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My ass deflowered my ex-husband. We have seen this happening in the film and decided to try it. I then it is not very pleased, but that will not do, if only to please the beloved.
It was no less painful than usual deflowering. Then I realized he was doing it just clumsily and even a big cock my ass can take gladly, if I were prepared. So we have anal sex was not commonplace. Is that I was madly excited, while I myself was ready to plant your ass on his cock. One day we spent the night my girlfriend. The night passed in a group sex threesome and I was very curious to see how my husband enters his rather big penis into her vagina. It was dripping wet with excitement. I was also very excited and I wanted to see how he fucks her in the ass. But she did not give. Her husband said that she was too shy to me. And without me, they say, it is a very happy substitutes his ass.
Once he took the camera and began to shoot me naked. It's very exciting. I beckoned with his finger, opening the lips sex his penis is ready for operation. And then he turned around, got up on his knees, exposing his bottom chamber. He took off, I shook him lustfully. Then he began to gradually introduce the head of his cock into my tight hole. I do not see how this happens, but I'm incredibly excited that it all shot on camera. Then I masturbated more than once under the tape, where he thrust his dick in my ass and fucked, fucked my tight ass.
After the divorce, I started looking for a suitable partner. We came across different. But hardly anyone dared to offer me anal sex.
One man just wanted to try anal sex because I never tried it. I gave him this joy. At night, after the usual sex, he turned me over backwards, and slowly began to introduce his penis in my butt. A member was small and I was not hurt. On the contrary, very nice. we were briefly lovers. But he still remembers the sex with me: blowjobs, anal ...
Next a man almost the entire first night to make me orgasm with your fingers. He did it very skillfully and exciting. After a while, when I once again came to him, next to the bed turned out to be a tube of cream. I have for some time made him a massage (his back - a very erogenous zone), and then began to fondle his ass. He has a very nice and round ass. I loved to stroke her, running his fingers through the crotch and as casually touching the anus. Terribly excited when caress the place of men. Then I took the cream and smeared their finger, which is the beginning of carefully administered in the ass lover. He moaned with excitement and moved her ass up and down. God, how it excites me! Why men do not like to admit that they like such affection? No one and did not think they detect in the blue, after caressing a woman. I love to caress the ass men. And I love when they caress my butt. When my lover was quite ready, he put me in front of him "cancer", Smeared fingers and cream began to conduct the same procedure with me. His fingers in my ass crazy. And when there began to enter the penis, I screamed with excitement. Member, he is small in length, but quite wide in diameter and it gave great pleasure. I then felt the whole day, that I have great ottarhali ass. Ravished ass itched a little, but it was so cool to feel that inside has worked on all cylinders this handsome.
In the autumn there was another lover. Those. were ad hoc meetings and before that, but I do not think so. This was very high. A member of his was long and narrow. So we began to anal very convenient. One thing bothered me - his impartiality during sex. As if he had not fucked me, and do the hard work. But over my ass working every week and as it should. So for inattention, I complained to my favorite hole. Especially excited when he put me on the stomach and entered your "sword" my ass. I could not and poshelohnutsya being held captive under his body, he did with me what he wants.
With him, we have run up - it's called "did not get along". Until now I meet a wonderful lover. It just drives me crazy, before the exciting and passionate before we have sex. However, anal sex, he did not authors suggest.
Somehow it was a big break between our meetings and being very hungry for sex, I called to visit a guy.
He did not like me. Thick, some vulgar .. Not my type. I just had to fuck me. He made it to the fullest. All night he did not pull away from me, spent the night almost between my legs. At 4 I woke up excited. I start rubbing against him his ass. He started to make some gestures, fingers caressing my clitoris, lips, clutching my chest with the other hand. I wanted in the ass. The vagina was dripping wet with excitement. But I did not want in the vagina. I dreamed that my ass was taken, finally, the pleasure, which she had been deprived of for so long. Finally, I have strung their lush beauty on his penis and began to move rhythmically to him and from him. I wanted him to realize finally that has me in the ass. I took his hand and held it to her wet pizdyushke. He took his fingers inside her, and he fucked me in the ass, fucked over and over again. Then he put me in the stomach, without taking the penis out of my hole and started to stick it in me, moving up and down. What a thrill it was! We did not meet. He does not like me. But fuck it perfectly. And my ass very grateful to him.
One day I was sitting alone, and wanted sex crazy. I wanted something else Having read erotic stories, watching porn,. Call was nobody. I caressed her breasts with one hand, while the other stroked hard and already wet clit. Once again I wanted in the ass. What to do here? And then I saw ... a screwdriver. You know, with this embossed handle, different nozzles are formed in the handle. The size of it was like a small penis. And this was quite a grooved surface. The idea came instantly. I introduced a screwdriver into the vagina to moisten his grease and began quietly stick handle yourself in a hole.
It was awesome experience. If we consider that in this case I did not forget to fondle her breasts and clitoris ... Movement became fast and furious. I turned and found ICQ buddy, I love anal sex (sorry, in another city, and I would have called for a visit, so he could see how I do it, and then joined to :)), I move rhythmically screwdriver up your ass and back detail telling his interlocutor, as I masturbate. I think we left off at the same time :)