My dear old man. Start

I am now thirty years old, and now I'm alone. My name is Sasha (female pseudonym). I live in Samara. I'm a guy who likes to feel and behave like a girl. I write back to the sad, because we were forced to part with his favorite two weeks ago. He left our town in connection with their career ambitions, and I could not go with him.
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His name is Michael, he is now in '53. We met when I was 25 years in the internet. I posted my profile on a dating site in the form of a half-naked. I was then as it is now very fond of dressing in lingerie. I remember the first picture was a full-length: I was on the blonde wig, white lace panties, black sunglasses and white stockings garters, I shyly covered his arms. By the way my breasts were like a teenage girl, but they still are with protruding nipples, every time that swell when excited. My segment is almost never to be seen because Thongs were resilient in their dressing I unexcited segment lowered down the side rosettes and pressed my ass panties. In the second photo was my rear view, the view of my elastic ass, with divorced her buttocks, which took place between the thin line of my white thong. My posture is allowed to see the edge of the excited protruding breasts. In the third photo, I was in a night shirt silk lace, through which were visible black thong. I was wearing black stockings-mesh. I love nightgowns erotic nature, they are my plants.
I fell down a lot of offers to have sex 1.2 times, but I was not looking, I'm looking for the right one with whom I could be like a stone wall, which I gave herself without reserve and would serve faithfully and wholeheartedly. Before that I did not have the men, so I have to think through every step to the outside world. Especially because I needed an experienced man who would have made me a full-fledged woman. Of course, I masturbated myself, but did not impose an objects with diameters greater than 2.5 cm.
One day I checked the mail again and saw instead of the standard: "get acquainted". " I would have fucked" etc. - Appeal to the verses. It was he. I immediately knew it, my heart was pounding, and to be honest I wanted it immediately, ass potekla.Emu was 48 years old, good-looking man. He asked for my mobile number so he could call me.
I was looking forward to his call, breast and ass itched., Segment periodically arose. And he called. He had a gentle enveloping voice that drags me further and further. I practically floated. He invited me to her, but I was afraid to go to the unknown man, but also in women's attire did not come out on the street and in public places. I did not want him to see me for the first time in a man's guise. Then he offered to drive up tomorrow night at my house, so I went to him in the night in the women's dress in the car. I agree .... It was summer and we agreed to meet in such a way in the vicinity of 24.00.
I have the whole day could not have anything else to think excitation wave periodically replaced with new, masturbation did not help. I decided to get dressed for it blonde, remove hair remnants on the body, made copious enema. From the field almost do not want to eat. She put in her purse condoms and lubricant.
22.00 And while my familiar stranger called me during the day every two hours. After talking with him, I occasionally stormy cum .... I began to dress, I dressed blonde wig (a square), white lace bra, lifted my small breasts and through which my dark nipples were visible; Elastic lace thong, white stockings fishnet on pojasochki; black, almost transparent blouse, through which could be seen a bra and short mini skirt in black. On the feet I wore black sandals completed the outfit my little ladies black handbag. Make-up was minimal. In the ass constantly released squelched excitement grease, so I had to insert a tampon during the day, which I pulled out when I started to dress my ass and refilled his own love juice.
23.55 And, the phone rings, my legs began to tremble, though I waited for this moment for a long time, I said to the man that I have now come out, pre-listening at the door to the stairs was not in the neighborhood. I prudently turned the day a light bulb, so that the entrance was dark, the benefit I live on the first floor. I quickly opened the door and walked on shaky legs, the hands did not obey, I somehow managed to shut the door and went out into the street. Opening the front door, I saw the car of my chosen one, well, that the car had been toned glass ... I quickly got into the car ... And now he's my man, is sitting next to me and looks at me ... between us a moment of silence reigned ... he saw me, and I looked down bashfully glaza.On took my hand and the second hand gave me a bouquet of flowers .... and then I relaxed, he stared into my lips a passionate kiss and we kissed for ten minutes, at the same time he stroked my legs, buttocks.
Then we talked for a long time, and have not noticed that for three hours sitting in the car .... I really liked it and I told him, too. Then he offered to go to his house, to which I meekly agreed, especially since tomorrow is Saturday, then I was ready to follow him to the end of the world .....
To be continued...