Sex education

Yes, and do nothing was the same, to go into the woods alone on the shore of the lake, and iskupatsya Golesh, that's all the fun of this little town. And about iskupatsya also was fun, people almost never nebylo, once only two women saw a bare me when I came out of the water, and then from behind a bush. I was even a little excited-that is, not that I nudists some, I might just lead to impotence even when I was little anyone could see naked. I think it is because in my 14 years I have started to strongly interested in the opposite sex, sex, candid photos of the network ... And then there and you can tell the new systems were added, uncle and aunt once a week left in the city to help relatives on hozyastvu, there they bought a new home and they had a lot to get done before the winter, and so when they left, I watched porn movies at night on cable. They got me very excited, and I happened itself represented on the site of the girls.
We have in the yard between the garage and the barn, which was behind the garage, there was a space about two meters wide and about seven in length, on the one hand a garage and a shed adjoined to the fence, and on the other was built wooden shower covered with cellophane. It turned out that in the summer when it is hot you could go for a wooden screen and wash between the garage and the barn. One day after work in the garden in the evening we went to wash, first uncle, aunt and then, and then I'm gone. My aunt once again soaked clothes in the bathroom, and when I went into the shower to wash and undressed Aunt He turned me to give my clothes to wash. The fact that the clothes I gave her a chance in a place with a towel and bathrobe, and now I'm looking pomylas and on the hook behind the door no towels and bathrobes. You could call Aunt Lena and asked to bring a necessary but I wanted to walk naked in his room. Turns Me On chuvstvotogo someone mezhet see me naked, it could be an uncle, aunt, neighbor. And I went naked in his room, Aunt Lena saw me and said that she had once again realized that I gave Polenz and wanted to make, but I have come before. I am at this moment is absolutely not embarrassed, naoborod wanted to me to see, I'm in the shower to shave all the hairs on the pubes and now looked like a little virginity girl with gladenkie pubis and tonenkoy slits in the bottom of the pubic area which went down and hid between my legs that I was a little, virgin squeezed.
My uncle and aunt were people free views, absolutely conservative. They still nebylo children. Free view is that the aunt was certain is that children need to tell all about sex, and I remember she talked about it to my mother, but my mother had other views.
Almost every evening I mastrubirovala. A couple of times I specifically did not close the bathroom door that would see me. And one time when we were all in Troy went to the river, I deliberately did not bring a bathing suit, and wore only a T-shirt and shorts under her panties nebylo Nimo. When the uncle and aunt went to bathe, I said that without a bathing suit and shy, and they said that I could move a little further and bathe naked, and then when we go home obsohnu. I did so not only walked away, and when they came out of the water and settled down on the grass at derevev, I also went to the beach and only two of us shared a bush. When they left, I specifically odevalalas slowly and when they marched down the path that I certainly saw no shorts, and I seemed to be in a hurry to dress-shirt. The next day, Aunt Lena caught me while watching porn on TV, I certainly excuses but she just said that it's normal at my age inreresovatsya sex. One day I accidentally uvidelala uncle and aunt have sex in the guest room at the new leather couch. I got up at night, incidentally tulet and walked past I saw through the open door of their bare. Uncle caressed her aunt, then got up and I saw his big cock, and aunt povenrnulas back to him and bent, he got into it began to make slow motion, and then quickly and simultaneously caressed her breasts with his hands, and she caressed themselves pussy, but then my uncle started faster to engines and at this point tłta just lifted his head and saw me, I quickly hid behind the door, but when I heard my uncle said that he is now a little over I again looked out from behind the door. My panties were wet with excitement, and I continued to watch, suddenly Uncle otdvinulya ago and became mastrubirovat member of the aunt's back, and then he stopped doing hand movements, and in the moonlight I could see how the sperm splashes began to fall on the aunt's back, and then on the ass, then I quickly went to my room and lay on the bed. After 5 minutes, he came to me and Aunt Lena skazalala he wants to talk to me. She was wearing a robe but underneath she was naked.