Bus. The people, as always, the crowd. In general, no squeeze or overcrowded. All tired, foaming, each in their thoughts. Auntie-conductor, immense size woman (especially whether these are selected), inexorably approaching, cutting the space of its carcass. I'm trying to hide somewhere, not to fall under the tank, because podomnet for themselves and do not even notice. Fuuu! It seems had passed! I was standing, looking out the window, suddenly something catches my attention ... Scent of a Woman! The exciting mixture of sweat, grease and even something inexpressible. And this disturbing imagination smell is heard from the girl standing in front of me, his back to me. Animal instinct immediately ahead of the thinking and the member begins to stir in his underpants. Heck! I too strongly pressed against her, she will certainly feel! But the body and the crowd is useless to argue - it is already a member of a stake sticking out and pressed against the buttocks of the girl. Now it will unfold and the whole interior will declare me a pervert, an aunt with purse and pensioners alive will trample me in the mud, kakoy-nibud blunt bydlan decides to stand up for the honor of women, in general, the picture of my disgrace and painful death rushed in front of me. But what is it? She not only turned not called me, she still pressed tightly to my penis, uttering a faint moan. This turn of events, I did not expect. Member jerked toward the pit between the buttocks. The girl at first weakly and slowly, and then more and more begins to rub against him. Nobody around us do not notice it. We are both excited breathing, trying to do it as quietly as possible. I hugged her waist and hugged her stronger.
Stop. While the people storming the doors, trying to get out or go, she quickly turns around to face me, and I'm falling into her bottomless, sensual and some even mystical eyes. We are pressed against each other. I feel her hand begins to stroke and squeeze my cock through the fabric shorts, arousing him and me even more. But I thought that nothing could be better, when she unzips shorts and takes a cock in her hand. She starts gently squeeze it gently stroking the head, podrachivat lightly. In response, I climb under her skirt, and I expect another pleasant surprise: it no panties. Devil! Devil crush my height and prevent me from down below! As if reading my mind, she stands on a box, which is owned, apparently, peacefully sleeping on the seat Granddaddy, and our eyes are on one level. Now her pussy was directly in front of my penis. Finally inflamed, it puts my penis to the entrance of the vagina, and a moment later, he slipped inside. I want to scream with pleasure, but I can not afford it. Strangely enough, the thrill of this even stronger and sharp! Due to the rough road, shaking the bus makes the whole thing for us, causing my cock to slide inside her. I just have a little to restrain themselves, that it had finished the first.
And she tenses, pauses, her eyes roll, and the body begins to beat the slight tremor. Seeing this, I do not stand and rapidly poured into it, soaring high above. After a wave of pleasure swept us fall down, we relax. It produces of itself, my still sticking out, smeared with her juices and my cock and down from the box on the floor. We give himself up just in time - the bus arrives at the bus station. Everyone starts to leave the bus, including us. I hope and look at her curiously. She says "Ciao!" and, leaping in standing near the bus, leaving. I thought walking down the street - I feel good and at the same time sad. Maybe we are destined ever again to meet ...