Tatyana's Day

Well, what this asshole stuck there. That I must die in this tin. Fug, damn. I sit as a drain in the ass, sticking his head in kondishn. Ha-ha! How does this asshole wit: "Honey, open the window - there's your kondishn". He would have said: "Vysun language, it will refresh you". Damn. Needless to say - I went successfully married. My mother - the holy, wise woman - she was right. "This is what we have in the kitchen sitting?". "Mom, meet, is Valera". Valerie: Valerie-cholera.
Well, fasten, it is good to shoot the breeze while I pussy is not melted. In the morning - 29! I hueyu! Oh, you look at it - it narcissistic as witty. How to grouse lek. Give me the gun, pal, I shot it in the ass cock. What a nice guy he is. The belly of the belt, dark patches under the armpits. And these sticking out of the nose hair! If not for Lena, a hundred times would be divorced. And the second - the same redneck. Though like a little more decently. Shoulders: Butt - nishtyak. Yes, and in general any figure like my penguin. A asshole even like it when I call him or Tux Teletubbies. He believes that it's me with tenderness. Schaz! Shit! They fuck bin. Tenderness he wanted, asshole.
"Tanyusik: Tanyusik, could you please me? Caress, please my cock". No, damn, I hueyu! When he first said it, I almost whinnied in his mug. Be a man, just tell me: "Suck my dick". Obosret! This is the fifth year Sanya, just dragged me into a dark corner, he unbuttoned his pants and shoved his cock in my mouth. And then I listened to his mother? "But where are your eyes? He potaskun and a drunkard. Only over my dead body!". So you had to strike dead then sukonka old. Oh, that's me. God bless her. Though Lenka there is someone to sit. Well, now if you do not potaskun, so the penguin.
Juli he drags it here. Do not tell me that it'll take us to the cottage. You nabuzgaetes there, and I'll be on your red, debility faces look. Užbok unfinished.
"Hello. Very nice, Oleg. Tatyana. Well and good. Together will be more fun". Well, all asshole - we get home, I'll make you a feast. Carnival will not be! That's for sure. "Chocolate? Mmm :, what a beautiful". Fuck it yourself shove. Are you going to shit real chocolate.
Fu, a little freshened up - the wind blows. Tits wet with sweat. Well at least no underarm stains. And the fact that a man thinks - what zamaruha. A muzhichek nothing pleasant. Red-haired. I love red. Red cilia, red edge. And dick red hairline, I guess. Cool. Look how many golden fuzz on her arms. Hairy brushes. It seems, and hairy chest. Nothing so-so Samchyky. Well, that has made up. Clever girl, Tanya. And this asshole: "Who will see you there in the village? Rams?"And laughs. Oh, damn, sheep! If I listened to ram you, we'd still be my mother lived, and I have pots in the garden of soap. All his hump all his hump. "We have your mother psychological incompatibility". Well, who took the money and went chelnochit? Did you know, a tree stump. As pussy with a propeller, to wind with these fucking bags. So once you come home with your hands like a monkey - cigarette butts on the table of the bank, under the table, the battery of bottles of beer. Okay, whatever the fuck he went. The mood to spoil yourself even in output.
And Oleg pleasant voice. Some special accent. It seems that some sort of letter does not utter, and did not catch any. So cute. Lips have something. I like guys with juicy lips. And such nice eyes. Transparent blue. It is necessary, at the asshole still have decent friends.
"Oleg and his wife will not lose you? Well, okay, okay, you will not lose a wife? Yes, I'm something that I asked about his wife, it is not interesting. Divorced?". It is very interesting! Look, this žbchik and unattended. Oh, Tanyuha, not Georgia - another your neck is not enough. Few concerns something. Though one can try and poebonchik smandit. What do you have there in large trousers, comrade? Hopefully heavy load duplicate. At penguin dick something too general Nitsche. Though thanks for that, dear hubby. But this belly, this flabby ass, but it's snuffling. It is as if once a week with a woman sin, great thanks. Sex! I beg of you. I close my eyes, one, two, three, go wash. Some text more. This, dripping on his feet, his sparse spermochka: Helen necessary new sandals. This is not a wish, it does not want. A mother flee - Sailing briefs.
Galka-muzykansha joke told yesterday. Lob a ride in a jeep. Huž-mine. Jackdaw girl ushlaya - one-time and on the mattress. So, he says he's got 8 centimeters in the standing position. "Well, fuck me his jeep. It's like a finger poked".
