Vacations in California. Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Entering the door, she saw him at the bar. He smoked a cigarette and stood up when she entered.
- Just do not try to tell me that you went to school to learn, - he joked, smiling.
- Perhaps I was a little too old for school - in the tone she said to him -
- What do you think about it?
- Surrender - Larry said, raising his hands, - I hope you will forgive me this joke - he smiled - Where, however, my girl?
Lily made a face - She could not come tonight. She called me this morning and said that she would prepare a picnic today, it's all for the holiday graduation. And I had to decorate the school hall for it.
- Damn this holiday! She spends so much time in the school to deal with even this?
- Think Larry - said Lily - Do not be so angry. Jane is very sorry and promises that will not happen again. Larry shook his head sarcastically - The next time might not be such a possibility as it is now. - Frustrated, he, nevertheless, kept perfectly and looked beautiful. Maybe it's just her appearance, thought Lily. Anyway, she liked Larry.
He was of medium height, broad-shouldered, with a thick head of hair. Somewhere in his hair shone silver, but it gave him the look of a man of light, and his eyes, as well as wealth and the ability to win a girl's heart, made an impression on her. Especially because he was often seen with girls in nightclubs in Hollywood. Probably, many women have left with their innocence, she thought, before he stopped at Jeannette.
- All right, shake, - tried to calm him Lily Jane always keeps his word after all. You know it ...
- But, - said Larry, - That is why me and surprised her behavior at the moment.
- You should be ashamed of himself - Lily looked into the street, - Tell me this is not your black "jaguar" It is over there? He has not bothered you? You do not want to change it for a new model?
- There is, moreover, in the garage and I already have enough work. I am pleased with this and.
- Excellent. In that case, let's go. I hope you take me home? - She took his hand and led him, laughing, to the sports car, standing on a hill.
A few minutes later, they rolled down the highway to the coast. After the turn, Larry shook his head - I was always sure of her fidelity and constancy.
Yes, I know that it is often busy. But at night ... Why at night ?! Once, years ago, it was the same. I thought we'd have dinner in the city, and then everything went topsy-turvy.
Lily nervously fidgeted next to him, and at some point, as a matter of happened that her leg pressed against Larry leg - still do not judge her so severely, Larry. I know she feels for you a great feeling. Frankly, I'm not sure that she had, earlier, had a serious relationship with someone. Besides, it is one of those girls, which has imposed too high a printing school stiffness.
- It is better to keep quiet, - said Larry, took out a pack of cigarettes, and opened it, and handed Lily - You all evening dangled over her and deserves attention on my part. You would like that, Lily?
- I think our relationship with Jane does not hurt if we have dinner together. In other matters, everything is clear with it. Heck, it took up the entire outlet ball! Think Larry, you and Jane, you never quarreled. In the end, one time nothing happens, otherwise you'd better leave.
- You're right - he said angrily, - I gave the word is not dating her anymore. Believe me, she did not give a finger to touch it. No, of course we loved the hug, but then that is not passed. At times, I have come to believe that it may be just a cold woman.
- Jane cold ?! - This idea seemed funny Lily. In her life, she had never known cold women, and Jane was hardly so. At least, Lily did not imagine that, since the call of sex filled her. At the same time, she has learned something in the last five years, but never before, she was not as excited as they are now.
- It is not so easy - continued Larry - In this little girl a lot of strange.
- Give it up, Larry. You complain about how bad lover. You do not want to marry a virgin !? - She laughed.
- I think no. One can imagine the danger of such a marriage, which is that it will have to spend half a lifetime to prepare his wife for this marriage. At the end of the half, it will be tested already cooling it and disappointment. This is not for me. And Jane is one of those. I'm very warmly disposed towards her, but at the same time, to exercise maximum restraint. Physically, it exhausts me. Or maybe it's because she did not understand what I want from her?
Lily smiled wryly - You are wrong, Larry, a man can be brought, and it works on any girl, if she knew what to do in this case. Perhaps this is her with another guy?
He shrugged his shoulders - but I did not take his eyes off her. I would like to make it for her ended badly to stop, finally, to worry about it.
Lily smiled, but not so much his boyish stubbornness, as he believes that he can not charm another girl.
- Walk, so chuckles - Darkly, he said - but, it's true. take you, for example. As you are attracted to, and mind, and sexuality. Specific grade girls only likes to joke; sometimes, they do not mind and work "left". Other hotties love to make love and are ready at any moment to get you into bed. But as for me, Lily, I think you and attractive, and a good friend. I could drive you as a sister by the hand, and do not feel for you as a woman of passion. Maybe this is a sign of insanity?
