Stop time

For some time now I have the ability, which most people do not even think, and dream. I'm talking about freezing the time of its full stop. I can not explain this ability, I only know how to do it. When I stop, all the people and objects around the freeze, one I can move, breathe, move objects and people. Today I'll show you a couple of stories, as I entertained using his ability. In school, we all pay attention to their classmates, drawn by such clear and nice wishes. Fuck, fuck, spread her legs and to fuck until they beg for mercy - that's what we want to do with my classmates when we pull their pigtails. Sitting in class, I rarely pay attention to what the teacher says - I had the power, and at that moment she knew the price.
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And so, in one of the lessons of mathematics I watched his classmate Anya. Face it left much to be desired, but her body was forced to fight the boy's heart stronger. She had very big boobs and curvy ass elastic convex on exercising she wore tight bridzhiki and all patsanva enthusiastically run parked directly behind it. And it sisechki at this time jumped and gave it to know that they are soft and warm, with gentle girlish buds. Ea this lesson, she was sitting at her desk with a second girlfriend, mediocre for a girl looks. I waited for the moment when Anna spoke the word "purse" and snapped his fingers on the letter "O". I got up from her desk and walked over to Anya.
He stroked her hair, leaned over and sniffed her neck. Carefully licked her cheek, then stuck it in his mouth and his tongue began to lick her. Anya was turned to Ina (her friend), so for convenience, I just sat down on his knees to the Inca, turning it comfortably. Gently I undid the clasp on Anya's jacket and saw a white T-shirt with a picture of the island and Tucek. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled out a shirt to throw over her head. My view opened Anya great tits. She was topless and chest freely parted slightly to one side. They were full, teardrop-shaped, very white against the backdrop of tanned skin, with big pink nipples. I pulled out his swollen penis and began to drive them on the boobs. The head was completely dry and the skin on the buffers Ani exciting tickled.
I put in who gets dick in her comfortable open mouth and began to fuck while holding his head. Gradually, I fucked her all the more, so that in the end rested on the back palate. Pulling moistened with saliva member, I grabbed her breasts and not holding back began to knead and pull them hard. If Anna could probably she cried. I let go of her a couple of slaps in the face, for some reason I felt something angry. Here I am not much hurt sitting behind the Innu and she began to fall on its side. "This is a useless thing" - I thought - "well, now you also come in handy." I took off my pants, and a little fuck and her mouth, pulled away Innochkin language. Turning back to her left hand, I was perched on her head right between my buttocks. Now, her tongue licking my hairy point. Settling back, I pulled him Anna, squeezing her breasts, I quickly began to fuck the resulting slot. For a long time I did not have, because my anus rubbed on Innochkin language, creating a pleasant feeling.
I finished right in Anya's nostril, leaning close to his nose and head a little potrahivaya it. It remained only to cover their tracks. With Ina simple - he turned it into place and shut the slack-jawed, after having filled language. Anya, I wiped a bit of sperm began to flow from his nose was her own tee shirt, then tucked tee shirt, buttoned dzhinsiki and blouse. Returning to his seat, I snapped his fingers. Returned sounds and movement, and Anya, hoarse coughing, fumbled for a handkerchief vysmarkivatsya - what can you do, apparently caught a cold! Inna is a thoughtful person moved her jaw, trying to understand what a strange taste on the tongue. I leaned back in his chair and sighed. Agree, I was entitled to a good mood, because the window was a beautiful day in May!)))