As I took a job in a sex shop

After graduation to find a normal job is not so easy. I went through a bunch of options, but one I did not arrange the schedule, other salary, in the third there was no career prospects. Order tired of searching, I came across a job on the Internet, which immediately intrigued me. In a sex shop in the local shopping mall needed Sales. As a modern and liberated woman, I have long been interested in sex toys, with my ex-boyfriend, we loved to organize orgies with dressing. I remember how we used to play with him in a rebellious girl and strict teacher; he put me in the knee-elbow position, and slapped on the ass leather whip. I was wildly excited and my silk became wet after a few minutes of this "punishment". Then my partner took me by the buttocks and his hard hot cock slowly entered into my pussy juices expiring ... Yes, we fucked him while rabbits - on the floor, on a table on the balcony, one day I was doing him a blowjob in the bathroom stall at nightclub, swallowing his meaty dick until it stops. However, I digress from the main theme of the story: how I took a job in a sex shop. The declaration requirements have been specified: a girl 23-28 years, attractive appearance, without the puritanical mores. For some communication has been specified Max number, I realized that it was the store owner.

By calling the number, I heard a pleasant male voice, who told me that the job is still vacant, and if I'm interested, I can drive up to a job interview today. I decided not to miss a chance, called a taxi and went to get a job. To prove that I am a girl without complexes (a good seller sex shop should be like that!), I did not wear underwear. Sitting in a taxi, I noticed that the driver glances at my bulging out of the stretch thin sundress nipples. The poor fellow probably perevozbudilsya because it was driving somehow nervously.
Shop turned out the way I imagined it and imagined - a heap of any sex trinkets, ranging from simple and ending with a huge vibrator rubber vagina, which, judging by the number buttons on the remote control, could be fun at least ten different ways. Behind the counter stood a young man, who, as I expected, turned out to be Max, the owner of the store. He looked like Leo DiCaprio as a young man - a sexy blonde with an innocent look.
- Come at once "you" - Max said. - In general, we want to work is not much, so if you fit the conditions, you can go to work tomorrow. But first you have to pass a little test. By the way, sorry for the indelicate question, but whether you have a sexually transmitted disease? Do you have a registration on the portal x-registar supporters of safe sex?
This question surprised me. Is open position involves not only customer consulting, but also a closer dialogue with them?
- It is not recorded, but soon going to make it. I'm sure that does not get sick. What is this for? That I should fuck with buyers? And what is the test? - I asked.
Instead of answering, Max took down one of the dildos.
- Well, look, this is one of the most popular of our products. You should not just be able to talk about it, but also cause the customer desire to buy it. And for this he must want YOU - saying these words, he began to slowly drive the dildo near my pubes - If the customer wants to touch you ... or anything else, you should not refuse. For good sale you will get good bonus. Imagine that I am a buyer and want to buy this one rubber member. Grant that I was not care how much it costs, and I immediately wanted to buy it.
All became clear. Max wanted to test my skills. Well, I gave him that opportunity! Taking in negofalloimitator to which Max previously pulled a condom, I easily jumped on the table and spread her legs to show that under my sundress nothing.
- O. baby, yes you do without complexes - Max whistled appreciatively.

I felt like my lye becomes wet. Strangely, I have not even touched the clitoris. Apparently, the store itself the atmosphere was pretty darn exciting. Tilting her head back, I saw Max following closely behind me. I started with a proven action: slowly began to drive his finger on his lips velvety bottom - up and down, up and down. Throbbing bliss wave rolled to his stomach. I went on to become more active: the one hand, I stroked the clitoris, and the other was holding a dildo, which took in his mouth. Its surface was very warm, I imagined that it was a member of a living man. Exploring lips dildo, I realized that one will not get excited. My pussy was ready to take the subject, and the presence of Max I was not bothered. Slow rotary movements I plunged a dildo. He filled my bosom to the limit, and I realized that if I will move them, then finish it in a few seconds. So I just shoved it all the way and continued to caress the clitoris, exhausted from desire.
- I hope it will make an impression on the buyer - I asked Max.
- Not really - smiling, he said. You do not orgasm, which means that the buyer can still doubt. However, I will help you with the first time.

I felt the dildo slowly leave my body and instead plunges into the bosom of hot erection Max. He introduced him to the end and I instinctively leaned hips to meet him, expecting that it will move. But Max was in no hurry. His cock stood inside of me, and he leaned against my chest and, as a child, has stuck to it. At first I was tickled, but then I felt a buzz, which had not experienced for a long time. His tongue caressed my nipple, his fingers fiddling with the clitoris, and a member of nakonets-to began to move, slowly at first, then faster, faster ... I do not remember how many minutes passed - one, two, or ten, but soon I came so violently that involuntarily I cried. Probably, this orgasm scream heard passers-by outside the door, but I did not care. A moment later, to my cry I joined contented groan Max - he richly finished in my stomach, and a few drops of whitish seed fell on the floor.
- I hope I have not failed a job interview - breath, I said. Max at this time to brush up.
- Yes, you're right - he said with a smile. Only such things you do no client - I'll leave the best for themselves. And sell the goods we will be in the catalog - here we have a warehouse store ...