Pripylili, thank you Lord. Feet numb all. Legs, my legs hurt. Lose weight it is necessary, Tanyuha, lose weight. All after six zhrems not. What a grace. Well, that went. Right now I'll harness men - let the water in the bath drag. At this time, asshole not wriggle, Oleg hesitate. Well, clear dick - first on the beer. Holy thing.
Tanyuha - diamond eyes! Oleg shirtless, and the truth, the whole fluffy. Just like Leopard. Freckles on the shoulders and back. A front real fur. Start to claws in this skin. And a strong ass. Promiscuous - fact. That would be in bed to fill up a kind of little animals. The Khoi-the-century feel a real man. To pin the whole mass and fucked up green snot. So that pussy in a foam. And no remorse. Nihuya. Peretopchetsya penguin. What to me now, because of his greasy white huyka not see the light. 34. How soon my men was something? Fingers will suffice. Even if a few of them with a grenade severed. Five, while at the institute studied. And Belarusians Gelendzhik. And yet! Tanyuha, a chronic nedožb. So you can not live.
But where? He may be living with someone. If only he had available beds, the stopudovo - it will sag under my ass. Oh, it is necessary to lose weight, Tanyuha. All that's enough, after five do not eat!
So, my red-haired Cheburashka wood in the bath dragged. Tanyuha in the gun. Reconnaissance. Take no prisoners. Sitting in front of the stove, sticking zhopku. Help should be stoker. And stoop lower. Let appreciate his eyes ice bins which have moms. Let me hold on through you. Oh my God, flushed, his eyes lowered. Heifers! Not to claw launched, but grabbed a woman for pussy. would have hesitated a little. Everything itself, all by herself.
No, penguin, this will not work. First, we'll bathe, and then Oleg? So what? Would be a good man, I would go alone. Warm up, I warmed. Longer, netoropyas. And we would be here with Olezhka can that skumekali. Yes, somewhere there. Ram! In short, the first man go, and I'll. "So as not to be poisoned by fumes". I'm sure by nedožba eel. Beer or something else deryabnut for bravery. That's the asshole now the balls fall out. Ha-ha. From both places.
"Boys, I have some water brought holodnenkoy"And a bold step into the steam room. At penguin as much soap fell out of his hands. "Oh, and then you check point heated as soon as the head is not spinning". That's because it is, quite beside. Oleg. Naked Oleg. The red bush dick hanging. Confused heifers broom covered. Two naked men and me! No, here I do not even NATO peacekeeping forces will withdraw. Such Dicks porazveshany, and I have to turn around and get out? And I will sit on the bench at one pussy - with a sundress? Schaz! And then let the sheep bleats it wants.
"What do you threw me one? Let me warm up to you. Oleg, I'm not disturbing you?". It is, cilia claps. Tanyuha, stomach in, half-turn in three quarters and slowly sundress over her head. I'm all wet. And the outside and inside. When her husband naked in front of other people's naked as a man! Die like to fuck you want!
Basin, ladle, hot water, children's focus - and the soap ... flying under the bench. As can be more easy to bend, thrusting pussy. Though sometimes I feel like a whore. Not all are different. Oleg looks? I, too, leopard - ass white sparkles. A zhopka What a ripe - teeth would be seized.
See people and be surprised, my penguin, it turns out, nothing human is alien. worth it "cockerel" fucking. At full length. You too, you see, gets gruppeshnik, you're my bird Antarctic.
I want your dick! I have the full legal right. I have a passport and recorded - is married with by a dick named such. Dai uhvachena gear lever. Why are you whispering? what "do not"? And Oleg? "Oleg, you do not mind if my husband and I have sex Loans? No, why leave. You do not interfere with us at all, however, my dear". Come on, penguin, lie down on the bench - is already unbearable. I sit down on top.
Oh, my mother was a woman! Sweet it is! If that is good in man, so it's dick. Just for that alone can tolerate scoundrels. Let the red looks how I jump on the husband as my tits fly from side to side, up and down. So Oleg dick stood up. Good stick, do not say anything. A long, plump, bright pink head. Right now I finish I finish it right now! "Oh, Mommy!"Explosion: Space: Quiet: Asterisks flash:
Damn, I did not finish so 22 years. Then Azerbaijani Ruslan fucked me in the ass as much as the sheet sucked. Valera also calmed down, let the saliva. We must also finished together. For the first 9 years of marriage. Circle this date on the calendar in red. Suppose now that the year is the New Year, the eighth of March, the first of May and the day when my husband and I came together.
