Extreme adventure on the work before the holiday. Part 3

How is returning from work, together with any, she asked me barely holding back his smile and choosing his words so as not to offend that Mademoiselle.
- Serge, it's my fault that broke in your unusual as it entertainment?
- And you got to do with anything - I said, and thought added.
- I just do not want it to someone he knew.
- And you have set before the camera was doing this before? - Asked Lyuba.

I hesitated a bit and did not know what to say. We already came to the house of Lubin and it slowed the question repeated again.
- Well, the desire was not just simply could not decide. Repair and chaos in the corridors pushed me, and then there was a lot of empty and open offices, where would I hide - I explained.
- Well, then you can rejoice in the next year more will do the repair in a few offices and if the money will give this year's winter and it can be renovated - she said, and smiled.
- Under the supervision of the cameras, something beckons - I replied.
- If there is, then I can disable them. Just tell me - smiled slyly Luba and turned away to his house.

I walked and wondered what it seeks from me and why it is needed. But to find an explanation could not. At home I protopit bathhouse and engaged in household chores, and two hours later I heard a knock at the gate. Opening the door, I saw the dirty soot Valery.
- What is it with you - I asked.
- Yes furnace in the bath burnt, the smoke comes inside, so decided to repair the wood is for not undertake - he explained.
- Not the way but in time - I said.
- Yes. This is what I came. Let be washed in a bath, and then on the lake as it is chilly after the rains.
- Come and wash up arbitrarily or how not sorry - I said, and opened the gate stronger. I thought that he's going to go wash.
- Well then, I'll go dolman today and come through for an hour - said Valery.
- Well, take a steam bath, sauna just stand up - I replied.
- I then beer is stuck - he said.
- Agreed - I said, and closed the gate began to finish his business.

Valery came an hour and a half, all dirty and covered in soot. We went to the bath. We washed, and it is not, but sometimes throwing short glances at my feet, or member. I did not attach any importance to this, but realized the cause. Perhaps he was surprised by the case, when I stamped and already drunk remembered the reason for our gatherings, and my cock became excited. To not show it, I pretended that I was bad and Valery Luba and I carried home, and my cock and was in an excited state, as we walked up to the house, and did not notice it was impossible. I decided to just not pay attention to it and succumb to heat thoroughly steamed. The first jumped out of the bath, roll up a towel Valery. Behind him naked, I went and sat beside him on the bench. He looked at me and asked.
- Are not you afraid that the neighbors you see?
- No, there's no spies, nor to whom. The old people here and there - I said, and pointed to the gardens of neighbors.
- On the lake - showed Valery hand in his direction.
- There reeds and bushes and few walks. So I sometimes after the sauna naked plunge into the lake run - I replied.

Valery was surprised, but said nothing. We drank a beer and then went to the steam room. Good After bathing again took to the streets, and I'm not saying a word went naked in the lake to plunge into the cool water. Valery wanted to say something but did not, I was near the fence, and he did not scream. He just entered the room and pulled panties followed me. When he jumped into the water, I swam about twenty meters from the coast. Minutes through ten we got out one by one and went back. I went back not short distance, and Valery there, he looked around, to say something or ask, and always looked for my sex Horny dick. Sitting on the bench, we drank beer and left.

The next day, Valery came back to the bathhouse to wash all grimy and in the clay and the next day, after finishing repairing the furnace, he sighed with relief and said.
- Today is the last day you bother. Tomorrow your bathhouse heat their start.
- I do not regret a bath, but I'm glad you're finished. Banka is always needed.

Good After bathing, I again ran naked on the lake, and Valery, not what to do. Pulling pants, he grabbed a beer and wandered over me. Day was just quite warm or too hot and the water is warmed slightly, so that the swim and it was a pleasure especially after a hot steam. We stayed on the lake for about an hour and already tipsy went back. I will not hide that the views that are cast on my dick Valery went unheeded. I remembered the youth and his friend Dima we misbehave with him. Then he remembered the last adventure in the cantor and a sly smile Luba, Valerkinoy wife and our secretary. It's positively influenced my dick hanging out and he occasionally tried to get up and say so tense half that protruded from the abdomen towards swaying with every step I made them walking in front of Valery on the sand among the reeds looking for a place where to relieve themselves. So last weekend.

The next day, issuing a Statement of firewood in Delianov, I went to sign the order to the head.
- You also wrote firewood - Lyuba asked.
- And that - I answered.
- Valery, too, I wrote fifteen cubic meters but the carry is not found with anyone.
- And he did not come to me, because in the bath together and then washed knows that I have a tractor on the go - I suggested.
- I'll tell him that you agree - Luba said questioningly.
- Oh sure. Closer to Friday, and agree with him - I said.

Luba slightly hesitated and then asked.
- Serge. Did you like this could appear naked in front of my husband?
- I mean I did not understand.
- Well, as for example here I saw you - embarrassed said Lyuba.
- I never thought about it, but when we bathed in the bath and bathe in the lake, I was not wearing pants. I remember exactly - I smiled and was about to go like Lyuba asked but still, I did not understand but then guessed.
- Are you naked, when it went to the lake? - Luba surprised.
- Yes, but so what. I so often do - I replied.
- And do not fear that you see? - Not far behind her with questions.
- Who, pensioners - no of course. They weed the grass in the garden, as passed, confusing it with katrohoy - I explained.

It can be seen, to find out from me what I wanted, Luba has lagged behind, and I quietly went to her. The week flew by quickly and after work on Friday, agreeing with Valery and how much will go to Deleanu, we began to gather.

