My first course

I want to tell you my name is Mustafa istoriyu.Menya. I came to Moscow from Georgia, studying in univere.Togda I was 17 years old. My height is 177 cm, weight 80 kg. I entered the first university course. How many there were sexual heifers in mini-skirts. So I decided to act.
After a couple I saw a crowd of freshmen. One of them was dazzling. Low, with blue eyes, blond hair, a third the size of the chest, in a mini-skirt in the topic, and low-heeled shoes on. I just have to be to fuck her. I went up to him pretty easily and unobtrusively, and offered to go to the cafe. They're a bit for broken but then agreed.
Cafe is located near the institute. There we sat for a few hours, drinking beer. And the girls drank more than me clearly. Their name was Lena and Vick (my darling). They are decently razvezlo and then I asked them to go to his hut, the blessing lived nearby. There began the most interesting.
After drinking their razvezlo and I decided to act. Lena excused myself to the bathroom, Vick was sitting just in front of me and I decided to act. For starters began to kiss her neck and lips, then abruptly pull off her clothes, she tried to resist, but where there. I pulled off her bra, oh what her breasts, I began to lick and kiss with her, then took off her panties. She had a little pink pisechka which could be seen a little hairs.
I took his fighter who was already in a fighting mood and abruptly shoved her back. As she moaned. I started to fuck her with such speed. My dick (20 cm), she went on the eggs, she moaned, grimacing, sighing, sighing and crying do not stop. I fucked her for about 5 minutes until it was Lena. At first I did not even pay attention to it. She stood and looked at us and then left. Fuck her in the pussy, I decided to finish it right in the mouth. Come suck my bitch, and shoved his penis into her mouth.
She began to suck. Sucking 10 minutes for a long time It was evident that it brings her pleasure. I finished just 10 Bay it all over the face and mouth with sperm. But it was not enough for me. I decided to fuck her in the ass. By putting this body cancer tonyusenkoy I saw the hole and began to push his club. She began to shout and resist. Here ran Lenka. What are you doing? She asked. You're next - I said. She began to scream that I let go of her friend. And Vick same screaming. Dick with you - I said, and let go of both.
Hmm, yes it was fine, I thought. It is necessary to repeat. Fortunately I had their numbers. A few days later I called Vick and asked how she was doing and offered to meet. She refused and said she was busy. Then a few days later I saw her at the university and went to her. We humbly chatted and I asked her to go for a walk. She agreed. It turned out that he and Lena had come to Moscow from the Arkhangelsk region, from one village. I asked if she liked sex with me, she was embarrassed, I offered to do it again, then she refused.
So it is necessary to drink it again - I thought, and asked to drink beer. She agreed. We scored a beer and sat down on a bench. After drinking for poltarashke it has become more sociable. She told me that it is not never gave in the ass, and often engaged in sex, but as much as I have, no one has ever had. I sat and looked at her tanned legs. As they are beautiful, I said, and started her matzo. I climbed into her panties (she was in a mini-skirt) and began to touch her crotch and then lower and lower, it is not dazha soprotivlyalyas. He offered to go with me.
She reluctantly agreed. Just as soon as we arrived, I threw her on the bed, pulled off his clothes and began to fuck. She behaved well in bolder and I decided to have to fuck her in the ass. Right now, I have no man hurt. By putting it on all fours, I abruptly drove her to his fighter as she screamed, moaned. From the eyes shed tears. My cock went about half continue to shove it did not work. I fucked her for five minutes. When pulled dick he was covered in shit. On the lick I told her. She dutifully licked all. Then I pounded by a dick to her forehead and said to bitch-meeting. She said she hated me and everything and dumped.
Since two weeks have passed and I have not fucked anyone. And then good luck. Once, late at night I was walking home and saw a drunk girl. She sat in her mood was lousy. I approached her and asked Leah can not do something to help her. She told me a sentimental story about what a friend with whom she removes the hut will not let her into the house and she was nowhere to spend the night. Then I offered to go with me. She agreed. Along the way, I learned that her name was Olga, she for 24 years. I led her into the house and put it on the bed.
She was quite thin and small growth of about 155cm weight somewhere to50 kg. Dark hair, a second razmera.Odeta chest was in jeans and a topic. I naturally decided to fuck this natural wonder. I stripped naked and walked up to her. I lay down on top of her while pulling off her jeans. She almost did not resist. When I took off all her clothes and began to fondle her breasts tongue. She liked it. A hand I climbed into her pussy. Well, I think it's time for the main and I abruptly drove her to his penis. And away we go.
We fucked for about 20 minutes a few times I finished right in it. At the same time she kept screaming - fuck me deeper ostnavlivaysya not. Apparently she liked it very much. Then I slipped her his dick straight into her mouth and began to fuck her in the mouth. She is especially pleased. She told me to lay back. I lay down, and she began to suck my dick, licking balls and scrotum with the other hand masturbating himself. I am sucking for a long time I had finished 5 times if not more, the Gulf sperm her whole face. Then she lay down on my chest.
Then she asked how old I am. 17 I answered. She was very surprised. I thought I goda23. Then she fell asleep on me. In the morning I woke up lying pervym.Ona longer side facing away from me to me spinoy.Da ass she thought I was very skinny, but has decided that it is necessary. I started to wake her. She woke up little remembering. I quickly began to act. Put it on all fours, and drove her to his chlen.Ona sighed and sighed. But the hole was pretty much immediately obvious to me in the ass fucked her.
I'm trying to drive her to his penis through. But it was clear how she hurt, she even shed tears she asked me to stop. Then I took his dick out of ass, put her in the face and said - suck. She sucked me again. Then she said I fucked her with or without a condom it. Naturally without it-I said. Moron I can fly - she said, and began to dress. I began to reassure her type marry me and all that. She did not say nothing got dressed and left.
Since then passed about goda.Za this time I managed to fuck another 9 girls. Among them were like 15 year old little girls and 25 year old women.
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