- I did not even know how to take your words as a compliment or as an insult - she said playfully. Of course, she did not think to take it as a joke. She tried to make sense of his words and decided that perhaps even before nightfall Mr. Larry will keep his word and take her hand.
The sun had already sunk in the Pacific Ocean wide, flattened, odd ball, when Larry turned his car on the way to the top, and they began to climb the hill, and then stopped.
- It would be good to eat, - she said Larry suddenly - after an early breakfast, I was not a crumb in his mouth.
Quite suddenly appeared in front of them restaurant with sandwiches and cold beer. Lily turned on the radio and caught the jazz.
- Gosh, I had not thought about it. And how do we get back to the city at night, Larry?
- What about this do not worry. I think you will not mind if we go to Bambo-Club, and see where today's performance.
- In fact, I was going to go there. Can you give me time? You can very well go there by car, and Jane can take the car back to you tomorrow.
He thought for a moment ... - Well, I know Mate Greer there is something that suits. He told me that he will have a new idea on a Saturday night. You know, I wish I could be there and see what he has invented.
Lily heard Meite Greer and his performances: he founded in Bambo-Club is one of the low places in Hollywood, where all the high society. Famous movie star, the producers were going to go at your leisure to talk with each other, and moreover, a place it has become quite famous for all kinds of sex. Lily wanted to know any details, before making an offer. In any case, the newspaper something kept silent about this club.
- No - he said - I do not know what was going on. Hell! Just do not talk about it, Jane, she did not understand.
- Of course - she said and added, - Although I really ought to have a little blackmail. You know about this club.
- And you do it? - He frowned.
- Shut up, there must be a reason and you.
- My God! After all, there is something other than an orgy. All neurotics Hollywood pounded there.
- Probably because there is interesting - Lily said, in addition, if it is so immoral, how do you go there?
- If I go there, - he said, - I let in on themselves, in such cases, strict kind. While most of these gay guys, watching out there, begin to undress themselves, and so the girls like you, it is not very pleasant.
- These rumors only inflame the imagination, - she said, looking at him with big, innocent eyes - Tell me, is really going on there ...
- Hell! You can not imagine what's going on there. The most hot spot for Hollywood companies. There the stars and producers, and whatever you want. All come to look at each other. In addition, they do not hide it away from the millions of the public, because they are worshiped as idols. Their desires are limited in order to stand in the height of his fame, when they take on a terrible movie neuroticism, from which these people are trying to escape, but only strengthen it. Meita Company, to the extent possible, contributes to this. Anyway, they like it. There everyone can do whatever he wants and what he wants, there are no barriers. If you have a need to become a wild animal - please can you become happier in this manner. If you want to develop in your wildest imagination desires, to awaken to the life of their instincts - to join the party Meita!
Lily wondered Larry stroked his hand, and suddenly said, without a trace of hesitation, - Arrange it to me, Larry.
He stared at her, then signaled the waiter came up and ordered a beer and sandwiches. When he returned with beer and sandwiches, Larry put the tray in the rear seat, and sent a waiter. a few minutes they drank in silence, enjoying the music. Little light cast on them neon lights.
- Say, will you do it? - Lily asked with a slight smile and looked at Larry crimson eyes.
Perseverance Lily somewhat surprised him, and he wanted to know how this desire sincerity. He put the empty glass on the tray and turned to her.
- Look, Lily, - he said slowly, - it must be done rationally. Any girl, getting in this fucking place should firmly decide on anything. You know, every guy is ready for it. Here we must first become skilled at something, only then can there be displayed. I would be the last man, if it were not warned in advance you, or Jane, or any other girl, before heading to the Meitu. Lily pouted. - Who do you think I am? First of all, you must know that I would like to purchase a certain amount of skills suitable for Meita club.
- Well, well, Lily. For this case will not.
- Do you really want to know what I'm in bed, Larry? - She whispered and gently turned, stretched and clung to him all over. - I want - her hand slid along his thigh. He winced as if she pinched him.
- Look, Lily, may not be worth it, I ...
- The girls like it more than men. You should not be so cruel.
- Oh my God! Leave it, wait ... - The words were ready to break out of his chest, but somewhere stuck, he mingled. He tried to hold her hand, but gathering all his strength, felt that he could not resist its onslaught.
- After all, we have the time, is not it? It would be nice ... Do not you want this on Jane?
- Oh my God! - He sighed, and suddenly grabbed her shoulders and held her close to him. His lips touched hers, he felt her tongue, teasing and caressing, enters into his mouth. She cupped his face in his hands, then leaned and looked him in the eye.
- But again you want to push my hand? You do not want me? - She whispered, breathless with passion. Then he told her - No, Lily, not here. Let's go somewhere ...
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