Early in the morning Valery came to me, and we sat in the tractor left. An hour later we were already in place. After determining who will do what, the first thing we piled with roots all drawn on the wood trees. It was hot, and his shirt was wet, though squeezes. I took it and threw it into the tractor began to work as one in tights. Valery from one end to the other, I do not interfere with each other began to clean the barrels of branches and cut them short by not churochki forty centimeters. Birch and aspen was semi-dry or even dead. The ground underfoot was wet after rain and some where even the water squelched. After working for about half an hour we decided to take a break and muffled saws began to leave the tractor. I slipped and sat on my ass in the mud. More work was all in front, but these pants it was very unpleasant to work, it felt as if piled in his pants.
- That's the thing - I swore approaching the tractor.
- What happened - said Valery.
- Yes, in the mud at the exit from the bush I sat down by accident - I said, turned his dirty ass.

Seeing this picture, he laughed. I looked at him and saw him, and made his feet began to pull dirty pants and naked once turned them into his dirty place to look.
- Ugh, they're kind of still and stink - I said, unscrewing the nose.
- You just try not only dirt but got something much more - laughing Valery said.
- Okay, I will soon. Here there are a number of Wetlands. There the water and I zamoyu pants and come back - I said, and picked up his pants naked strode toward the lumen, where there should be a swamp forest.
- You'll go that way - surprised, asked Valery.
- Well, not in the dirty pants and then someone sees me here, impassable thicket - I replied.

Valery said nothing, November is out of sight, he felt his eyes on me. Washed off the mud, and rinse the pants, I'll be back. Valery has tucked the saw and replace the chain. Everything was ready to go. I hung wet pants on the side of the cart and took the saw toward the fallen trees. Valery, taken aback stood still and could not even say or argue something.
- What do you froze - I said, deciding to take him out of his stupor.

Valery took a saw and went to work, too. Within half an hour, until he ran out of gas, I worked naked. From the excitation member I stood up and then fall down Valery afar looked in my direction. Of course it was not to embarrass him but I did not know what to do, but what that passion in this was and I decided to continue to behave as if nothing happens and everything for granted. Coming to the next smoke break, I touched the pants but they were still wet and I said Valery.
- It can load a cart?
- Come on - he agreed.

I sat in the tractor and drove the first pile of logs. We quickly began to throw them in the back and I'm not paying attention to what squatted Valery raising another churochku, then straightened up throwing it in the box. He always looked at me but did not say anything to me. we dokidali full cart, and I said, moved to another pile.
- Sit down, take me to him, and that I like it inconvenient to go that way.

Valery gave me a look, but sat silently and left. He came back, hour and a half, or a little more. I have full sawed wood on and pulling off churochki peeled twigs in a bunch of flashing naked booty among the bushes.
- Mosquitoes are not seized yet - asked Valera.
- Breeze hearth and do not - I replied.
- Let's go take rest and let your pants already dried up - he said. I took a saw and walked to the tractor. Dress in no hurry and took the canister with water and drank long quench their thirst. Sweat all over his body fell in torrents.
- So hot today - I mumbled putting down the canister to one side.
- Yes, but a good hot day. Good that the breeze blew - agreed Valera.

I sat down on the grass and fell on the wheel. Popa landed in a little groove and it turned out that my cock almost completely lying on the grass, and even eggs flowed in saggy scrotum in different directions. Valery looked down at me and sat down next to a foot.
- Sergei, and you often and so you can take and undress - he asked.
- How do you say - I thought.
- Speak as is. I promise I will not tell anyone.
- Well, sometimes that's how today, sat down in the mud and had to. - I replied.

Valery thought and looked back at me, lying on the grass a member, and said nothing. After working for an hour or more we loaded the cart and now it was my turn to take away. I pulled the already dry pants and left. Then we have taken out more on the cart, and already exhausted in the heat of the day, we came home tired in the evening. On the next day we left for one more take a cart and we agreed early in the morning to catch up to the heat.

Home the next day already returned around lunchtime. With wood has been completed. Unload I drove a tractor and undressed wandered to the lake to bathe and refresh your tired and sweaty body. Lyuba was at this time in the garden and I noticed from afar.
- Wahler, Seryoga like the lake has gone, and you're going to it - she said.
- Where is he.
- Yes there like. Only I did not know that he went to bathe naked? - She asked in a surprised voice of her husband even though she saw it perfectly. I was later told about this Valerka she wondered.

While I floated up to me on the catwalk came Valery and brought a couple of bottles of beer. I got out of the water and sat on the edge next to him opened the bottle and swallowed a few mouthfuls.
- How well do something - I cried.

We swam for half an hour until it was over a beer, and my cock periodically, then excited, then fall off again, and it was impossible to hide. Of course, Valery tried not to pay attention to it, but still a no-no squinting, and would look.

The next day, on Monday, we are faced with Anyone in the hallway after lunch. She smiled and asked me, after thanking for the fact that I helped them to take wood from the fissioning.
- Serge, it's true, or it seemed to me that yesterday you went naked in the lake to swim?
- Yes, but so what - I was surprised.
- Yes, there is nothing, I did understand. Just ask my husband, and he told me just melt you are.
- What are these, I do not wear them at all, I said, and realized that I was not with my wife because at least in the past, but talking.
- Luba sorry that so answered.
- Nothing - she smiled and went to her room.

Because of my unusual enthusiasm knew my friends, but everyone kept it from each other. Why they did not know but I did not miss the moment to like that happen to shine before Valerka or any naked. And sometimes there are such cases, and two weeks later, without saying a word with Lyubasha, she arranged for me such an opportunity, beating all their own way.

Anyone interested - write, I will be glad to talk and discuss. Sergei.

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