I am 25 years, pretty attractive guy a girl say my friends, but recently there have been a strange desire to make a blow to the man, and so he did not even know .chto it makes another man, just sex with a man for me is not acceptable, but try member of the mouth wants to ugliness, that's such a wild imagination.
I have a constant girl, she owns a large nightclub, and here for the holidays, we celebrated together, I went through a bit of alcohol and told her about my fantasies and forgot about it, but after a while she said it herself. As it turned out she had at the club for vip-guests there is an interesting offer, a girl who liked a guy can for a purely nominal fee to invite him to a room with a hole for a member, she herself is in another room where comes this hole and the guy sticks his dick in the hole, and the girl gives him a blowjob, or simply is placed on the member so fucking liked the guy. And then the guy for a long time wondering who it was, of course this game was only for their inputs in the room were a special disposable plastic magnetic cards, which are issued to the selected at the entrance to the exact time and this is my friend suggested me to stay in the role of a girl, but with one condition that she would be there with me, and it will finally strap my ass, as it has long been suggested by me, and it was her imagination.
Generally it helps to fulfill my fantasy, and I am doing it and nothing on the other, in short I thought did not last long, and agreed, though nearly refused when I learned that you have to get dressed in women's clothes as the entrance to this room was in the women's washroom or me I would have had to spend the night in this little room, because I would go in there I had to go before the opening and after the closing of the club, but still wait for the cleaners leave.
And then came the day of X, I was in the morning a little shake with excitement, and last night I went to a club there in the office with a friend, she took my toilet, as it turns out it is also a morning shake in anticipation of the evening, but still she had killed half a day purchasing my women's clothes, she began to make up for me, then pulled out of the package and said things to put on, your mother, I saw the stockings, skirt, little white jacket with a bunch ryushechek, with cover bra breast and panties with a cut in the perineum. Complements all this wig with black and long hair. Looking at all this, I realized that I was, how all this dressing I even had no idea, of course, I knew how it all removed from women, but wear and even on himself, short wore my girlfriend to start it wore on my socks, they were black and very dense, completely opaque, gum them reach right up my ass, then put me transparent black bra and put it silicone breasts huge nipples, then her panties with a cut, a shirt and a skirt, the skirt was to length above the knees, not just by opening the gum stockings, and completed all the wig hair which covered my brow that I categorically refused to pull out. And the shoes, well even without a heel, then examined me she finally allowed me to look in the mirror, there I saw a rather pretty brunette athletic. moderately painted, invoice breasts were quite large and the nipples stood out through blouse, everything seems spoiled legs were too muscular for women, but at least thanks to their neprozachnosti could not see their hairiness.
My friend looked at his watch and said, - It is time dear - opened the door and we went into the room, I thought that we just quickly go through this room, but there she took me to the bar and seated on a chair ordered a drink, I'm pretty quickly persuaded a few cocktails and I did not feel like dressing up the doll, took power and replaced by the new excitement that I had a hard time holding back imagining what will happen if my dick get up, go with a protruding skirt did not want to. And then a friend took me by the hand led me to the women's room, there were a lot of girls, my told me that you have to wait until diverge went to the mirror to direct marafet, and that at some point we were alone, my friend took the card and held it against the door close, on which hung a sign, the door opened and we slipped inside, passing through a small corridor we entered the room where the entire floor was covered with pillows, soft dim light was burning in the center stood a tray with champagne and next to him a package. On one of the walls could be seen a round hole, the other walls were mirrored, we drank shampaskoe and a friend started to stick to me, and pestered her as a man to a woman, rough and hard, the whole me, she slipped her hand under my shirt and under her bra became eager to crush my breast, rather than my invoice, the second hand she rastegivat shirt on me and soon I found myself without her, just as quickly I found myself without a skirt .In the mirror I saw a blonde passionately kissing a brunette and I would thou didst not know what this brunette I not a minute would not doubt that there are two lesbians have fun with the other sisters.
