Women in black

- Young man, could you help? - I heard a gentle, pleasing to the ear like a girl's voice.

Turning around, I saw him possessor - nice-looking dark-haired girl a little older than himself.
Equip stranger was clearly not the weather - black high-heeled boots to hide her thin legs up to the knee, and a sheepskin coat unbuttoned gray short dress could be seen.

I tried anything to answer, but he could only mumble something unintelligible. At that moment I felt a treacherous red flows to the face.

She smiled and took my arm and led him to the next door.

Anna (as it was called so) led me down a long corridor in a dimly lit room.

On the couch reclined shapely blond woman. She was dressed in a velvet nightgown under which, I'm sure it was nothing. At the moment, it has no special interest considered a magazine.

- What need to do? - I asked, barely looking up from his chest blonde.
- Nothing, - Anya, seeing my astonished gaze, she added, - You all already did.

At this point, she hit me with his boot in the groin, so I bent over in pain; then it is "finished off" me with his elbow.

- Insignificance - she said through clenched teeth, looking at how I roll on the floor.
- What's happening? - I said with difficulty, when the pain just let go.
- Baby, I've been stalking you. We usually prefer girls with Lisa for our games. But now we decided to move away from this tradition.
- What games?! What are you ... voob - immediately escaped me, but then Lisa has stuck to me something in his hand. Head immediately spun and then I dove into the darkness.

When I woke up, I realized that I was completely naked. But it was not the only "discovery" - my hands were shackled in irons very real.
Jumping, I covered his hands his dignity.
Looking back, I saw Anna. She was naked, except for her black boots. Throwing one leg to the other, she began:
- Explains the first and last time. In the near future you - our property. All attempts will be severely suppressed rebellion (at that moment I remembered the terrible pain). Our Lisa orders are executed immediately and unconditionally. You all right?
Swallowing nervously, I replied:
- Yes ... Madam, - I added, just in case.
- The boy loves porn? - Lisa laughed, the former all in the same nightgown.
The blonde came to me, wagging her hips seductively:
- Raise your hands.
With some difficulty overcoming shyness, I obeyed.
Lisa clung to me with her body, I could feel her breath heaving chest luxury. She kissed me - then gently touched his lips to my neck and began to sink lower and lower.

At the moment when I lost my head with excitement, Lisa moved away from me.
- Come here and kneel - I told Anya.
When I did, she handed me her leg.
For a moment I flashed anger, but then realized that the choice I have, and began to lick her boots.

Girls, smiling, looking at the current of my eyes with tears of humiliation.

- Well. Now above.

I'm not saying a word, he touched the tip of his flesh Ani language. I got into it deeper, making it faster and faster. Less than a minute later, from the lips of Fine Anya pulled out a groan.
She frantically grabbed my hair, begging me not to stop.

At that moment, when the groans of my tormentor filled an entire room, its moisture watered me.

After a minute, I just pampered Lisa.
Then she told me to caress her back.
Before, I would never do that, but now I really became their property, limp thing in the hands of their mistresses.

Anna told me to lie down on her stomach, she also moved to the other edge of the room.
Lisa cemented my chains to the headboard so that alone I could not get up.

Looking back, I saw Anna tries on a long strap.

- No, please, anything but not this ...
Lisa, in response to my prayers gagged my mouth with her panties, for safety by covering the top with duct tape.

Resigned, I waited for the inevitable. Gentle hands Ani rubbed me the gel, and then I felt the cold material of artificial phallus; Then he came at me.

Gag turned my cries to bellow. Anna fury raped me, but at this point, along with the pain, I experienced an unprecedented orgasm. Pain in wonderful ecstasy intertwined with pleasure. It was exactly what I secretly wanted and what could not even admit to myself ...