We met at a tram stop. She was thoughtful and, as if something upset. I asked if she's okay. She looked at me, missing eyes and nodded.
- What's your name, girl?
- I do not know, is not called, - she smiled sadly.
She captivated me. Green, like the emerald lake, eyes that wants to drown ... Wave blond hair, smelling so amazing ...
Once again, he gave me a sad look came up and went to the bus.
- Girl, please, come to me! Suppose that after this meeting we both would hurt, but I really want to!
- Well, let's go - suddenly and quietly she said.
I took her by the hand and led him. The skin on her palm was warm and smooth as gladiolus petals.
She could leave. I would not go for it, did not insist. Although her spirit of freedom and at the same time of submission fascinated me.
We went into the apartment, I made coffee. Including his favorite song - "Patriot".
"Blood flows over the rocks, forget about everything, go ahead. Listen to the voice of the fire ..."
- I like. I do really love "Aria" for the great texts, - she said, gently touching her lips with a cup of coffee.
- Do you want to experience their songs on yourself? You want to live with them?
She looked up at me, questioning eyes.
Instead of answering, I poured two glasses of Leopold Gourmel and motioned behind him. We went in a specially equipped room. It was dark, lit only had a sunbed iron belts. I warned her ...
- You can leave now, and I will not keep, but as soon as we start - everything. And yet, do not drink up all the brandy, they I will then disinfect the wound. Your wounds. So, your decision?
- I stay.
- You...
- Yes I'm sure.
- Good. Undress.
My God, how beautiful it was! White skin in the dim light shone silver.
- You're beautiful!
I gently took her by the hair and brought to the mirror, lit the lamp.
- Look how beautiful you are, zhemchuzhenka! Now be a good girl, lie down.
I buckled straps her hands and took a razor. Simple blade. The first band was held on the inner side of the thigh from the knee to the groin. She trembled like a butterfly in a net. The second - on the left breast around the nipple. I walked to the center and included Aria ...
...Whisper prayers in stone walls,
Razor thin veins.
Happiness in the morning, the mountain in the evening,
Everything is so strange and ever ...
Again I took a razor and made a cut on her arm, just below the elbow. Blood flowed hot creek arm and chair. White leather, gray iron, and of red blood, which can be more delightful? She arched her back, opened her lovely mouth, I kissed her. My tongue got into her throat, feeling the soft palate, it was great ...
...We hurriedly tore eternity
The road was hissing like a snake,
Light body, like a candle
In this race so unearthly, unearthly ...
I took a candle, lit it with a match and began to drip hot wax on her belly. She shuddered from each small drop and half closed his eyes, gave herself to the sensations.
...Let it be love to be called,
The most absurd and the most ridiculous.
Let this be a diabolical heat,
Heat, burn everything! ..
I pulled back the extinguished candle to the side and took the lighter. Kissing fire left on her chest a hot trail. She moaned.
Here and there around the nipples stood out blood. Let it be said that the blood - it's disgusting. It would have been possible if it were not so great. Continuing to shower her breasts ardent kisses, the other hand, I sank into her womb. She spread her legs invitingly. She was wet, and at that moment I realized that she was about to finish. Quickly taking pre-heated soldering iron, I gently walked him into it. She began to squirm. The deeper I went into it a hot soldering iron, the sweeter was her moans. So, she came. Her beat orgasmic spasm. I put the soldering iron and gave her five minutes of respite. Then, gently kissing her, I began to prepare the next torment.
...It's all hype, that he was
Most good king.
It's all true -
He ruled by fire and sword ...
I glowed with fire thin, sharp twig, then pierced her nipples. There was no blood. She struggled in convulsions. I put in the holes, pre-cooked suspension. Then I fell down. Tenderly playing with her swollen lips, the clitoris and genital lips, tongue I entered her fragrant vagina. Oh, how she moaned! I could no longer hold back. Going into it, I felt the heat. The fired vagina was still burning, bringing her sweet and really terrible suffering. We came together, but I did not stop, continuing to bite into a beautiful bosom adorned with burns.
...Only one thing you think you are -
Who rules the evil, can save.
The body is trembling and on the verge of
You sell your soul !!! ..
Yes! I was ready to sell his soul, only to again and again to be with her. I fell in love with her. And I did not like anyone else, ever.
I again took the blade and drew a heart on her belly. Bloody symbol of my love. She cried. I whispered in her ...
- I love you, zhemchuzhenka.
Sliznuv drops of blood, spoke on her abdomen, I kissed her. It's time to relax. I took a glass of brandy and slowly poured a drink of her breasts, her stomach. She huddled. I gently pressed his lips to her hot, sweet flesh and felt a swelling under my tongue beautiful cherry.
I caressed her until he heard the groans. I immediately brought the index finger into her ass. Hole was narrow, so even two fingers hurt. She whispered that the soldering iron is not enough. I turned it on the rug. Beautiful buttocks bumps stared at me. I moistened hole tongue and put on the penis tip, studded with the outside of the thick iron bars. It was so that the head is left open. I slowly entered her. The hole was small for me, but I went with an effort. Head felt the warmth of her body. She screamed. Not stopping, I went into the fingers of her bosom, and felt pads bloody burns. Oh, what bliss it was! Understanding that is about to finish, I abruptly pulled out of her and yanked the nozzle. From the anus oozing blood, I licked her, and went again. Feeling his trunk bloody kisses, I shot her. Orgasm electric shock shook me. She also struggled in languor. Then I fainted. I gently turned her over and kissed her luscious lips, then brought it to life ....
...Who are you - punishment or mercy?
Who are you - do not rush to deny.
May was for my soul,
Only there is no soul ...
She looked at me with beautiful green eyes, and her lips ...
I read her a passage from the poem "The Scythians"...
...Yes, love is our love blood,
None of you do not like.
You have forgotten that there is love in the world,
That and burns and destroys ...
She reached out to me and hugged me. My God! She - the most valuable thing I have ever had in my life. We were embraced, probably forever. And suddenly in my head surfaced lines from a poem Zenkevich ...
...I wanted to kiss the bloody frenzy knot
Styanuvshi vicious, liquor-smelling mouth,
Fall, and hunting, long knife slashing,
Shred naked painfully delicate stomach ...
She lay down, I did not tie it. Taking a knife, I gently ran over her lower lip, then on his own. Our blood is mixed in a passionate kiss.
I made cuts on her stomach. They looked amazing ... white skin, rough red cracks. She moaned. I gently parted her legs and cut the skin from the navel to the clitoris. She was still conscious. I went up to her chest and ran into a quivering flesh. Blood gushed uncontrolled flow. She was barely breathing, white with a blood shortage. I leaned over to kiss her, she whispered ... "I love you". The dying groan, the last kiss. It was perfection. It was perfect ... I love her.
Let me get crazy
After a madman, and there is no demand,
Give me time to break
This is too normal light.