Nurse from the morgue

Tanatofiliya - a kind of masochism when sexual arousal is inextricably linked with the theme of death. Thoughts of my own death, fantasy ritual of the funeral and that sorrow, which will cover the relatives and friends, contribute to the logical end of sexual intercourse, which is often difficult without the ability to have intercourse.
From the textbook of forensic psychiatry

No one is hurt ads in newspapers and on television about the disappearance of young girls. A law enforcement agencies to track down every year more and more killers, rapists and perverts. Sometimes it seems that people from the changes in the life of a "I went to the roof".
Dima has not carried before birth. His father was an alcoholic, his mother later got pregnant, in addition, when it is born, there was a birth trauma. As a result, the boy was born sick and nervous. Even more nerves stagger from his drunken father's abuse and regular beatings.
Dad, skimping on parental affection, never skimp on the rod, the benefit they grew up directly behind the house.
The guys did not like Dima, teased miscarriage and did not want to play with him.
The exception was Marinka - neighbor girl, who was several years older than Dima. However, Marina was mentally disabled, but the choice was not a boy.
It was with her he was the first attempt to become a man. He was only fourteen years old. One day, when the parents of Marina went to the cottage, they played together at her house.
- Now I'll show you a new and very interesting game! - Said Marina. - It plays adult uncles and aunts!
Suddenly Marina pushed him on the bed, took off his pants and began to stroke the boy in different places. Terrified Dima did not immediately cope with the situation.
- From this there are children! - He cried, remembering that my mother strictly nastrogo not allowed even to show the girls what's in his pants.
He tried to pull away, but she held him by force. Then she sat on top of him and began to jump on it, uttering strange sounds.
Whether from an excess of emotion, or omitted from lack of air, but the Marina fainted. He thought with horror that killed the girlfriend. The girl quickly recovered, but has since preferred not to talk with Dima, and he was afraid for a long time and then approach the girls closer than ten meters. This bad experience turned his whole life.
Conscription Commission to implement the plan, and the frail sick boy taken in a construction battalion. In the second year of service he went into convulsions. In the hospital, doctors discovered he had a brain tumor. Unfortunately for others, it could be removed. The reserve from the army, he went to work as an orderly in a morgue.
The work helped to put together some capital. He successfully married to a rich man's daughter, has got two children, organized by one of the country's first funeral co-operatives, worked hard and as a result has become a successful businessman. Because Dimka he turned to Dmitry Stanislavovich, a respected businessman in the city.
If things in the company "The road to heaven" flourished, the marital relations with his wife were formed not the best way. He realized that he got a big antlered.
His wife, Faina nicknamed "Kaplan - the death of the peasants"In his youth he led dissolute life. It was said, it is not all right with brains - on the basis of an intimate violent temperament. Daddy gave her a huge dowry that made Dmitri forget all her past. However, the quiet family life was not for her, especially since her husband paid less and less attention.
In the office of Dmitry worked Constantine, a young man with a still youthful acne, but with a huge male body and temperament. Not surprisingly, he was in bed with the wife of the chief. On the whole preparatory period, the dissolute women took less than an hour. For Bones it was the first intimacy with a woman. A few months Dmitri suffered and waited for an opportune moment for revenge. It was necessary to provide an alibi, and participate in the execution he wanted to personally.
The end of love affairs Faina was terrible. Her husband suddenly returned from work, was not one, but two short-haired guys. Their appearance does not bode well.
Adulterer dragged out of bed and taken away. More it has not been seen alive.
"Roof"Taking an active part in the business and regularly made available to customers for the formal and informal burial, helped severely deal with an offender, and Dima's wife suddenly fell ill and died. Doctors have not been able to establish an accurate diagnosis and autopsy, at the insistence of Dmitri, have been conducted.

