Where are you, Val?

Hi, do you remember me? Probably not. And I love you - remember. Do you remember how you came to our school? Funny this kid, ears sticking out ... And his eyes - huge, framed dlinyuschimi eyelashes. And the name is funny - Valentin. It just so happened that the name we had the same teachers all confused constantly ... Do you remember? Kapchagay, our paradise. We went with the class at that time - the last time together. You came and lay down beside me on the bed - drunk. Do not know why, but my hand reached out to you and you answered me, his lips touched my lips ... We kissed, and outside, where our friends, heard laughter and music. You undressed me and his lips would cover every centimeter frees the flesh, making me gasp and moan with pleasure ... Do you remember? You whispered to me "you want me"? I answered "Yes" and you entered into me, taking my heart and virginity. Now I know you were inept and inexperienced, but then it seemed to me, I'm dying from your touch and kiss ... Do you remember? I cried for you, and you whispered to me softly "love, I love you, do not cry, do not" and he kissed me. Stone fell from your lips at the moment,

Bill and Monica. Love story.

From the secret recordings of conversations in the Oval Office. Further: President n- Monica M St. John Smith, Adviser to the President P. Do you like my tool? M. Oh, yes, it should be represented on hundred dollar bill. *** Bill sat in his office and felt a constant burning itching between the legs. His flesh demanded satisfaction, and he was forced to razbirats with some Arab loudmouth. What difference is it to bomb or not to bomb when his dick sticking out the second day. Hillary Bitch makes reference to some problems. What problems can be every day with her? Suddenly, he remembered the girl, her name seems to Monica. Intern Monica. Not very pretty, but with plump lips and wide ass. Wide ass in tight white shorts - it's a dream of Bill. Not that thin bitch Hillary. Juicy, Big Ass - to bury her in the face and shout for joy. The stomach is not flat, but a full, three-dimensional. Extensive coal-black hairline between his feet, ah .... Bill flushed from these thoughts. Bill Smith called. Thick Smith came immediately. Bill started to talk about some kind of political nonsense and once casually asked: -Do you remember the brunette, trainee? -Monica? -Yes, I think

Nurse from the morgue

Tanatofiliya - a kind of masochism when sexual arousal is inextricably linked with the theme of death. Thoughts of my own death, fantasy ritual of the funeral and that sorrow, which will cover the relatives and friends, contribute to the logical end of sexual intercourse, which is often difficult without the ability to have intercourse. From the textbook of forensic psychiatry No one is hurt ads in newspapers and on television about the disappearance of young girls. A law enforcement agencies to track down every year more and more killers, rapists and perverts. Sometimes it seems that people from the changes in the life of a "I went to the roof". Dima has not carried before birth. His father was an alcoholic, his mother later got pregnant, in addition, when it is born, there was a birth trauma. As a result, the boy was born sick and nervous. Even more nerves stagger from his drunken father's abuse and regular beatings. Dad, skimping on parental affection, never skimp on the rod, the benefit they grew up directly behind the house. The guys did not like Dima, teased miscarriage and did not want to play with him. The exception was Marinka - neighbor girl, who

Memories of first love

I know how still got acquainted with my first love. One day when he comes home, I do not remember from where in general it does not matter (somewhere I was with friends) opened the door, and peredomnoy is devchnochka age of 13 (and I was probably somewhere around 18), so fragile charming with snow-white smile and with freckles, and say: - Oh, Zdrastvujte, and I am here to your sister came, we learn it in a class to learn about the homework, and then I missed the lesson came to know that the name zadali.Menya Marina. - And I Lyakseem. Like it was so I do not remember, I mean it's kind of like, and then forgot I left sluchiya.Potom armiyu.Sluzhil I'm in the city (in St. Petersburg) near doma.I as a consequence often, once a week, come home, Mariska appeared and, as it turned out, often at home, though I was not ne.Ya came home dressed, washed and dumped to a friend, or they came to mne.My often with friends (I have two of Valery and Lenka) going in my room cut in Muzychko, drinking beer or vodka, playing cards in general rasloblyalis as they could. Odnazhy coming in Uval I went to wash (at home I thought how no one), and bathed in the buff come out of the bath (okazyvaetsya


Tram has not already twenty minutes. This damned dozen walks before rare that even cry. Nearly the whole holiday went to such painful here waiting in line for a beer. And Monday already at work. People near nervous growls slowly, but wait - home everyone wants. Only one I probably will not hurry home. I'm twenty-five young people a year divorced, live alone and meet me in the apartment except the cockroaches. But wait still sick, I moved to the side, lit a cigarette to calm down, and decided that if I'm going to count to a hundred, and the tram will not, then I will give to someone in the face. Or he'll get - it does not matter, the main thing to be discharged. Summer day came to an end, it became almost fresh. In some places, including rare advertising signs, signboards, etc. From the park opposite came two cop with a walkie-talkie, shuffled his feet and disappeared around the corner. Evening came. Somewhere in the forties, I suddenly heard: - Hey, guy ... I turned around and saw a little girl of sixteen low, staring at me with a sullen look. - Treat cigarette - she asked in a whisper. - Go home, babe! On the pot and sleeping okay? - I said, but nevertheless noted that in