Type in a mirror and a friend brought me in earnest, I was thinking how to quickly insert a girlfriend as was heard for a strum and a friend broke away from me, he pushed me to the wall where the hole was. I saw how it goes together with a member of the eggs, he was already in the excited state of a small length and three centimeters thick, the head skin was closed and all covered with veins. Then came the whisper girlfriend
- Why do not you still like this
I knelt down, the hole was pretty low, gently touched the tongue member, a member is quite startled, looking at her friend saw her with interest watching me while wearing the leather pants with artificial member, in view mirror was generally ofanaritelny - I in lingerie standing in front of a wall of a cancer which is sticking member with eggs. spitting on all yavzyal member of the hand and lifted him to release access to the clean-shaven balls, I passed their tongue, one after another, and then one by one he took in his mouth and gently sucked, I would try to make a blow as would like something to do it for me, then still holding the trunk of his hand began to pass from below the tongue and lips, while listening to their feelings, no matter how strange disgust me it did not cause quite the contrary. So I took in his mouth the entire head covered with skin and slowly planted his mouth to the base of the penis and slowly back, not letting head out of his mouth, I put his tongue under the skin on the head and began treating her with his tongue, cock in my mouth twitched, and because of the wall began to be heard the muffled groans, and only then I realized that something was wrong with my butt, squinting, I saw in the mirror that my girlfriend is already naked only wearing her strap, tongue and lips do with my ass.
A member of my mouth twitched requiring continuing and I clasped it tightly lipped one touch his head bared head, releasing her mouth I INSTANT admire this brilliant pointed head and tongue began to handle the place where begins the bridle, a member started strongly bounce and I had to embrace it lips tongue podolzhaya write monogram on the head. Suddenly I felt as a friend put me in the ass finger and start them leisurely potrahivat me that made me in the lower abdomen new very pleasant feeling, but I caught myself on the fact that the beat Palchikov girlfriend skewer mouth on the penis, then I realized that a friend beginning in addition to the first finger to insert the second, the pain was not as I feared most impatient to continue, and when she entered the second finger member in my mouth twitched and shot me in the neck portion of sperm shots followed one another, and I even did not have to swallow them fell directly into the throat immediately falling in and only the last remnants ... hit my tongue, until then I had never tasted semen taste it was still salty and it was sticky. A member of my mouth began to rapidly decline becoming flaccid and soft, and I released it and licked it has disappeared in the hole and I abandoned himself to the feeling that arose in my ass where her fingers was operating my girlfriend inside I had a feeling that my head member was inside and on it someone drives a hard tongue, only a feeling it was several times stronger than the penis.
A friend pulled out of my ass and fingers turning laid me on my back, she perched on the top and put the strap in my mouth and sweeping movements began to fuck me in the mouth penetrated to the throat. I do not know how long it lasted, how to strum Suddenly there was a call and I saw over my head comes out of the hole another member, a friend pulled the strap from my mouth and leaned toward me whispered 'continued - again I stood in a pose crustaceans and looked at member, he was the complete opposite of the first, still sluggish but thick and smooth with a bare head and a huge hairy eggs, I immediately began to knead his hands, and the term has incorporated into his mouth to the ground, he just fit right up to the throat, and in this moment I felt like my ass comes something much bigger than the fingers, very slow and quite painful, but the strap girlfriend came to the end and she stopped giving my ass to get used to, but I continued to suck dick who suddenly began to increase in size fuck, I had to at least increase it to release it from his mouth, he just did not fit there, and there he is, on the twenty centimeters longer, but the thickness ........ all that I could take it in my mouth head and probably a couple of centimeters, so I just focused on the treatment of the head of the monster's tongue in my mouth, gently moving on her lips.
At this point, my girlfriend probably decided that my ass is quite used to start fairly quickly fuck me threesome, quite hitting me with his pubis, and his movements she just sit down on my sticking out of the wall member, at first it was a little painful, but then began to increase a sense of growing within me an orgasm, otherwise just not be able to describe these feelings. With a member in the mouth, I have nothing nemog done only during the girlfriend moving back a little time to pull away and run round the head of the tongue, and a friend all accelerated the pace and I have not had time to remove his head and it over and over again, milimmetr for milimmetrom skewer my mouth to this member .Moy mouth was already stretched to the limit, it seemed that it no longer will enter, but he pushed her friend nalezaet like a snake on the mouse, the fire was raging inside me, it seemed that every movement causes a new outbreak of friends enjoying all that I could have it slightly moving the pelvis I am trying to catch even more pleasure and finish. Here girlfriend stopped and I was able to slowly pull his mouth to the member, and in that moment when I came to the lips of the head jerked the monster shot into my mouth cum, and the second shot is literally filled my mouth completely, his sperm was bitter-sweet solenoid and very sticky, she immediately enveloped my mouth, I swallowed almost everything, but the shots followed one another and sperm flowed down his chin. But the stream has dried up and I was just taking her hand to the head member of the spending in the face assembled and then licked all the sperm that was on my face c member.