Oleg drip hanging from the end. I slugs her home right now. "Valerie, Valerie, wait, do not paw, listen to me. Ugly somehow it turns out - Oleg looks like an idiot. Can I with him: And? Well, you che, well, Che You". Blushed as cancer. Well, yes or no. Decide.
Hubby and I love you, it turns out, I do not know much. As he turned eagerly to exhale it "Yes". It turns you this, my ram puzatenky. Well, now you look like your wife will be to fuck.
Oleg hands were shaking, so it would be desirable to blow. Situeyshen to everyone's taste. That's nice, tram-pam-pam. Oh, how I wanted to start the claws in your fur, play your nipples, kiss your belly. And lick the sticky, heavy drops. His tongue and slowly obvozhu head. Oleg quiet moans.
As in Valery's eyes burn! What is lust, it looks like I suck dick his friend. I do not say much love to suck dicks. Well, like so accepted. Husband twice send wash with soap and water before you take in the mouth. And cum swallow .: Once swallowed, so half sick. But it is taken as we have intelligent people. Suck dick.
First time with a guy I was just a blowjob. Kudryavenky Igorek tenth paw-paw me tits squeezed, squeezed, and still prevail upon to take by mouth. He finished then faster than I could understand "what was it?". But now I suck dick in front of her husband, and I fucking love it.
In Valery's once stood. Wonderland Day! In peacetime, its hose to drain urine turns into a combat round until the following day. I want two dick in her mouth! "Come here, come here say". Guys are pressed, and I suck alternately each, and even trying to swallow the two. Figushki. Rotelnik small. Not developed. Go, perhaps, in the choir recorded.
Oleg is now finish. Twitches and moans. The first jet is flying in the face, the rest of firing resulting catch-mouth. And I smear his tongue over his lips. Shit, well, what I'm not a porn star. Das ist science fiction! Do not laugh - do not understand, be offended.
And then my hubby chips next issue. Beret and smears of Oleg cum on my face. And he smiles so gently. Goosey. A nice I have it all the same kid. From time to time. Oh, Valery, was not so you could sometimes tyuney: Not a bad guy after all, so to understand.
Interrupting my nastolgicheski romantic train of thought, "good guy" unwrap me cancer, a run is injected into pussy and fuck like some twenty demobilization. That is, so that little tits shoulders not fly. Nice my kitten, but if you fucked me so at least once a month: I'll have to buy her husband a new coat by autumn. And quite often lose something I really poobnosilsya man.
On the one hand the husband hammering me on the other - Oleg limp dick hits the face. Well I grabbed his ass. That's it and talks like a mast in a storm. Aivazovsky, "tenth wave".
Needless dick in the wind to dry - not any sheet. Again I swallow Barbary handsome. It's a pity there is no mirror in the steam room. At least see how my two men herachat.
Are swapped - now husband's mother hužk mouth, and Oleg rear fuck like a torn goat. Mommy! Savior there. Now I seem to once again finish. Just do not stop, Oleg. Just do not stop. Faster, faster! Here it is! Indescribable vacuum of space. The rustling of the planets, stars perezvanivanie.
Valera fingering me right in front of his nose. Now, my dear, Now, my sweetheart, I'll help you. I want to feel your seed in the tongue, lips. I want to drink them. Thy divine moisture, my gentle. Yes Yes! That's right, that's it.
Valera, panting, sat down in front of me on my knees. What you have beautiful, kind eyes, my boy. I think I'm starting to remember why you fell in love with 9 years ago. Why agree to get married and gave birth to a daughter to you. Our berry Lena. She has the same timid, deer eyes like yours. How sweet it is to feel your tender lips, your kisses.
We kissed with her husband, a crazy in love, until Oleg dožbyval me from behind. Rather he finished but falls off. It does not stop people from loving each other. And let his red dick thrust into my flesh, let his sperm flows down the thighs. I can only see your eyes, my love. I feel only your family lips. Gentle hands. And then, after a night when we were alone, I whisper in your ear quietly that, in spite of all their experiences, not a bit sorry uttered 9 years ago "Yes". And with bated breath and trembling with tears in depressions happy eyes closed, I hear your words.
About love.