I must say that Mr S. was not averse to seduce employees of the firm, and loved doing it among funeral accessories. In this he was not original: there are specially equipped to brothels in France "dead room", Which played the role of a prostitute dead, lying among the black curtains and candles.
For nocturnal orgies on the coffins Dima chose the younger and prettier girls. All agree it with the hands, yet Larisa, eighteen saleswoman, are not addressed to the police a statement about the rape.
Larisa, that not wishing, its inaccessibility kindled his masculine ardor. For some time he was attached. Who knows, he would take care of in the good, he has not had his problems, but instead he handed the girl the money:
- Buy Single pack of condoms!
She bought and brought.
-Put it in the safe, even lie, is not needed! - He smiled.
His smile did not promise anything good to Larissa. Some time after this purchase, he called the girl in the office:
- Come on, there is the matter! - He was in a businesslike way to unbutton her blouse.
The girl tried to escape.
- Stand! - Ordered the chief, and began to unbutton his pants. - Get on, honey on his knees, only lipstick with lip erase! And I can not work in peace! I have no time to care, she understand. Things!
The girl began to cry and refused. Tearfulness and intransigence secretary irritated him even more. Already drunk and agitated, locked the office door and pushed her onto the sofa. Perhaps because he has drunk, he was rougher than usual. She tried to get up, but he was unceremoniously and slapped the girl on the back. Fast "shook" her jeans and pulled out the clasp kombidressa (piece of women's clothing, which is fastened between the legs). I made it so crudely that hooks with torn pieces of matter thrown on the floor. Natasha screamed, for which he received several slap. She calmed down and stopped struggling.
In the evening, my mother noticed bruises on her daughter's body:
- It is you, how ?! - She asked.
That long myalas, but still told. Before meeting with Dmitri Larissa managed to preserve her virginity. Cried all night, Larissa went to the police with a statement about the rape. Police are not in a hurry to carry out investigative actions ... and Dimitri Stanislavovich again helped bandit "roof".
For punishment girl was brought to the store at night. Under the muzzles of guns she was forced to strip naked and lie down on the coffin, standing on two stools. Larisa vain begged for mercy and promised to take a statement from the police.
"Bulls" They tied her to the tomb, and Dmitri, slowly, lit candles.
-Now we will make you the funeral on the highest level! Due to the company! - Said Dmitry S..
-Do not! Have mercy! - Screaming frightened woman.
-Okay, I'm good now! I will not kill, but will punish!
He chose a bucket longest rod and try it in the air.
-Mama! - Shouted the girl, felt the touch of wet rod to the body.
-Mama can not help you! - With these lovami Dmitri swung and slammed down on the rod body shudders.
-Ah-ah-ah! - Larissa screamed.
View from the bouncing beats Larissa brought men into raptures. Giving the victim calm down, the owner continued spanking.
- It looks like dancing! - Thugs fun. - Here we have a different specificity: bang-bang, and they lie in coffins quietly!
- If you do not withdraw the application - she end up in that coffin! - Said Dmitry, taking out a new rod from the bucket. - Your I's funeral, and be paid! And now get even!
But flogging torment did not end there: it had to cater for all the educational team.
In the morning she took a statement from the police, and parents Larissa moved with her away from sin in another city.

