Olga and Mary (part 1)

We lay side by side in bed, paralyzed and weary: Olga - on the back, and I'm here, on his side, admiring her long hair tossing on the pillow. Features of her face and body lines fascinated me - velvet skin, pit on the neck and the beautiful contours of the clavicle, the snow-white neck and a cozy hollow between the hemispheres rounded breasts.

I broke down and fingers outlined the most seductive curves: on the chin line, the contour of the neck down to the pit between the clavicle and neck to the right hemisphere of the breast. I outlined about around the hemisphere, and climbed his fingertips to the nipple. A gentle touch to its range aroused nipple right before my eyes: he tensed almost immediately. I gently shook him to the side and under my finger the nipple has become more resilient.

- If you only knew how nice you stroking and touching, Chamomile. - I told Ole.

Chamomile because her name was Romashkina. Sometimes I call her so, sometimes Olya, sometimes - when he wanted to tease and delight - Olga Vladimirovna. Head of studies, it is for me, a student, was an amazing gift of fortune, a beautiful woman, who opened the world to me this sincere passion.

- You have such a velvety skin, such lovely breasts, um .. - I looked at her tenderly. - If you only knew what I feel like touching you.

Olga smiled at me in response:

- So gently, fingers trembling from the touch, huh?
- Yes! - I'm surprised confirmed.
- And it seems that everything is fragile and delicate that must be handled very, very carefully, right? So do you feel?
- Yes exactly! - I looked at her. - You, too, can feel it all to herself?

She turned her head and playfully looked me in the eye:
- Nah, I'm just too, had the good fortune to touch the girl's body. Caress and touch just like you.
- Like this? With whom?

Olga leaned back against the pillows, remembering.

- I was such a girl, Masha. About three years ago, I think. All her with academic performance was bad, but the good with the boys. And I was constantly forced to carry out her educational work.

Olya sighed.

- Well, I say it should have been, eh? Learn, and then to be married? She came to my office, I did a little zhurila for behavior, taught how to behave with different teachers, so they put the top three. Then we just chatted about her, about the maiden.

She paused, staring at the ceiling.

- One day Mary came to herself, all in tears. Her boyfriend she uttered some nonsense, threw and went to another, and do something there was such a difficult and unpleasant.

- We sat for a long time together. I hugged her, wiping her tears, comforted, and urged otpaivala tea. Tea did not go, and I poured her wine. And currently. The wine we relaxed and we were sitting together, still embracing, complaining to each other for life and wiping tears. Well, more precisely, its tears, I do not cry. But I was touched, I remember ...

- And then she told me something good and kind of gratitude, and I kissed her. Well, just like girlish peck on the lips and everything. And she somehow turned towards me and turned it all into a real kiss. And her lips were so soft, gentle, and just smell the wine, and generally it was such a wonderful feeling that I was sucked into the kiss and I swam in it forever. I remember that as if buried in tenderness and affection, and in a pleasant aftertaste of wine, and generally in the smell of her skin.

- We kissed and kissed, and stopped only when the air was not enough. I remember how we looked at each other, and I remember her eyes - there was no shame, no fear, only admiration and desire in them. And again we have merged in a kiss.

- When we get tired of kissing, and drank wine, I took her to his home. She clung to me, whether as a mother, whether as a lover, but she was nice and she always told me that. And I told her what she is good, and honey, and delicious.

Olya stretched, looked at me with curiosity, testing my reaction.

- And here we have started kissing, barely stepped over the threshold. I wanted to feel again the tender lips that pressed her against the wall just in the hallway. And he runs his hands under her shirt, and it was then that I found out what it is - to touch the naked female body.

I broke down and put his hand on her chest, listening. The story excited me all the more.

- I remember, what I found her gentle girl's chest, and suddenly I wanted to please her, to caress her all and drown her in pleasure. I believe that only I can give it to her, and I did not stop.

- In general, I pulled off her clothes, and I tried to taste everything - and her nipples and thighs, and down there.

Olga has covered my hand on his chest and pressed her hand to her strengths.

- You're not jealous? We slept with her directly on this bed here.
- Not a bit! - I squeezed her breast, - you've only got terribly exciting this story.

- Oh, that's how ?! - Olya playfully frowned. - Then listen further.

- We spent the whole night in the weasel - it is very slow, excruciatingly pleasant, the fast and turbulent. I did not know how gentle and how passionate you can do it all without a man ... We have something like a contest to see who is stronger than who will bring to ecstasy, just caressed and indulged in his arms and kisses. And it was not nasty - I once thought that the kiss with a woman I would be disgusted - no, it was delicious.

- Now, jealous men, huh? - I asked sarcastically.
- Nope. - She patted me on the arm, - Are you glad that you got such charm as women.

I could not listen to her more. He closed her mouth with a kiss, squeezed her breasts and then took her on top, in the most classic and most sensual pose.