neighbor 1.Evgeniya The first time I saw the neighbors, when the longshoremen hauling things in the apartment. High holžnaya brunette glancing contemptuously at me, walked past the elevator, accompanied by pretty girls 14-15 years old. I held her a thoughtful look. Hmm, but blonde seems to be hot in sex. And to train this mare is a thrill. Okay, let while galloping at liberty, she lives here, so take this time stervochki always will be. In the meantime, it is necessary to gently and tenderly take youngster ... The second time I met a blonde only two weeks. Many businesses in bulk, but still had to hit the road abroad, whether they are wrong. I already knew the name of the blonde that she was married to a respectable businessman, a lover, a girl that her step-daughter, her husband's daughter from his first marriage. I knew their daily: when, where to go at what time. The guys from detective agency worked well. I went into the elevator with them and smiled. The girl smiled, and turned blond. -Hi, - I said. - I'm your new neighbor. My name is Eugene, and you? -I Natasha - she said - and she ... -Natalia! - Icily blond said. - Well, how many times to say: well acquainted

Short Stories: The Snow Maiden, As a

SNOW MAIDEN I was walking a lady after a Christmas party. I was drunk, Strood stood on their feet, and not thinking. Not far from the house I was stopped by a man unknown to me. Before it melted pretty young boy who did not realize there is almost nothing bad knowing what they are doing with him. He took me and dragged. I did not even realize what was happening. Passers-by saw the man went to the young, handsome guy and dragged him somewhere. I vaguely remember a guy I started the apartment. There he me into the bedroom and started the column. I did not resist. Then he put me in the costume of the Snow Maiden, and laid on the bed and began vsuvat his penis in my mouth. I spit out, but he went on and after five minutes I involuntarily began to suck. I was very drunk, so just stupidly sucking his cock. Then he pulled up the hem of my dress and Snow Maiden became dumb fuck me in the ass. Thus he just raped me, to make me a girl. In the morning I woke up and could not understand what was happening, where I am, and why I was in the women's Bele. I was approached by an unknown man, for years it was about my father. He gave me a hangover. - You're not a guy and a girl! - What ? Who

My sex life

After I lost my virginity tried anal sex not only with a gentle but rough and partner I could not imagine myself without sex with men as a liability. After large penises Kirill and Oleg my butt has become very sensitive, and I keep getting crazy orgasms from anal the cork, then the vibrator. Sometimes lying down at night, I started poking fingers in the ass and massaged themselves. I like to wear lingerie, paint sponges, shaving ass and legs. Fucking my ass I often imagined that Cyril is Oleg. Fucking ass clock I always dreamed of my men. But Kirill I could not find Oleg and his manners of the area and a huge dildo makes me fear. I was afraid to call him, but really wanted to ottapetil from me in the ass again. But I already knew where to find her lover, and decided to bring in his own bed the new guy. I sent a profile on a dating website (the same where I wrote Oleg). As always, I was sent a lot of letters (many willing otrahat my ass)) I chose the one candidate and agreed to meet him. Sometimes I wondered how many gay people live in our city. It is hard to imagine that when the Soviet Union men could be so free to love each other, but now, we can negotiate about dating

Suck, cutie, * ui, suck!

Suck, cutie, dick, suck! Without nipples sick in Russia! Frigidity in the life of hysterics Much more than decent Taking in the mouth gorgeous ladies - So I will recompense the best! One of them have a passion Almost two years, was not in vain! Davalki honest my Push the legs for me And Moody polizhet tongue, Thus, both can not in Paris! Ah, what a woman, I swear! I fucked in the ass hard to get! And a member of plunging deeper, I think - what Zaya In this life I have! Suck with your horse! I zlatogrivuyu mare As a stallion will cover fervently And ending in the mouth so beloved, With you I know not a hassle! I love when in bed together! And the passion sounds like a song of song, Not issyhaya in the sheets, As cum on your lips!


I am 25 years, pretty attractive guy a girl say my friends, but recently there have been a strange desire to make a blow to the man, and so he did not even know .chto it makes another man, just sex with a man for me is not acceptable, but try member of the mouth wants to ugliness, that's such a wild imagination. I have a constant girl, she owns a large nightclub, and here for the holidays, we celebrated together, I went through a bit of alcohol and told her about my fantasies and forgot about it, but after a while she said it herself. As it turned out she had at the club for vip-guests there is an interesting offer, a girl who liked a guy can for a purely nominal fee to invite him to a room with a hole for a member, she herself is in another room where comes this hole and the guy sticks his dick in the hole, and the girl gives him a blowjob, or simply is placed on the member so fucking liked the guy. And then the guy for a long time wondering who it was, of course this game was only for their inputs in the room were a special disposable plastic magnetic cards, which are issued to the selected at the entrance to the exact time and this is my friend suggested me to stay in the role

