Brother and sister in the same bed

Then he threw the girl, which met 4 years (!), And began to provide favors to me. No one of his friends, not of the parents did not notice the attention to the younger sister. So it was before, and no one cared, that there is a difference: to plant on her lap five year little girl and bite her on the ear or to do so with a fourteen year old girl. All disco we went along, his friends repeatedly tried to dance with me, but he said that he was responsible for me, and for me that they are old. I was not pleased to hear it, but then he pressed me to him and stroked his hips.
My summer inevitably going to end. In my town I was waiting for my boyfriend, who had hoped that I learned the vehicle function, because he has long wanted to get me into the adult world. Brother darkened, because now most of the day he spent with me!
As early as two weeks in our house doing repairs, and my brother was sent away from the paint smell, sleep in the attic. Originally, there was supposed to sleep sister brother, but she would be a terrible, and the two of us trust.
There were two beds in the attic, we moved them, referring to a larger space. That night came. We both undressed (brother fascinated looked at my translucent jacket), and crawled under the warm blanket. I immediately clung to her brother. And he said: "I do not understand yourself, you're kind of still a child, but such a welcome, I do not want you to be bad!". I did not understand what it means, and pressed even harder and started to fall asleep. Here brother sat up. I opened my eyes in bewilderment. He stared at the wall, as though there's something written and then kissed me. I have long wanted it and did not resist. We kissed, as I was still no one to kiss! Without lips, one language! As if in a special dance they weaved together! It was unforgettable! Then his hand slipped under my blouse. I instinctively turned her back on him, he began to kiss my neck and hands twirl nipple. I felt that my body temperature shot up to the limit, it is still boiling! He turned me around and put it on the back. I spread her legs so that he could continue. From the neck, he began to kiss his chest, it was even nicer than the touch, then descended to the abdomen and lower ... There he became tongue fabricate unimaginable pirouettes, I zaizvivalas under its pressure. He said something like that is going to hurt, but I did not pay attention. Then he sat up and began to drive swollen member of my pussy. Then he found a voluptuous pussy seen and entered. It was painful! The ringing ears, and dizzy, he apologized and immediately pulled out their weapons. Then he began to gently lick me. I plunged wave orgasm, and I forgot about the pain. He smiled again and came at me. I winced slightly, but then pleasure enveloped my body!
All the rest of the night we spent together. Then I went home to her boyfriend and showed everything I had learned, and then best friend, but more on that next time ...