Wet story

And around the cherished slits Curly golden poo-shock that I loved to touch and stroke, lying in bed at night. Nothing more I did not care-la, but not too much, and she knew what to do and how. The process of copulation was for me, to be honest, NE-leniem mysterious, though, of course, as a rural resident, I have repeatedly seen copulating with-tank, bull with cows, horses. But, I repeat, to the people I somehow all this does not apply. Not because it was stupid, and probably a little bit infantile, that is not so surprising in thirteen years. But my sexual ignorance did not last long ...
We live with Mom and Dad, as I said, in the village, to put it simply - in a big village. My parents - local intelligentsia - namely teachers. Pope to the same - the director of the school. But we have to learn almost nobody. In seventh grade, where I went in the summer, I was going to go to all three of them - I let Masha zamorysch Vit-ka, which seriously and do not want to talk. In ninth grade, two girls, in the tenth - no one in the fifth - three, in the third - the most ... four girls and three kid. That's the whole school. Guys, except small fry but Vitka in the village no. So no one behind me and never took care of my schelochkoy not interested.
So, on the very evening of July when this story began, we had a bath. Banja we have our own, very cool! Parents are always the first to go, and I later subsided when a high fever. Usually my mother-we familiarize quickly, and my father liked to warm up, but this time for some reason, my mother stayed. I'm tired of sitting at home, I gathered clean clothes and leisurely went to the bath and decided to wait for their turn in the street.
Going to the bath, I suddenly noticed that the window is usually tightened with plastic wrap, this time openly - either collapsed film, or forget to close ... I did not mean to pry, but glancing casually, could not have come off. My parents were young when they were both thirty-five years, and quite beautiful, especially Dad. But so I did not see them until now never! They stood in the middle of the bath and kissing. It is clear that both of them were naked. And so ended the kiss, the embrace loosened, his father moved slightly to the side, and I'm just dumbfounded! At the father's feet from the thick bush of black hair sticking out a long pink stick! Rather, it first seemed to me that this is a stick. But a closer look closely, I realized-la, that this is what is called a penis. The skin on his head slipped back slightly, opened-wai smooth, just brilliant, some bluish surface. And below this wonderful