Adventure to three

After the incident with Aunt Lena, I order not to tempt fate, I decided to rent an apartment and moved there to live. And yet, to live alone, without depending on anybody, much more fun. And my friends were right there, strongly supported my idea.

I started looking for an apartment. At that time, in parallel with studies, I worked part time, and allow yourself to remove the apartment could easily. The search lasted not so long, and I soon turned up a suitable option - a comfortable and well appointed studio apartment. But not in the sense of the story apartment. The landlady was a young girl my age. She she had inherited, and Wick, it was the name of a Woman, I decided to take it.

On the show girl came with her mother - Anna Vasilyevna. Here it should be noted that both of them were good. And I do not know which one of them turns me on more. Vick was of medium height, just above his mother, with black as night hair, pretty face, slender figure, small breasts, ass and damn attractive. Hannah was svetlenkie, with well-preserved for her age body, beautiful breasts taut, somewhere in 3 sizes, and shapely legs.

I immediately liked the owners of the apartment, and settled here. We start the adventure in a couple of months. Vic raided every month "visit"To check the condition of the apartment, but take the money for the month. On that day, I was waiting for her arrival, and was sitting at the computer, in correspondence with a friend, fell asleep its passionate phrases that "how I fucked her", Passing podrachivaya member. Suddenly, the phone rang. As the saying goes, "I was caught off guard"I'm not hiding our conversation, pulled on shorts sticking a stake member, he went to open the door. On the threshold stood Vic, she warmly greeted and entered the apartment. It seemed to me that she noticed my excited state, while slyly smiled.
- Come into the room, and I'll be right back, - I immediately jumped into the bathroom, Wick went into the bedroom. I quickly began to otdrachivat to lose the excitement. Liberally having finished in the sink, I do not become trapped came to the owner of the apartment. Here I ofigel more. Vick was sitting at the computer, and with a smile, read my correspondence.
- Cool writing! - She winked at me, and continued to read.
- In fact, to read other people's letters is not well! - I was indignant.
- Come, - she laughed. - As well as in real life you can?

I do not know that then pereklinilo in me, but I took her words as a call to action. Picking up Vic on hand, I carried her to the bed. She almost did not resist, and even laughed. "What are you doing?" - Smiling, she said. "I'm going to show you how I can!" - I began to pull off her jeans. Vick did not resist, just looked at me teasingly. Her beautiful, neatly shaved pussy looked at me. Member shorts again stood stake. Letting his clothes, I began to fuck her. She is sweet and loud moaning of my movements, I tried to plant as deeply as possible into her vagina his penis. I quickened my pace, Vick threw me on the shoulders of his feet. I did not stop fucking her pussy quickly, Vic and then overflowing emotions, she moaned loudly, screaming. Soon I came to her tummy.
- You're a dog! - Laughing, said the girl, standing she kissed me on the cheek, and headed for the bathroom. I sat down on the sofa, the excitement has already passed, but then I remembered that the sink was spattered with my cum. "Well, nothing will surprise you!" - Laughing, I thought. Vick came out of the bathroom, pulling on jeans and smiling: "I washed away for you!" She took the money and left. After that, we have not just met, organized fun perepihona. Although our relationship remained a taboo subject in conversations with friends.

A few months later, they came to me guys. Roma brought a bottle viskarya, and as it should, drunk. Soon there was talk about girls, Ghosh said that fucked some cool chick, and Roma suddenly remembered how they pyalil my aunt Lena. Here and I have suffered in the stories, and I gave that fuck landlady. The guys did not believe at first, but then began to fill me with questions. In the end, Roma made a proposal:
- Hey, it's you is not serious?
- No, I just like to fuck.
- Maybe try to persuade her to group sex?

The fact that the guys managed to prevail upon my aunt on perepihon me inclined to think that there may be a ride. Especially because the mere thought that we will allow Vick in a circle, greatly excited me. A little thought, I agreed. The plan was simple - once again when Vick come for the money, the guys and invite her to sit at the table, and the trick is done, well, Romin ability to permission or excuse ...

That was the end of the month, and phoned to Vika, discussed the meeting. And they wait. The bell rang, I opened the door and was shocked. On the threshold stood Anna Vasilyevna. Then I thought that the plan failed, and to hell with the plan - at my house two pa ** izdyaev, and a table with alcohol. I do not know what to do looked at her. Anna today was good, she was wearing a beige dress that accentuated her lovely figure, beautiful breasts; blond hair was loose. Then from the kitchen ran out of Roma. He froze in place, staring at her, and forced a calm: "Hello". There was nothing, I could not keep it on the verge of ...
- Come into the room. I'll bring the money!
- I look at you here party?
- No, so I listen to music together - like a moron I looked at extending the room Anna Vasilyevna.
- Oh, shit-JAJAJA - quietly mumbled Roma. - There Gosh, * olbaeb, watching porn!