With the powers that he maintained a good relationship, helping to finance during the election, but he did not climb in politics, believing that it is - a dirty business.
Few people knew, and who knew that silence that the distinguished Dmitry Stanislavovich besides all visible life, there is another, secret and frightening
After his wife's death, Dmitry did not, look for a new life girlfriend and engaged in charity. On the part of the proceeds he bought a TV and some furniture in the children's home. The action was shown on national television.
After that young girls from the orphanage began to glue him artificial flowers and wreaths, and he generously paid for their work, and not only for the flowers ... Many repeated deathly dance Larissa.
From whipping young girls on the coffins Dmitry received a special pleasure, and without skimping, paid for it. Girls, he shows clearly what awaits them if they spill the beans.
- Vaughn, lies! - He showed he squealed with pain and fear girly neighbor coffin with the tenant inside. - Too much chatting!
As it turned out, the girls are lucky though in that they all survived.
Even before Dimitri Stanislavovich exposed, it received complaints from different people in the police, including the prostitutes whom he lured to force himself into the office at night, raped and did not pay. However, the police did not believe the moths who accused a respected man. But out of the funeral office is not all:
Belated passersby did not pay attention, Dmitri S. brought in his car in the shop of a beautiful woman. In the eyes of dyed blonde was read anything other than respect for Christian virtues.
-Are we going here? - She asked, looking at gorgeous coffin standing on the floor.
"stray" (Not local) moth examined Shop ritual supplies. The second oldest profession has taught her nothing to be surprised.
- Here, Dimitri said, and began to undress.
-Here, since here! You turn on even a funeral march!
Under the mourning melody she took off her clothes, gently swinging her hips, undid her bra and pulled down her panties in.
In her eyes I was read lust and dumb question: what are you waiting for? He stroked a hand to her belly, fingers drew off the edge of her panties and stroked the bare crotch.
-From mandavoshek shaved? - He asked with a smile.
She laughed in response, knelt down and licked her lips.
He unzipped his pants and delicate fingers professionally inflamed desire. Dmitry not without pleasure watching the cam changed soft lips, which then dissolve, then disposed of.
-Stop, I want to Amazon!
-You are welcome!
The girl stood up, knocked on the back of Dmitry on the coffin, he sat on top, put her feet on the floor and set off at a gallop. He had a firm grip on her hips, to restrain a rapid gallop, and his eyes lit a spark of madness.
- And now - on the back!
- With hundred of you, man, - she said in a businesslike tone, fulfilling the customer's needs - fare.
- For this and many poltinika!
His fingers closed around the girl's neck. She wheezed. From this wheeze man felt an unusual burst of energy.
- Today, I'll make the body a holiday!
In this his second life he was a terrible maniac necrophiliac. The highest pleasure he gave the murder during an orgasm. But he was cautious. Its victims usually become stray prostitutes. They are, as a rule, no one is looking. Enable it to yourself this holiday soul is not often. Even the owner of the funeral home corpses disposal of excess is not cheap:

"The road to heaven"
A point in the career of a terrible Dmitry Stanislavovich put disappearance seventeen Irina Sokolova. The daughter of wealthy parents decided to hitch a ride in the country.
Cute girl in a t-shirt and jeans with a backpack safely sat in his car, and then agreed to wash away the dust of roads in his office. Because the soul is left in a blue robe carelessly smell. She was perfectly composed: tall, slender as a reed, and amazingly flexible. She felt his gaze, adherent to her delicious legs, and sat cross-legged on the sofa.
-What you're tasty, - said Dmitry, penetrating palm of cutout robe.
Her breasts lay comfortably in his left hand, right hand rested on a wasp waist, stroked the thigh, felt the buttocks - the girl with the roguish smile nodded:
- I'm not very tasty here:
Just by throwing his arms, she climbed on the table, sat down, cross-legged cross-legged, she straightened her back, threw back his head and looked at him invitingly. Then she smiled and undid the robe. He admired the remarkable plasticity of her movements. It seemed that her slender body had no bones, so it smoothly bent, calling for passion and pleasure. The kids and a pro whose services he used, were not able to show a tenth part of what got up his guest. Concluding the speech, she stood at attention, shook her wet hair and froze, presenting it in all its glory its delicious ass.
Dmitry ... felt begins to wind up. She lay back on the table, and her feet were on the shoulders of Dmitry. He slowly walked to the tender body, and then a long and strong girl proved that solid bald man is also something that can, as long as it is a short shriek not arched, shaken by violent convulsions. And after this Dmitri grabbed her by the throat.
- Here, baby, earn the highest pleasure! - He leaned toward her opened its mouth: she was not breathing.
Only one monster miscalculated. The girl looked too hard to completely hide the traces. At the police had no proof, only suspicions, but for the company "The road to heaven" and its director general have established round the clock surveillance. On podhoranivanii another victim of lust Dmitry, it tried to take, but alive, he did not give the group capture.
Even after his death, it was compared to the date of the disappearance of persons and the official burial. Twenty-nine were podhoronok opened the grave and found. In one of them they found the body of Constantine. His face froze horror and nails scratching the coffin had been broken: