Interesting games

My first time in the role of a girl I had my brother 2yurodny. In the year I was terrible. Together with his grandmother rested. Fooling around playing, we considered erotic magazines. Then I started to pose in the manner of the girls from the magazines. I was then generally thin. And that's how my grandmother had gone a couple of days! Brother found where the girl's bathing says dress up! He is a photographer, and I am a model! He was almost 19 then .. So I wore a swimsuit! Having thought what he would try but did not dare ever! And this cunning invented! He allegedly fotkal me for fun, but in fact the film was in fotike! Then I did not know and took the most candid poses. Brother as a professional photographer supervised process. Suddenly he stopped and said that the film was over.

I thought that it continues to play. And he says that if you do not want anyone else happened to see my candid photos, you will do whatever you say! And here these two days I was his girlfriend! In the evening, he bought brandy chocolate. He offered a drink to warm up! They drank, bolder brother, pulled the pants! Member is already in full! Sosi says. And I'm the first time! But as I drank a little, take it easy! No problem I am talking and took his cock in her mouth! Roth then bolel.Poka I sucked it took more brandy straight from the bottle. I think it was an impressive sight. I'm on my knees in the mouth member. He brandy gushes. I dutifully sucked for a while. He stopped to rest tired mouth. Tipsy brother, entered the role in full. Looking at me asked, well, what are you sochkuesh. I let him answer that mouth a little otdahnet! Onulybnulsya and he says let let him rest. I sat in a chair rubbing his numb jaw. Brother at this time gone to the bathroom! He returned with a tube of the cream. He came to me with the words, until I have your mouth resting hole try! :) Alcohol greatly liberating! From his words, I was excited and said playfully so, come fuck me! He took a carrot from the kitchen. Grease it and my hole cream, and began to type. In general, it does not hurt, quite the contrary. Although carrots are not so little was. I wanted to look at his hole. He brought the mirror, pulled a carrot.

Point did not immediately narrowed, and for a while I was watching a black abyss. I like it. Cool saying. To which he replied to me today will be even steeper. And he began to lubricate his penis. Here he was Pobol carrots. Not too long but wide girth. I sat comfortably in a chair, put a pillow under her ass and spread his hands and rolls. Without hesitation brother he threw me, and began to fuck, passionately breathing and slapping his hand over pope.Ot drunk he could not finish, fucked me in different positions that we have with it in porn videli.Cherez took awhile member and put me back in mouth says let's finish the job! I am enthusiastic, first head then licked his balls sucked and began to stick my mouth on his hot cock. Soon brother groaned and finished in my mouth. He prudently patted me on the cheek. Call me bitch excellent, and a slap on the rump sent me podmmyvatsya.Ya went into the bath defamed himself and finished. This summer was rich in sex for me. Although he had promised not to tell any one. All the same, I spill the beans to your best friend. I learned of this pozzhe.U we had a secret place. Not far from my grandmother's house was unfinished resort.

We climbed to climb well, all detishki.Cherez couple of days, we gathered for a walk. My brother told me that he had business, and that I'm still his friend can go to our place. That's exactly what I did. Together with other brothers, we got into the building. In our hideout was a lot of different old furniture that we dragged it to create a semblance of apartments. There was a chair, a mattress on the big bed, a bedside table and so on. We climbed back. I climbed on the mattress and began to jump, I love this thing :). And my friend's brother, Alex like his name. He pulls out a bottle of port wine, and says you will? I was not against it, and told him that of course budu.Na that, he said to me, you first need to work out. Confused, I asked, how is it? He calmly, with a smile said, suck. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He hastened to reassure me, saying that he knows everything, and who would not say no. I explained that my brother, raskazal him what I lustful bitch. And how well I ebus. I am upset that I have opened. Almost crying, I mumbled that it was not fair. He looked at me and said that I was not afraid. Give me already open and started bottle said glotni first to courage.

From fear, I already was shaking, the bottle has stuck drank a lot. He took the bottle from me. After weighing it in his hand I said, wow how much you drank, then suction will not get off. Emboldened, I replied with a call that did not want to stop suction. But let me first brother come to him calmer. As it turns out all this time the brother was hiding nearby and spying. Hearing that will not do without it, he went out with the words, what "Masha" but I digress and you cheated on me. Here in fact have caught me.I asked him not to be offended all promising to work. Brother said, laughing, of course the exhaust. Then threw me a package with girls' belongings and a wig, said, already getting into a rage, change clothes whore. I quickly changed the benefit of a little disguise, summer zhe.Poka I changed clothes, they are already members and slowly got nadrachivat them. Wasting no time, I knelt down, took a cock in her mouth and the other hand was the turn to do blowjob oboim.Na my actions, they all froze, probably did not expect that all will be so easy. Chipped in on the e-zu-F who first fuck me and away. From that moment I began to live a double life. I liked it more and more every time. To be continued.