Girls gentle behavior

It's funny ... I sometimes find myself thinking that every day people do some similar things, but for each of us the meaning of these things are completely different. If you inhabit Moscow, someday surely walked on Mantulinskaya, Smolensk, Yakimanka, or at least were there ... Maybe these streets have even linked some memories ... But it is unlikely they are as dear to your heart as my ... no, I have not spent his childhood here, and my first love lived in a completely different area, in fact, I have never admired the beauty of these places. I do not even know if they have it in principle ... However, I tried to get out there at least once a month. When the money or spiritual impulse. I never looked around, except that sometimes looked askance at the signs indicating the street. For example, I knew that walking the path along the 1905, passing street Kostikova and Shmitovsky, and turn right on Mantulinskaya find myself at a crossroads. That was enough. What is left is a forest belt, I saw only occasionally, when a passer-by suddenly called me and asked what time it was. I always went there in some thought, thrill, and back, as if on wings. And if one of these things suddenly came

Joy repair

Last summer, still could not find a permanent job, and so earned in the repair of apartments. I worked in tandem with its im a friend, who in this case has "dog ate". It was us eighteen and it was impossible not to us. The order was not very complicated - redevelopment one-bedroom apartment with separate bathroom and a small kitchenette. Our task was to tear down the wall connects the toilet with bathroom, and CME-Stith wall between the bathroom and the kitchen. Remove debris and conduct a non-big repair - tint, butterbur and stick wallpaper in the room. Customers were a young couple, Vladimir and Olga. He was in his early thirties, she was about twenty-six. Vladimir worked in any commercial company, and we met with him only twice. Per-st time agreed on the price and volume of work, and the second time he was paying. His wife, we see every day, is Mr. Bota. Having defined the size of the order, we have planned the work for three days. We started in the morning, about eight, Olga The appearance-lyalas just after eleven. She changed clothes in a working-forward and ode to the best of their forces, trying to help us, preparing dinner in about-present part showed. It

About him...

With Vlad we introduced a friend when we were in the ninth grade. He studied in the humanitarian class, and I, in the bio-chemical. As well contrived to study at the elite St. Petersburg gymnasium, doing any homework, dressed like the last whore, and behaving worse than punk, I still can not imagine. As for Vlad, he was a decent, good education mama's boy, from the series "I do not drink, do not smoke, do not swear". But when I saw him and heard his voice, I realized, for the sake of sex with him, I'm ready for anything. I must say, I, despite the behavior and manner of dress, was still devstvinnitsoy. Moreover, even my lips were chaste. But none of this would not even know. Such as I, Vlad could not tolerate. Yet, one day I decided that today he will surely be mine. Waiting until Vlad out of school and go home, I followed him. There was quite a long time I did, he periodically glanced at me, but did not even think to speak. Finally, coming to his home, I could not stand and broke our silence. - Hi my name is Olya. - And I John, glad to meet you. - He grunted in response. - Hmm ... Bob and Vlad is slightly different names. - Already it is impossible to

Erotic exchange

This gentleman may have as many women as a Today is a good day. The sun gently shines in the sky, a light breeze dispersed svezhevyhlopnutye gases and the planet formed a favorable zodiacal combination. I slammed the door and, jumping over the stairs, ran into the street. Good! I plunged into the world with a head popped up again plunged. Very good! Machine beat the hoof under the windows. A hundred meters zazyvno prodrebezzhal red tram. No, guys, now walk on foot. Past blonde with a figure of a hanger held on a leash shaggy terrier. Wind blowing chemistry thinning hair, hip, begins just under the breasts, gently swaying. It enveloped me, a wave of uncertainty and anxiety. I easily felt that despite the earlier time, she was tired, she was sick and tired of black terrier, which has to be dragged out into the street in any weather. But ... It is necessary to save face and to consider dog family favorite. I carefully looked closer to the mole on her neck. To feel the condition of the person and learn about it the whole truth, it is necessary to find some bright mark on his body, such as the wrong earlobe, birthmark, scar or something else, and carefully to keep this image in

My first course

I want to tell you my name is Mustafa istoriyu.Menya. I came to Moscow from Georgia, studying in univere.Togda I was 17 years old. My height is 177 cm, weight 80 kg. I entered the first university course. How many there were sexual heifers in mini-skirts. So I decided to act. After a couple I saw a crowd of freshmen. One of them was dazzling. Low, with blue eyes, blond hair, a third the size of the chest, in a mini-skirt in the topic, and low-heeled shoes on. I just have to be to fuck her. I went up to him pretty easily and unobtrusively, and offered to go to the cafe. They're a bit for broken but then agreed. Cafe is located near the institute. There we sat for a few hours, drinking beer. And the girls drank more than me clearly. Their name was Lena and Vick (my darling). They are decently razvezlo and then I asked them to go to his hut, the blessing lived nearby. There began the most interesting. After drinking their razvezlo and I decided to act. Lena excused myself to the bathroom, Vick was sitting just in front of me and I decided to act. For starters began to kiss her neck and lips, then abruptly pull off her clothes, she tried to resist, but where there. I pulled off her