Table 3

Table 3.
Again drunk. Bad. Dizzy. Went. I lace on the bed in a falling plane. Hmmm ... and why so nazhiratsya! Fly Away ... I fly I'm on my bed-plane and is a member and does not end up passed out. Among the fog I find myself in the car. Evening. I would like to eat and fuck like hungry (for all and all) to the wolf. McDonald's. Pancake! We'll have to fork out ... drove up .. From the windows a nice-looking girl sweet as honey lips something says smiling as if had just sucked me and kicks from the fact that it gave me pleasure, kicks from the taste of my sperm on the lips and tongue! Nicely! But wait.
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I respond, I do not hear anything ... Hmm .. imagination well, to hell with it .. eyes go down below ... Her sisechki so polny..da is full: do not hang huge milkings and not stick out like two olives ... every time her breath as they lifted the beacon on the papilla is stretched so that the nipples aroused by such a pleasant languor as if saying: Take me !!!! Member rips shorts .. so I want to ... .. Fly Away "Girl, what used to calm him down, we do not find you" - pointing to the penis, vomiting jeans like an old rag, speak with an impudent face which, when life could hardly concoct ))! "Come after closing your table 3» Mmmm ... attractive offer .. I did not go anywhere and simply placed over 3m table, sipping a Coke waited close. An hour passed, two, shit, even if he was not around the clock))).
OK! I passed a change! The girls turned out the lights .. the tables 1, 2, 4 and 5 sat four more of the same sucker pervert like me! Hmmm prodinamili again ?! But in less than a minute both from the kitchen began to leave the waitress as to go ... They floated like swans on high heels, stirring every movement, every move round ass wearing only a thong, Defiliruya topless one of the waitresses came over to the table number 3 This was exactly the busty cashier. It seemed her nipples became even more ... A thigh tantalizingly oozing grease. Her eyes ... I'm afraid to write - I do not want to finish))) Her eyes are "streamed" as the eyes of the last whore, animal, bitch look jack lifted my penis ... without regaining consciousness, I got chlen..ele took it out of his pants ... she came up to me set down the tray, it dumped a bunch of condoms, lubricants, falossy!
This bitch impressively moved to the table, so yes it is on the table, licking a few rubber cocks, put one of them in the ass another start greedily suck ... as if it was the last in the world Chupik! I realized that the free hole was for me! OK! I got up and put ... I flew flew as never expiring this fucking whore juice! I fucked her so that from the shock of her mouth flew faloss with animal cries ... I strung this bitch, trying to pierce the whore! Yet! Yes! And I finished! I graduated, flooding her pussy, my sperm flowed out of her holes dripping on the table of white thick mixture of grease and sperm! Turning, she pounced on my cock found it replace latex giant, sucking it tak..tak .. I finished a couple of times and knew from what her lips so shine tonight ...