We jumped into the room. Gosh quietly continued to play a huge trunk, and Anna, with a smile, looking at the monitor. "Cool music!" - Laughed the woman. Roma realizing that there is not a bad chance to break away, immediately took the initiative and invited Anna to have a drink with us a glass of wine, which she eagerly accepted. I was not surprised at what is happening. Remembering the ease with which I gave myself Vic, I do not doubt that now everything will turn out. As the saying goes, an apple from the apple does not fall far.

We sat down at the table. Roma filled the glasses and handed one to Anna Vasilievna. It took a bit of a smile, looking at our face tense. Here the woman has given a question that we just killed: "Boys, and you are not gay event" Roma had nearly choked on the wine, and I coughed, laughed.
- Where such an assumption? - Asked the Roma.
- Well, three guys in one apartment. One handjob, two others drink wine, - smiling slyly looked at us it.
- No, we are normal guys! - With a smile, said Roma
- Just young and hot! - I added.

Anna finished her glass of wine, and with a smile, got up from the table and went into the room. Roma called me softly, shaking his head: "I believe, everything grows together!" After a moment entered the room and we. Anna was sitting near Gosha, and gently hand podrachivala his cock, looking at the monitor, which still revolved porn. Roma with a smile winked at me. I sat down on the bed, took off his shorts and pants, cock was already quite excited, and I began podrachivat it slowly. Roma pulling off her clothes below the waist, stood next to Anna. The woman took the second hand of his cock, began to masturbate, and then, clasping his lips, began to give him a blowjob. At the same time, not forgetting the Goshen trunk. She slowly moved his head, and Romijn member slowly entered into her throat, she swallowing it down to the testicles. The guy from such caresses threw his head back and moaned softly. Then Anya Goshin happened to members who took him to suck and podrachivat. Gosh hands caressing the hair of Anna, led hand over his face. Then the guy could not stand the pressure of the women, and finished. Trickle his sperm splattered face Anna. Women also still smiling, tongue licking the drops of sperm. Roma quickly ran for a towel, submitting his Anya.

Anna got up from his knees, came up to me. She leaned into my face and our lips have merged in a kiss. I started to pull off her dress, and soon she was left alone in lace underwear. Roma fell in behind, and, pulling a woman's panties and began to fondle her pussy tongue. Anna is seen receiving a lot of fun, she hugged my neck stood crustaceans, and moaned, while her hand podrachivala my cock. Soon tired of Roma do Cooney, and he put in Anya's vagina his cock began to fuck her. Woman, groaning loudly, beginning podmahivat booty to the beat of the boy. I took her head and leaned against a member, Anna dutifully took it in his mouth, and I began to stick to a member of her head.

Roma continued to play, will drive member in Anya's pussy, she, too, had my cock sucked. Then I joined and Gosha. Anna began to masturbate his hand again, occasionally looking up from my cock and sucking it. Soon we swapped. I lay down on the bed, Anna sat on my cock and started jumping on it, while simultaneously serving the mouth Goshin, the members Romijn. Anya easily sit down on my cock, she was all wet. Here Gosh, we walked back and hugged Anna to me. She anxiously looked at me, then turns back, looking at the actions of Gosha. The boy rubbed the head of his penis, anus to the woman, and then, spitting, began to massage the head hole and then, abruptly, pressing it into her. Anna screamed in pain, would have such a huge cock, not every day is part of her ass. Ghosh drove it pretty deep. Anne sat down slowly move nasazhivayas to our members. Soon Ghosh himself took the initiative, quickly she began to move her hips, raztrahivaya Anya's ass. The woman moaned loudly at the same time from the buzz and pain, and continued to suck dick Romijn.

We again reversed. Roma lay on the bed, lay down on top of him Anya, cock entered her ass, on which the woman flinched. Gosh I perched over her face, and she began to suck his monster. I decided to try that long ago wanted, and went into her ass. Roma, mumbled something, and Anna looked at me startled. But here Gosh, I shoved in her mouth woman member, starting to fuck him. I began to fuck ass. Our members of Roma were rubbing against each other in a tight hole. Anya moaned loudly. This went on for a couple of minutes, and we both could not stand it finished right in the ass. Soon finished and Ghosh, Bay Anin mouth sperm.

Woman lying on the bed, panting from her ass leaking sperm. Men in turn went to the shower. Anna then asked to carry it washed away. To my surprise, it was quite easy. I carried her to the bathroom, leaving her alone with him. After half an hour she came out of the shower, fresh and fragrant. She was completely naked, which could not excite us. But Anna began to get dressed, saying that it was time. We said goodbye to her, and finally, Anna asked me to preserve secret from his daughter, happened.

P.S. to be continued…