Svetlana Igorevna. Part 1

I Boss, Director, the most important and terrible, in general, God Gopod small firm. I am 34 years old, things are not bad, making it the hope and confidence to look to the future. And in this, I have to admit, half the credit for my small group to whom I am more like a team, rather than subordinates. So, one fine spring day, my secretary Olechka suddenly "pleased" good news - she is expecting a baby. Frankly, it would be better waiting for the tax office, the consequences would have been less destructive, as being naturally lazy enough, the lion's share of the business objectives I laid on my clever-pomoshnitsa. It was a blow to the gut. Not below the belt, how could someone think. In our company there are unwritten law. No flirting at work. Either work and business - a fuck-tibidoh.- Can rassasetsya? - Asked Olechki.V response was entirely consistent with the conventional view gesture - Curling finger near viska.- How much time do I have to search for a new secretary .- A month and a half is?. I would have stayed with pleasure, but my husband wants to send me to my mother for the summer in the village, some air of odors big city - Olechka for some reason did not want to meet with me will reshat.Olezhka vzglyadom.- Okay, my best friend and partner, must help. Although some doubts have been, it was too very different views on how to find our personala.Menya always primarily interested in business as an employee. This is satire (as I called it) is primarily interested in the bust size and leg length. Therefore, his company's office looked like a branch of a famous model agency. Sometimes I envy the freedom of morals reigning in his company, but after listening to another drunk sadly, tearful stories Oleg about persistent problems, such as the regular search of good gynecologists, raznimanie female squabbles and conflicts in the team, periodically observing the marks of beautiful female palms on face each other, my envy isparyalas.- Olezhka hello! Yes you will arrive with men sila.- Thanks, same to you. Yes pobolshe.- Olezhek, help, leave Olenka gathered need zamena.- What about her - Something zhivotom.- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, I understand. I hope you're not. Although what I mean. You have the right. - And then quietly, as if to himself added - Baran.- Only mind condition - that would have been the brains, not just the feet and hvosty.- You're lucky. Yesterday came to me such a girly-itself, one hundred and fifty of higher education, left separately - can take porekomendovat.- And most - Not-ee. This test is not proshla.Test I knew Olezhka. Invite a female candidate after the interview in a restaurant, have a dance-shmantsy-obzhimantsy with other consequences. I did not go into details on what stage was defeated test.- Throw off the post, pozhaluysta.- Catch, Olezhek otklyuchilsya.Rezyume I liked. Karpova Svetlana Igorevna, 27 years old, the two entities - the economic and legal, working in a large firm, not married, English and German. Resolved - zvonim.- Hello, Svetlana Igorevna possible to the phone - I'm listening. - The voice was pleasant, that has pleased. I hate rude female golosa.My agreed to meet in my office at night. The whole day was spent in the bustle and worry, so that in the evening, when the intercom said Olenka that came to me some sort of a woman I'm a little udivilsya.Svetlana Igorevna was quite nice bllondinkoy, of medium height, dressed in a formal suit deuce. The only thing that stood out in her appearance - high enough studs, which makes walking incoming damn attractive woman, with one hand, but raised doubts in me about the opportunities to be worn in a shoe with the instructions of the day. By evening, feet otvalyatsya.- Hello, we are with you to make an appointment - Svetlana Igorevna sat on the edge of the guest kresla.- Hello, I'm Dmitry Vasilyevich. Very nice. I liked your resume. Tell me, you have experience in investment campaigns - Yes, this is my specialization at the Institute, and on the previous job I worked a lot on the market investitsiy.Kogda I said that I appreciate in employees only business acumen, a bit cunning. I am a normal man, and when I see a nice woman, first of all assess the external data. Even when applying for a job. Moreover, how can you not admire a third the size of the breast, even upholstered strict jacket. Svetlana Igorevna sat tightly closed their knees, covered with black tights, stockings. Since the hairpin on the shoes was quite large, and chair for guests sufficiently low, legs bent it a little sideways. A sort of sample integrity and chastity. But delu.V within an hour we discussed all the conditions of the forthcoming joint raboty.- Olenka, come please. Here is our new employee poznakomsya Svetlana, tomorrow it starts to work. Take shefstvo.Mesyats passed quickly, in the end of April we celebrated the departure on maternity leave Olenka. By this time Svetlana fully joined the team, became my shadow on the talks and irreplaceable assistant in the office. I impressed her style of doing things - always stressed polite, but not cold. With a warm smile. I also noticed that the style of dress Svetlana - always immaculately in suits and only slightly below the skirt above the knee, I impaniruet. But constant hairpin on his feet plunged me into shock. Near the foot ache in the evening, despite the five hundred-dollar shoes from myakgoy skin, and how does it stand up? The specificity of my work is that many have to wander around the country, often in the work I need a secretary. The first time we went with Svetlana Igorevna in business trips by car. The ride had two or three hours, but leave neohodimo was five in the morning. I came for Svetlana, she came out of the house, in a constant suit and sat in the back seat of the vehicle. I love to drive the car myself (and I like nice cars, too), but this time the driver sat behind the wheel, because the client to which we traveled was very fond of good konyak, and could not bear to drink it in the least bit odinochestve.