When a member has disappeared, I turned and saw a friend who was just pouring champagne, she handed me a glass to be asked -Well otrahanym in front and behind at the same time - after drinking two glasses in one gulp, said - And you what a thrill that you fucked me artificial member - The answer was simple - not yet fully fucked, but in general you do not understand the condition of the girl, whose favorite guy is allowed to do with his ass, until I had you five times already finished and now we will continue.
Suddenly came the strum again, I looked at her friend and she said in a whisper - This is the last -
The hole has a new member, this was a very long and thin, even thinner head and a sharp, short reminding rocket, and was very dark, almost black, and the head of a burgundy .Uzhe strikes a pose in front of a member I saw that her friend change the nozzle on panties if the past was just a smooth, this looked like a natural member with eggs and head leaned girlfriend whispered pointing to the strap -He also ends - interesting than I had time to think, and my friend took my head just sent it to a member of the , this member was just nice to play and his lips and tongue, I swallow it by the throat, and while he could play with the barrel of the tongue, but also reaching to the throat I could take into the mouth no more than half the member and then my ass pierced a sharp pain as it turned this strap was naaamnogo more than the previous one, I instinctively jerked forward, trying to get off the strap, but did not realize that I had in the mouth of the throat member, which then snatch just slid down my throat. A friend began a sharp and long bursts to drive me to the strap in the ass and in the time to I let a member of the throat and he could breathe, beginning from such a deep penetration in my throat was gagging, but they quickly ran out, the pain in the ass, too, quickly left and I became just enjoy again a lump growing inside me pleasure.
With each push of girlfriends strap eggs beat against my crotch that I thought only strengthened pleasant, a member of my mouth permanently falling down at every jolt down my throat, so I struggled chin on his balls. Hell and in fact I have a last whore, from two sides, and I do not mind, but on the contrary, I thought, and suddenly a member twitching deep in my throat, I realized that he had finished, I do not know what the taste was his sperm since finishing the member just slipped out of my mouth and disappeared from the hole. That dream came true idiot flashed in my head.
A friend saw that a member has disappeared, pulled the strap and put me on my back, my legs in stockings she threw back his shoulders and put the strap me in the ass, this time everything went smoothly, she began to take short sharp shocks, there was a heaviness in my testicles, hot ball inside me began to grow, it seems filled me completely, looking at her friend, I saw she was going to finish, her breasts flushed and swaying to the beat of her movements will bite lip, eyes closed, face covered with perspiration, and that's a cry she started to cum while staying within me she suddenly squeezed eggs strap and I felt inside me hit a powerful jet, she squeezed eggs strap to the beat of its waves of orgasm each time inside me exploded a small firework of pleasure and once again this outbreak is not over, I it seemed that inside me broke a supernova and I had finished, this orgasm I was not there, I just fell out of reality, every splash of my semen caused a new outbreak.
When he awoke, I looked around, I saw a friend who dressed, going to the mirror, look at yourself, the whole body in front was filled with sperm, even on the face were droplets vyterevshis and dressed, we slipped out of the room, changed clothes, and having washed with a friend in the office and drinking a glass of vodka I said, replying to a glance which friends all this time remained silent -May say one thing, and I liked it very much, as you fuck me, I confess was a fool not agreed before, that's just a sore ass, and in her mouth as though number killed and long it will all be sick? and after a pause added - When will the pain can repeat if you do not mind.
A friend just gave me a hug and gave - and repeat more than once, but only at home with no members there, but with one usloviem- you in such cases will always be in women's clothing, men's and I, we will be constantly changing roles and wardrobe, I will provide you
All that I could ... so it is only according to the nod as the already realized that without such orgasms I can not .......................... ................
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