Hot battle

Two girls, completely naked before the audience come to grips. Each of the two girls is trying by all means to bring the opponent to orgasm. The girl, who was the first to score in the throes of lust, is considered lost, and the one that has managed to bring it in such a state - the winner ...
Right here, in the middle of the hall, in front of all the spectators gathered, we had to undress with Cynthia. Following the example of a new girlfriend, I took off her dress, panties and bra. Naked, we went to the middle of the room and stood beside the mat.
Hit the gong, the audience applauded, looking at us, our slender naked body on all sides exposed on display. We knelt down and appeared opposite each other on the mat. I must say that I had never engaged in lesbian love. Moreover, I do not love exercise worked on humans.
But Cynthia's thin arms embraced my neck, pulled over. I stood up. Lips Cynthia opened my mouth and dug his tongue. Our first kiss was one-sided, I was very embarrassed, but then wet mouth girlfriend and fell toward me, I become like. I began to gently vibrate. Cynthia scurried tongue in my mouth, surveying the most secret places. He spun it with reckless energy, then slowed down, gently touching my sky, the inside of the cheeks. Our saliva is mixed, the more so as she stood both at this point in great numbers. Gradually, I lost all sense of what is happening. Before I could hear footsteps around the rug on which we stood, he heard voices, but in fact I forgot about everything. In the eyes, which I had previously closed her, flashed lights nascent passion. Cynthia's hand came down on my thigh and felt the vagina. Fingers her gently pushed my outer labia and got inside. From that moment on, I was doomed. It is unusual for having given me feelings I had forgotten that there is a game fight, that I should try to arouse herself Cynthia. My vagina quickly became wet, girlfriend's hand in it scurried quickly and methodically. Second hand caressing Cynthia, or rather, plucking the nipple of my right breast, which made me moan and scream quietly. Within a minute, I bent the arc on the mat, making "bridge" and roughly finished.
Of course, it was not a fight. Just Cynthia in front of many spectators to easily and quickly brought me to orgasm. Opening my eyes, I saw her fierce face. Around us were spectators, they were laughing and clapping, but Cynthia is, did not seem to care. "What are you?" - She whispered to me angrily. - "Most do not understand anything? You fool, you have to fight with me, excite me. This should be the top attraction."
I stared at her, and in my brain moving thoughts. Obviously, I did not. But to me this was the first time, I was just stunned by the unusual situation of unusual caresses.
"Well, what. To make you understand, finally, what is required of you, you will be punished." Cynthia hissed, and she looked up with a cheerful smile, turned to the audience: "This little girl lost, as you all saw. What should I do with the defeated?"
The crowd rustled, stirred me. Voices: "Ask her baby, ask her now as it should."
Suddenly, in the hands of my partner I appeared huge dildo that she aggressively raised above his head. I helplessly awaiting their fate lay outstretched legs on the rug in front of the winner. Straight from the scope, Cynthia stabbed me with a huge phallus. He was a solid, 30 centimeters long and terribly thick, with a smooth surface. I groaned, unable to move his legs. It seemed to me that now I'm torn by this terrible instrument, scurrying in my crotch. Member easily can reach the uterus, he bumped into her, causing me cry every time.
It facilitates the task that I was all wet from a recent orgasm, and this hefty cudgel, who looked not caused me great suffering in me. On the contrary, in a moment I felt the first flushes rises again desires. But then Cynthia grabbed my hand and forced to take a different stance. Obeying, I got on all fours, helpfully exposed backside. It was also very nice. Laughter and jokes that rejoiced around, does not bother me. I was totally absorbed in the whole excitation process.
I leaned back to meet pierced phallus nasazhivayas him each time deeper. But at that moment I felt something thick expands my entry in my untouched until the anus. Looking around, I saw that the experienced and skillful Cynthia, still frantically excite my vagina, took the second hand of the other artificial phallus and now pokes them in my ass. My Ass was put right in front of my partner, so it was convenient to operate. I let out a startled cry, my face probably distorted by fear, but I could do nothing. I was completely at the mercy of his girlfriend. Thick phallus, a member of my anus was previously somewhat blurred. Stretching the rectal wall, he slowly and then jerks entered into me. Now once planted two huge members, feeling both of them tearing me, I began to moan involuntarily. Members walked rhythmically inside me, causing tremors neoderzhimogo desires. Never before had I guessed that from intercourse in the ass can get so incomparable to anything fun.
Finally, I was shocked the first orgasm, it overtook the next. I felt like I was literally bleeding in front of Cynthia and spectators cheering shouts its approval. But the friend did not stop to fuck me and make countless times vzvyvat passion as long as I could stand on all fours. Only when I collapsed exhausted on his stomach on the carpet, Cynthia stopped fiction both members. mat beneath me was all wet from my selections. My hair was mussed, his face flushed, I eagerly snapped wide open ragged breath.
From both my holes continued to hang thick phalluses. Cynthia got up from his knees and cried out triumphantly: "Here. She's ready!.."
There was a gong. I threw myself into the arms of Cynthia and snapped her lips into her mouth. Then he pulled away from her and rushed down. I wanted to get to her vagina. It was not yet touched, while my poor slot has already been turned into a mess. Now I would like to try Cynthia. As you can see, she did not expect is that I was able to achieve an instant cast her crotch. With all his might, I buried my face between her legs straight Cynthia. She did not have time to move them in time, and now could not do anything. In the nose I hit her scent, and I began to suck furiously thrusting clitoris and licking the outer lips genitals. Cynthia moaned for the first time. I've never had to do anything like that, I was quite experienced in such things, but sometimes the enthusiasm replaces the practice ... But I forgot that the partner may also do something. And she did it. Cynthia bent over and pulled myself up to my mouth razdrochennyh lips. I felt like a friend's tongue stuck sting in my vagina. We entwined bodies and furiously licked each other's laughter and shouts of the crowd of spectators surrounding us. But what we did not pay attention. I felt like a skilled language girlfriend again brings me to distraction. It was even better than the artificial phallus. Although the language did not get so deep. But his caressing motion ... brought me into a frenzy. I was wound up again and felt the closeness of orgasm. But this increased passion in me, and I'm the new unrelenting licking and biting her vagina Cynthia. She had already let the juice, and I swallowed her copious. On the palate, they were salty, thick. Suddenly I felt instinctively my hand, groping his buttocks girlfriend, groped her anus. Thrusting his finger there, I quickly began to rotate it there. Inside, it was sticky and hot. After my first finger there, stretching the entrance to the ass, and climbed into second. Cynthia moaned again. Although it was felt that the partner's anus stretched enough and probably subjected her to such attacks. Yet my affection be devastating for her. After a few seconds I felt Cynthia stiffened his whole body, and a moment later, my sweat poured muddy stream of mucus. This facilitated a friend, fiercely moving hips and uttering cries of delight. But then I could not resist. Orgasm overtook me. We even stronger entwined bodies and even more bored into the lower holes of each other. Orgasm was our common and lasted a long time. I do not calculate and even fingernail scratched the anus Cynthia.
We clung to each other and rolling on the rug, sucking the last drops out of the vagina. Many spectators squatted down to see all the details. I felt the back of his head bent over the hot breath of our people ...
When we got home, I tried to get out but the door did not budge, and I looked at Cynthia.
"You must now get used to, I'm the mistress of the attraction, and you work for me. You'll do what I tell you. Well: the evening was not over yet. Now you go home, I go into the house and go to bed, but first you do want to caress me before going to bed, yes, my dear?" With these words, Cynthia, his eyes fixed on my lips quivered, lifted the hem of her dress and spread her legs wide ...