- slept, - complained Svetlana.- sleep, time to eat, I'll try to go prilichno.- - she became more comfortable to get a sidenie.Eto probably was the first time I looked at his secretary not as a boss and not as an ordinary man looking at a beautiful woman. She lay down on the seat, leaving the feet on the floor (though Mercedes and a big car, but makes it impossible to stretch at full length). Eyes closed, puffy lips, severe brown lipstick, parted. Chest heaving rhythmically to the beat of breathing. Skirt just ridden up revealing a beautiful leg to the hip. Stockings! I love this part of the female wardrobe, and I'm very sorry ... that the current women deny them the benefit of tights, not realizing what a hypnotic effect on men has a strip of delicate skin between the edge of the lace stockings and panties. The cuffs of his jacket a little and lifted her eyes ran red stripes at the wrists Svetlana. What is it? Sleeves rubbed? Or what I thought ... No this can not be. Business, severe brain, and behavior says nothing about the propensity for the subject. Over time, this episode flew out of my head. A zrya.V September, my birthday. Typically this takes place for three days. Sometimes a week. Binge drinking with friends, partners and other congratulations. Heavy drinking takes place in the office, restaurant, home, office, office, restaurant and so on and so forth. Except for me, all the festivities, as a loyal friend and ally, there Olezhka. Stojko transferring with me all the severity of alcoholic mayhem birthday. In his birthday I gave him also helps. Olezhkiny always presents plunged me into shock. Well, I did not even mention about a rubber women, he told me three of them have already given each year to justify the fact that he could not resist, she looked at him so pitifully looking! Besides this lovely than last year! I even promised him somehow inflate rubber whole harem, and hang on the facade of his office before visiting important clients. He was offended and said that the kind of respect for the gifts of friends he has not seen, and that will make the appropriate conclusions. This time he brought a box of non-alcoholic beer, advising him to drink in the company of his previous gifts, and two small package. "On says it new!" At the table sat our entire office, including Svetlana Igorevna. I opened one of the gifts. There was a charming red ball with lots of straps. I know what it is, but not sure, that employees in the course dela.- What is it, my dear friend - This is a gag - Olezhek all glowed with udovolstviya.- But ...- It's not you, it's your secretary if will bore you with my chatter. Shutka.- you Baran Oleg, and jokes you relevant Svetlana Igorevna is well known Olezhka and could afford such reaktsiyu.- That's not all. Olezhek snatched my second bag, afraid to be seen that after the first nightmare, I do not want to open vtoroy.- This staff to restrict their rights and freedoms. With that, he took out a pair of handcuffs chrome package and shook them in vozduhe.Razdalsya laughter, and I decided not to take offense at this Satire. The team took a joke - well and good. Only Svetlana Igorevna sat with a tight smile, and her cheeks were covered with a rich glow. "Impressionable what" I thought then. And wrong. And the gifts tossed his stol.Proshlo two weeks. One evening it took me back to work. It was about eleven o'clock. The idea for the office, one should not be already, and I was very surprised when he saw the light in his office. The first was a mys call security, but the doors were closed, then someone inside her, who has the keys. Caution crept to the door, I looked at my table sat vnutr.Za Svetlana Igorevna. But in what form! Jacket removed, rastegnut blouse, bust bullied showing the world two major hemispheres, nipples are connected by a silver chain. Zadran skirt to the waist and legs spread wide apart tied my tie (duty of the closet !!!) near the knees to the rail seat. One shot and stockings made from it blindfold. A mouth Olezhek gift - a red gag-ball. The straps run from him under the chin, around the nose and grasping the whole head! From the corners of his mouth dripping saliva on his chest. Hands wound behind his back and cuffed suspect my handcuffs! Svetlana fidgeted quietly moaning on leather armchair. Robbery! Attack! Robbery! Abduction! A whole swarm of these thoughts circled in my head. BUT! Stop me thin chain connecting seretarya nipples. Looking closely, I realized that the circuit is connected with the small karabinchikov with gold rings piercing nipple Svetlana! So we have prude. Everyone has their own cockroaches. At the moment, happy one - that our Svetlana Igorevna cockroaches from one pack. Going into the office and closed the door, I quietly went to the woman. She was a prisoner of his own fantasies and of course nothing around you is not heard. Coming closer dimensional heard buzzing, and saw that out of a small, lace something that women call panties peeking base of the vibrator. Armchair by Svetlana was already wet - most likely it was a matter to an end. Where are the keys to the handcuffs? And here they are. On the arm of the chair attached to a rubber band money. Conveniently. I gently pulled out the key and sat in the guest chair to watch the development of events ...

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