... No you're not a dog. And I do not tie you, and just fell in

Last snow

Bear stood at the window, accompanied her eyes ... He looked through the snowflakes on receding silhouette and suddenly thought ... "What if she really last as the last snow". For some reason he decided that this last snow ... Bear escorted her eyes - his last love. Anyway, it seemed to him that she was the last one, that nobody more it will not be so loving. - Probably, the value of love is also a chapel. Like everything else - thought Bear - Is there a limit of something, and behind it ... What, I wonder, could be behind it? After all, if you have love chapel, the Chapel is behind this is not love ... not love, but what? Maybe hatred ... Maybe we did the right thing, parting forever ... because we tired of this mutual jealousy, everyday reproaches that we throw each other without thinking ... We are tired of these constant affection in bed when parents not at home ... I started to get tired of you, and you - from me ... We loved, in spite of the great difference in age, secretly loved. And hid it so skillfully that no one in the world could not even think that's really going on between us ...- The school - the same rigor as all other pupils in our class. In my

Adventure my ass

My ass deflowered my ex-husband. We have seen this happening in the film and decided to try it. I then it is not very pleased, but that will not do, if only to please the beloved. It was no less painful than usual deflowering. Then I realized he was doing it just clumsily and even a big cock my ass can take gladly, if I were prepared. So we have anal sex was not commonplace. Is that I was madly excited, while I myself was ready to plant your ass on his cock. One day we spent the night my girlfriend. The night passed in a group sex threesome and I was very curious to see how my husband enters his rather big penis into her vagina. It was dripping wet with excitement. I was also very excited and I wanted to see how he fucks her in the ass. But she did not give. Her husband said that she was too shy to me. And without me, they say, it is a very happy substitutes his ass. Once he took the camera and began to shoot me naked. It's very exciting. I beckoned with his finger, opening the lips sex his penis is ready for operation. And then he turned around, got up on his knees, exposing his bottom chamber. He took off, I shook him lustfully. Then he began to gradually introduce the head