Experiments without penetration

I met her at one of the Tyumen chats.
On her stupid nickname "virgin" I just could not help but react. I went into "privat" word for word (up to the mat, by the way) and found out the following "all the guys - goats" - Want only one thing and this one is connected exclusively with them, the guys happy.
Well, I is not the guy, but adult man, of course I touched it megalomania in his youth, and she since hinted that she wants that all - an orgasm, but it seems more and at the same time preserve their virginity.
What started here, but I understand, but it is for her man, whatever you want, can do only this man is weak to make the knees that want to her and all the guys are selfish and that perverts are not those who do, and those who does just for fun, and so on. Etc.
Well, I mean, very angry and asked her to bet that if it is the principal, then the dispute, since I desire to do it in bed, it is my time, and the new, with a gentleman of her virginity does not deprive. And who would refuse the first means and the Loch.
We met with her. Shybko smart girl was talking specifically flagged.
- Well, I did not come to talk - and just threw everything but the shirt - Lick!
Well, I think, you bastard hamovatye schA I'll lick: this is only idiots never tried Lake think that one licking process is limited. Ten minutes later, this boorish obediently moved apart her cunt hairs, so I was comfortable, 20 moaning so piteously that I myself almost in tears, half an hour later she begged me to let her finish and all lunging pomusolit fingers her pussy. I had to convince her to tie her hands and promised that an orgasm is simply awesome. AFTER another hour, three times before reaching orgasm slightly, confess to me in a pile of their erotic fantasies, promising me the most crazy affection which can only come up with the mind of modern, well-read, nasmotrennost, but did not practice a virgin, and some of these weasels, unobtrusively so issued I advance, she was in tears and snot wet after the cross.
And because the funny thing is that I have nothing bad she did, simply to orgasm when she was little I was a little slow down the process. You may say I'm a sadist - I reply that no, I'm not a sadist, a vindictive and yet this girl has not learned to be in bed docile and gentle as a kitten, and do not follow my desires diligently and dutifully, I did not give her what she wanted - a mad orgasm screaming at full throat and full prostration for five minutes.
And that's what I say all the books, textbooks, all that Mura in literature - all this is certainly cool, but there are three things when she can truly learn to enjoy myself and give it to the man:
1) need to start learning a virgin because retrain worse than to teach, if at all possible.
2) to learn to enjoy need to learn how to deliver it, and then only incentive may only own orgasm, his expectation or memory of him.
3) only giving freedom to the man and giving herself to bind the girl can learn how to be a woman - a man completely given.
Then I untied her course and how this girl should be thanked me but not as much as she would have done to our meeting and the present. Too bad I do not own literary style and can not properly describe everything that we had got up the following week. I can only say that the Lake and fellatio were our most modest with her antics, and even now I seem to be anonymous ashamed to write that we had got up, managing to preserve her virginity.
From hard-won practical experiments on their own experience, for those girls who dare to deflorirovanie ass I can advise only one thing - do it after two or three orgasms in a hot tub carefully soaped her and if your guy does not believe will hurry you will not regret.
It is a pity that I am not one pornokassety never seen what you can do and when you want and can not.