An exhilarating experience

All the boys we liked the country sometimes hooliganism: grab his friend by the balls and watch his reaction. As a rule, all the guys were laughing and playful little hand pulls back strongly and then strove to do the same with your "the abuser". But there was one boy among us Leszek, who not only throws off someone else's hands, but also seemed to be enjoyed by such touches. Perhaps, in his case alone there were pleasant feelings from strangers touching the private parts, but unlike the other boys, Leszek, instead of deliberately show their indignation and rejection of these liberties, breaks into a smile, silly giggling and did not even think to hide it that he was pleased. What spontaneity! Once again, seizing the right moment, when our friends played football and were passionate about it, I crept to Alyoshka behind, grabbed his thighs with his hands and felt his penis and testicles through the training pants. The boy giggled, but did not step back and just sat down on the grass lawn. I sat down next to him and did not think to let him go. My fingers are clearly felt the flesh of his penis, which was swelling. I liked to manipulate him and Alyosha allowed me to do

And he fell at her feet

First part "How do I know this person? Where have I seen him? Well I can not remember: Oh, it seems today the institute. And yesterday, too. And, like, in the subway: It seems more in the store. He had to wonder? Quite a nice guy, slim, sporty, blond. Maybe it wants to meet?" With these thoughts, Alice went home. Entering the illuminated staircase, the first thing she saw was her newly blond recalls. The girl was a wave of indignation: "How did he know where I live? What audacity!" Much to the surprise of Alice, a young man suddenly fell to his knees with a cry: "Madam!" Root was good. Alice did not say a word, but gave him a sign to follow her. The boy obeyed without question. In silence they entered the apartment. She snapped her fingers and pointed the guy on the corner. He implicitly dropped to his knees in the corner and stood there, looking down. -Listen and remember - Alice told him - I will not repeat twice. You will without question and with pleasure to fulfill all that I tell you. I can punish you at any time as I see fit. Do not you dare cry. If you have something does not suit - direct access. Got it? -Yes Milady. - It was obvious

Violence for the benefit !?

This is the real story took it in '90. My parents and I were going to relocate to Canada. In those days of May we decided to spend with friends, parents with their friends in the country, I and my apartment. Combining my 18 summer goodbye and I was invited to her friends. The party was a success, we had a good rest at last. Since it was the middle of the week, all went quite early, I had a long farewell to all at the entrance, many have promised to take me to the airport. Naplakal and heard plenty of promises about the correspondence, I hurried home, there were still two. Light neighbor girl 14 years old and Jura each yard for games vozrasta.V my half-empty apartment is quiet music playing, no light, no Jura in the living room was not, "probably gone home" I decided. I turned off the tape recorder, and only heard a strange noise in my room. I went to the door, he stood and silently opened. What I saw was not real to so many strange and terrible that I was stunned. On my old bed lay Light, she wore only unbuttoned blouse and socks, her hands were tied to the headboard of the bed my silk scarf, pants and short skirt lying on the floor. Above the small body of a teenager

How did you get me

How did you get me, Enough I have to keep quiet, If only you knew how your ass It is difficult to me you f * at It is difficult to enter, It's hard to move In general - a punishment. Well, you moan with happiness - E * Anuti creature !!! I want the same - as usual Like all normal people! Ote * at you in the vagina, Without intricacies anal. In general, if you want in the ass That plume of it as you know. That was pi * dy no worse And yet - you rest!


Just I met one girl - light. She lived with her mother, her father she had, threw them, making child. We studied in the 10th grade, though not in one but in parallel. I went to her house to watch a movie on a video player - her mother worked in a video rental store, and problems with new tapes never existed. But one day I got a porno tape, which was offered to see her friend - "learn how everything is done and the present". On Saturday we did not have class, and her mother left for work - we no one should interfere, though in the afternoon she had to go to school for music. That's why I came in the morning and we started playing a tape. On the tape fuck about our age guy with a girl. In a wide variety of positions and options, which we did not know - and oral pleasure caused simultaneous disgust and the desire to try. After a half hour of this video, we were both on the limit - my friend fidgeted in his chair and held his hand between the legs, as though holding back something. My friend had sent the stone, and was ready to break through the pants. Sveta home always dressed easy - it was usually either a bathrobe or a long T-shirt, but this time she was wearing a