Three in the hay

17 years ... ... Summer Village ... a great time! Walking up in the morning, songs with a guitar, swimming in the river and other pleasures of youth.
Of course, things are not so harmless: no booze, marijuana, sex and fights not done. But, until August 3rd in anything that did not participate ... in order. My name is, well, let's say, Olya. Of medium height, black hair, pretty face, a strong standing breast size 2, a flat tummy, thighs sloping, curvy ass and slender tanned legs. Guys, I liked the years 14-15 .. But probably 16 I had a favorite, with whom I was a girl. More than anyone I have not had the experience, although I offered more than once.
In the summer, after joining the Institute, I was sent to the 70-year-old grandmother in a village near Kaluga. No problems with it was not, t. To. It is very poorly heard. During the day I help her with the housework, bathing, watching telly and in the evening we were going to a big company, and went for a walk almost until dawn. Once I drank a lot (to me this had not happened), and the time is nearing morning ... No one even tried to hold me. So I went alone. I staggered, but not much, before the eyes of all swam and flickered from drunk. And suddenly I saw two guys just before the nose.
- Who do we have here a drunk?
- Yyyy ...
I even could not really answer. But the guys looked closer. One was a short, stocky brunette 20 years, the second higher, brown hair, the same age. They seemed nice. Then I felt Harry's hand on his chest and brown priderzhivad my waist.
- Can I help you, baby?
And then I say such a thing, that from myself did not expect ... So I acted on alcohol ...
- Yes, I want to fuck!
Perhaps, at this moment in men's eyes lit up, but of course because of the darkness I did not see.
- Well ... We will not refuse such a beauty!
Black crawled under my skirt.
- EPT, but damn it!
- Why?
- But you try it yourself ...
Brown also put his hand under my skirt short summer.
- No panties ... and all wet ... Just damn! We ought to have her fuck ...
Panties rather melting of swimsuit, I probably forgot on the river, but did not return to power. I went to the nearest pillar, which is electricity in the village houses, leaned his arms, arched her back, lifted her ass and threw a questioning glance at the boys. Faster turned brunette. He took his unit and dramatically, one impetus came into my glowing girl ...
- Fucking great! Fuck me!
Brunette long pleaded did not have to. Meanwhile, the second released my boobs swimsuit from captivity and began to caress. I was almost on the verge of bliss. But suddenly out of the darkness flashed headlights: someone just went down this road!
- Shit.
Black put the dick in jeans, I straightened her skirt and swimsuit. And then it hit me! Grandmother has a cool barn! She still did not hear no sound.
- Come on, I know where we fucked properly!
Fortunately, the home to go far. We quietly entered and went to the hayloft, which was at the barn loft and was quite large. When all three were at the top I said brunet:
- Now fuck me like a bitch.
I got cancer, spread her legs sticking out the ass and lifted her skirt. The guy started to force me to peck, crushing the uterus to its huge by a dick. Brown slumped in front and put his dick in my mouth. I began to greedily suck with characteristic smacking. After 5 minutes swotting brunette moaned:
- I will soon be over!
- To me! - For some reason I wanted this crazy and alcohol all fear disappeared.
After a couple of frictions brunette with full force shrank back into my ass, squeezing his hands hips and began to throw in the bosom of my hot sperm flows with an animal snarl. At the same time, Brown had finished, and I almost choked, swallowing it flows. Both ended their stormy and long and this finished myself, my pussy quivered, the body spilled bliss. Not saying a word, we have changed position. I lay on my back and lifted his knees. Now Brown took possession of my baby, and brunette hollowed between the breasts, slapping me on his scrotum. This time I had finished, bursting with sweet moans. Vsoke I felt cum in their tummy, and a second - in the womb. I finished again. We rested for three minutes, then Brown suggested:
- Come in two holes.
- Come on! - I said.
Before that I did not try in two dick, moreover, I do not try in the ass! But what is happening my breath!
I lay down on his side and lifted a leg. Brown began to shove me in the ass. He was easily able to enter, ie. To the hole was wet from sperm and secretions. Black began to fuck my girl. Soon they caught the rhythm. Shit, what is this feeling when you fuck in the hayloft 2 complete strangers Man 2 dick! How nice to feel their frantic pace through the thin partition. We finished at the same time. Black roared, spewing into my womb, Brown stared me in the tits with his hands and whimpered with pleasure, and I burst into a moan. We fucked somewhere else hour. Then, when all are tired, we got out of the barn, shook the clothes from the hay, I wiped my feet on sperm, but it was useless - still flowed. Guys came home.
- We'll go yet somehow?
- Of course;)