I fell in love with beast. Part 1

The situation is simple to madness. He studied at the Military Institute. I met a girl, fell in love, started dating. Sveta was a student. One day we returned from the field cadets output and received a salary decided to go to the sauna with the girls. They took a room, sit forward. Come Suter five heifers. We were three. Pretty lined up in a row coquettishly wagging his ass, and then among them, I know their Light. I'm shocked, it seems, too. I wondered if the boys will know that I am a whore walked, kissed, laughed at me all the battalion. Reluctantly I decided to pretend that I do not know her. I stepped forward and said - These let them remain and those two extremes (including Sveta) we do not like. But my friends stopped me - You Th Vova? Everyone chooses his own. One of my friends chose a red chick, I think well and good, and probably Serge Svetku chooses, he loves lush boobs.
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I chose a brunette, and we went to the dressing room after the first couple. I would only Svetku not chosen, but it is still vzboltnet that walks with me. In short they undressed and went to a room, tore a beer and I took her to a separate room. What time is lost. Othuyaril a whore twice pizden on the table and went out to the tables. I look and there's my girl in the lap of my friend sitting naked, disheveled hair, lipstick is not to be seen that she was vyebli. Again, I wilted. To the table did not go, I plunged into the pool, my whore to the table went for a beer. In general, the whole hour I tried not vstrechatsya with her eyes, and she also stremayutsya, especially when my friend rested it started to fill up, I watched out of the pool as it took in his mouth and he said to her - Go to bed babe. In general, my girlfriend fucked in the day my friend and I could not stop it as it is.
Then I had a meeting with her alone. There were tears and promises, hysteria and reconciliation. Sveta told me that summer 17 and devchuzhkoy came to the city from the countryside, no relatives, and scholarship funny. Live on about it is necessary, and dress, especially with such a chiseled figure want to look at all 100. Got a cool businessman who fucked my Svetka about half pulling her with gifts and belongings and then disappeared. She began looking for a replacement for him, but there were some one-off and then it clearly has learned the formula you give money you get sex.
So she sold her body itself, then in the salon once a week, as a part. During this time (shift) happened on 4 customer on average. I met and decided that enough was enough, but after three months without decided to resume fishing. I thought about to get a degree and then start up. It worked for a month and came at me. In general, I forgave her, probably due togas loved. And then I also get walked on it with whores. Ster her pictures from the phone. I went to her dismissal in secret. boys walked with the girls and I like a fool in the digging is always the same as it was unable to light her friends.
As in the barracks I heard from friends that they took in the sauna and heifers brought three sluts. Said -One well, you saw that Serge remember that time after the field output tore. So it is in this time Meehan went, and at the end we are all in it underpaid its three fucked, girl fire, it is a pity the phone does not, says the guy have it. He tells all gogochut. In the nights I went AWOL. I came say -You Th again? She's back on her knees - Honey I'm sorry, on the other did not, and know that this is your spill the beans to you. Then he took out a notebook, speaks here like to give your dnyuhu (I 2 days later it was), and it earned money.
I have forgiven. Thought still her money before fucked so terrible? I would assume that it was then. Especially since she earned her holes my gift. He loves means.